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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Future Sight

The following is a comprehensive list of what you can do with the top card of your library if you have Future Sight in play:

-If it is a land, and you have not played a land yet this turn (or have an effect that allows you to play additional lands that you haven't used up), you may put that land into play.

-If the card is not a land, you may play the spell by paying its mana cost (declare targets, modes, etc. normally).


The following things are things you can NOT do with the top card of your library with Future Sight in play:

-Cycle it.

-Discard it to Wild Mongrel.

-Discard it to Aquamoeba.

-Use it to pay the alternate cost of Foil (or any other spell that allows you to discard a card instead of paying its mana cost).

-Discard it if you have more than 7 cards in your hand at the end of your turn.

-Feed it to Psychatog.

-Feed it to your baby sister.

There are other things that can go on this list, I'm sure. Just keep in mind, if it is not one of the two things on the list of stuff you can do, you can't do it.


Also, it seems it's mantra review time. So here we go:

The mantras:

1. "I can't play any spells or abilities while something is resolving." (18 April) 2. "Increasing the power of creatures once their damage has been put on the stack won't make them do more damage." (13 May) (Footnote A) 3. "If the card doesn't say 'TARGET,' it doesn't target." (31 May) 4. "Protection is a DEBT we owe some of our permanents." (26 September) (Footnote B) 5. "When assigning trample, look only at the toughness of the blocking creatures. Assign damage so that they would have that much damage on them, and then you can assign the other damage to your opponent." (26 September) (Footnote C)

Footnote A: A corollary to this mantra is, "Decreasing the power of creatures after damage is on the stack won't make them do less damage." (14 June)

Footnote B: DEBT is an acronym. It stands for Damage, Enchantments, Blocking, and Targeting, which are the 4 things you can't do to a creature with protection.

For an extended definition, protection is usually written on a card as "Protection from [quality]." (For example, "Protection from green.")

-Damage: All damage dealt to the permanent from a source with the stated quality is prevented. -Enchantments: The permanent can't be enchanted by permanents with the stated quality. -Blocking: The permanent can't be blocked by permanents with the stated quality. -Targeting: The permanent can't be targeted by spells with the stated quality, or abilities from permanents with the stated quality. (Remember Mantra #3.)

Footnote C: You can assign the extra damage to the creatures if you want, or assign all the damage to one or more creatures (even though the damage being dealt is greater than the toughness of that creature) and none to the other creatures. But you have to assign damage as the mantra says before you can assign trample damage to your opponent.


Well, that took care of all the short answers. So on to

Long Answers:

Q: If I enchant my Thresher Beast with Lure and attack someone, they would have to sacrifice a land for each creature that blocks my Thresher Beast because it says "whenever it becomes blocked..." and each blocker is declared separately, right?


A: Wrong. First, all blockers are declared at the same time (309.1). Second, a creature can only "become blocked" once, no matter how many creatures are blocking it (410.9a).


Q: If I have 2 creatures in play, Portcullis and an Opal Archangel as an enchantment, and my opponent plays a creature spell, my Archangel turns into a creature, but does it get set to the side? I don't think it would be set aside because it doesn't come into, it just changes from enchantment to creature.


A: You are correct. The creature is not coming into play (since it's already in play), so Portcullis won't trigger.

See you Monday.

-Bill Guerin




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