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Judge's Corner

Holiday Madness!

Short Answers:

-Creatures that leave play before Lifeline hits the board won't be returned at end of turn.

-Clone copies the creature's base statistics. So if you Clone a Thorn Elemental that is pumped to 12/12 by Thriss, the Clone Thorn Elemental will be 7/7.

-You can block an attacking creature with any number of your creatures.

-Artifact creatures are artifacts, so they can be Disenchanted or Shattered.

-Crystal Quarry is not a basic land, nor does it count as one.


Long Answers:

Q: When you play madness, do you have to put it on the stack when it's played or can it be anytime during the batch before you pass priority?

A: When you discard a card with madness (and remove it from the game) and the madness trigger resolves, you have to play the card before you pass next.


Q: Like if I discarded 2 Rootwallas for an Anurid Brushhopper to avoid a Wrath of God, can I play the Wallas after the Wrath?

-Evan R.

A: No. The madness triggers will resolve before the Wrath does, so you have to play the Wallas before the Wrath resolves. Therefore, they'll be destroyed without possibility of regeneration by the Wrath of God.


Q: If I had 2 Sylvan Libraries out, would I be able to draw 4 additional cards?


A: Sort of. You would draw 2 extra cards twice. But you'll have to put back 2 cards (or pay 8 life) after you draw the first two, so unless you have a way to shuffle your library, you'll draw the same 2 cards again.


Q: If I turn Glacial Chasm into a swamp, causing it to lose its abilities, can I then do damage to my opponent?


A: Yes. When a land is turned into a basic land (for example, a swamp), it loses its previous abilities.

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin PojoMagicJudge@hotmail.com DCI Level 2 Judge




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