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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Multiple Triggers

Short Answers:

-When a card asks for multiple targets, you canít choose the same thing to target more than once. So you canít use a Shower of Coals to do 6 (or 12, at threshold) damage to your opponent.

-Scalpelexisís effect will repeat if 2 cards share the same name. No matter what those cards are. All Scalpelexis looks for is the name.

-You canít pay more life for an effect than your current life total. So, assuming youíre at 19, you canít pay more than 19 life for Hatred. Even if you have Transcendence out.

-When you assign trample damage, you ignore protection.

-You can play an ability of a card that has an upkeep cost before you pay (or donít pay) the upkeep cost.

-You can only sacrifice one creature to Culling the Weak, and you only get {B}{B}{B}{B}.

-Spell cards remain on the stack until they resolve. You canít cast the same spell card while it is still on the stack, even if it has flashback.

-However, after the spell resolves, if it is an instant and has flashback, you can cast it immediately after it resolves.


Q: In your last column, you wrote that when 2 Tainted Aether are in play, the controller has to sacrifice 2 lands. Am I correct in thinking that the same goes for any other triggered ability? Like, can you pay 4 mana to activate 4 Lighting Rifts whenever you cycle a card? You gain 4 life whenever you cast a spell if there are 4 Contemplations in play?

Serra Demon

A: Generally, yes. However, there may be times where the triggers are redundant.


Q: This is an afterthought to my previous question regarding the Oath of Druids and Gaea's Blessing. What if two (or more) Blessings are milled during the resolution of Oath's ability? Do I shuffle my graveyard, then shuffle my library again, or something else?


A: Youíll shuffle your graveyard into your library twice. Again, generally, this is redundant, and people only shuffle once, however, if a card gets in the graveyard in between the triggers resolving, itíll be shuffled in too.


Q: Telepathy is on the board. My friend plays Balduvian Horde. Now, how do we randomly discard a card? His hand is face up, and he has only 2 cards. My friends say you have to flip a coin or something, but it was a boring game and I wanted to argue with them. I said I choose because his hand is face up. They argued that it isnt random. Then I argued that if he had 1 card in his hand, it wouldnt be random either. Who was right? T

-Luke C.

A: You may the random choice in some random manner. If you want to hide the cards, shuffle, and pick one, and then reveal the hand again, thatís fine. Or you could use a die or some other random method.



C:You wrote:

>>>-With a Circle of Protection, you pay 1 to activate it. Then, when it resolves, you choose a permanent to prevent damage from.

-The permanent is chosen on resolution, not on announcement, so you can activate the Circle even if no source of the appropriate color exists. In this case, the Circle will fail to do anything when it resolves.<<<

When the prevention ability of a Circle of Protection (and other similar cards like the Runes, Story Circle and Circle of Solace) resolves you need to choose an appropriate source. Sources can be permanents or spells on the stack, not just permanents as your answer implied.

-Chris Richter

A: If there is a source that is the appropriate color, yes. But if no source of the appropriate color exists, you can still activate the Circle. Thatís what I meant by the second comment.

Why, you ask? Iím going to borrow from Sheldon Menery, who runs a column similar to mine on StarCityGames.com, to explainÖ

>>>Q: I had a situation come up in a tourney just the other day. My opponent was playing a Mirari's Wake deck with a Circle of Protection: Green in the main deck. He told me that it was a "mana dump" so that he did not have to mana burn. He tried to activate it with no green sources of damage (or non-Mirari's Wake green cards). I argued with him for a while that he has to choose a green source - he couldn't just dump his extra mana into it. We couldn't get ahold of the judge and just kept playing.

I'd just like to know if what he did was legal, and what can I tell him that would make him understand why he was wrong - or what could you tell me that would make me understand why he was right?

A: This works because there are no restrictions on the activation of the ability. If there is no proper source available when the ability resolves, then nothing happens. A source is either a permanent or a spell on the stack (including one that creates a permanent) or any card or permanent referred to by a spell or pseudospell on the stack.

- Sheldon<<<


Q: From a previous column:

>>>Q: I attacked with my Wild Mongrel, he blocked with the Jackal Pup. Then I discarded a card to make my Wild Mongrel a 3/3. We put the damage on the stack, then I Lightning Bolted the Jackal Pup. Does my friend take 6?

A: No. The Lightning Bolt kills the Jackal Pup, and does 3 to your friend. Then, when combat damage resolves, the Jackal Pup is no longer there, so it doesn't take the damage. Therefore your friend only takes 3.


Q: Is there anyway for me to deal 6 damage to him?

-bahamut o.

A: Put a regeneration shield on the Pup somehow. Then it will stick around to take the combat damage.<<<

My question is, couldn't bahamut play Lightning Bolt at the end of the declare blockers step, so the lightning bolt deals 3 to the pup (which deals 3 to opponent), and the Mongrel's 3 go though to hit opponent, for a total of 6?


A: No. Since the Mongrel is blocked, and the creature blocking it has been removed, the Mongrel wonít assign (or deal) any combat damage (310.1c).




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