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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Flag Bearers

Short Answers:

-Abilities only exist in the in play zone, unless the card says otherwise or unless it can only work, trigger, or be played in a zone other than the in play zone (402.8). So, to answer the specific questions…

-Blastoderms can be countered.

-Humility does nothing to creatures that aren't in play.

-Unless the spell or ability states otherwise, effects that change something on a permanent last until the end of the game or until the permanent leaves play, whichever comes first. (Barring phasing (207.8, 512.15f).)

-Once a creature is declared an attacker, tapping or untapping it won't remove it from combat.

-All permanents have summoning sickness. Only creatures are affected by it. (If a non-creature turns into a creature, it is then affected by summoning sickness if the non-creature hasn't been under your control since the start of your last turn.) So, to answer the specific question, you can not activate a freshly played Mishra's Factory and tap to give itself +1/+1 until it has been in play under your control since the start of you last turn.

-Mana Burn occurs at the end of every phase. Since your upkeep is in a different phase than your first main phase, you can not float mana from your upkeep to your first main phase. Your mana pool will clear and you will take mana burn at the end of your draw step (which is the end of the beginning phase).


Long Answers:

Q: If you are playing a red white deck and you play Shock with a flagbearer of yours in play, do you have to target it?

A: First of all, the flagbearers effect only affects your opponent. You can target stuff other than flagbearers just fine.

But let's answer the real question: Does you opponent have to target a flagbearer you control with a Shock he plays?

The flagbearers' wording has been recently changed. For example, Coalition Honor Guard now reads as follows:

Coalition Honor Guard {3}{W} Creature -- Flagbearer 2/4 Whenever a spell or ability an opponent controls is put onto the stack, if that spell or ability could target a Flagbearer in play but doesn't, that opponent changes one of its targets to a Flagbearer.

So your opponent could target something else (such as a Skulking Ghost to kill it), but the target would be changed to a flagbearer of the opponent's choice once the triggered ability of the flagbearer resolves.


Q: If a flagbearer can't be the target of spells or abilities, (Alexi's Cloak) doesn't any spell that could target a creature in play fizzle?


A: No. When the triggered ability of the flagbearer resolves, it sees that the spell can't target your flagbearer. So, assuming there are no other flagbearers in play, the target isn't changed.


Q: I have a Goblin Warrens and a Goblin Trenches out. I pay 2 colorless mana and sacrifice a land to put two goblin tokens in play. Can I sacrifice the 2 goblin tokens to put in play 3 goblin tokens with Goblin Warrens? Do they count at goblins? Can I then use keep sacrificing the goblin tokens produced by the Goblin Warrens to get more goblin tokens?

A: Yes to all three questions. The tokens produced by Goblin Trenches and Goblin Warrens are goblins, so they can be sacrificed to the Goblin Warrens to make more goblins.


Q: If I use a creature ability to change an Island to a Swamp until end of turn, does that land produce black mana now or does it still produce blue mana?

A: It produces black mana.


Q: Also, can an opponent tap the land as a fast affect and produce 1 blue mana anyway?


-Colin K.

A: Yes.


Q: With Humility out, what happens to a Serra Avatar when it dies? (Does its ability trigger when it would go to the graveyard with Humility in play?)


A: When Serra Avatar dies with Humility out, it doesn't have the text that would shuffle her into your library. So the Serra Avatar will be put into the graveyard and stay there.


Q: Would sacrificing a land to Braid's ability cause it to be returned by Sacred Ground's ability?

-Alex W.

A: Assuming the Braids and the Sacred Ground were controlled by different players, then yes. Braids's effect is an ability an opponent controls that causes a land to be put into your graveyard from play, so the land will be returned to play.


Tournament Report - Frank and Son Collectibles Show - 12/7/2002 - Type 2


4 Astral Slide 4 Lightning Rift 2 Exalted Angel 1 Pardic Arsonist 2 Teroh's Faithful 3 Wrath of God 2 Burning Wish 2 Starstorm 2 Lay Waste 2 Aura Extraction 4 Slice and Dice 4 Akroma's Blessing 4 Renewed Faith 4 Secluded Steppe 4 Forgotten Cave 1 Wooded Foothills 1 Windswept Heath 7 Mountain 7 Plains

Sideboard: 1 Pillage 1 Pyroclasm 1 Lay Waste 2 Morningtide 1 Wrath of God 1 Lightning Surge 2 Cleansing Meditation 1 Auramancer 2 Aegis of Honor 3 Circle of Protection: Green

5 rounds, cut to top 4. So some 4-1's won't make top 4 possibly.

Round 1 - Michael O. - B/U Braids

Game 1 - I win the roll, 3-2, and play. He mulligans once. He gets in some early hits with a Nantuko Shade, and then I wipe the board clear, I believe, with Wrath of God. He takes out my first Burning Wish with a Duress. He plays a couple of Braids, I kill them, and then he plays Oversold Cemetary with 3 creatures in his grave and a Shade out. I Burning Wish. I spend some time debating between Cleansing Meditation (to kill the Cemetary) or Morningtide (to stop the problem temporarily). I get the Cleansing Meditation, as I want threshold for my Arsonist if he shows up. He doesn't have another, I play an Angel face down and slide it in response to an Edict, and start the beats. He plays a card face down, and I slide it to reveal a Grinning Demon. He eventually plays two Engineered Plagues on Angels, as well as a Callous Oppressor (for which I name Angel, of course). I rip a Lightning Rift off the top just after I slide the Demon, and that helps me take the first game.

In: 1 Auramancer. Out: 1 Starstorm.

Game 2 - He plays first. This game is all about second turn Lightning Rift, peeling a second on my third turn, and cycling him out of the match. I believe I killed him on the upkeep of my eighth turn. He did get on Shade hit in for 6, but that was it.

Games: 2-0, Matches: 1-0

And here comes trouble. As I look at the second round pairings, I see…

Round 2 - Sugrim - R/b/g Land destruction

Oops. I forgot about Sugrim. This deck has a hard time against land destruction.

On the next table is Mr. "Brightstone Ritual," Robert Bayardo. I give him a bit of a hard time about GP: LA before we start.

Game 1 - He wins the roll, 2-1, and plays first. I keep a 2 land hand, again forgetting it's Sugrim. I manage to peel lands for a while, but then he Burning Wishes for Wildfire on his fifth turn. I have to drop a land to Wrath a Silklash Spider, but then he Wildfires and drops a Fledgling Dragon the next turn.

Sideboard: Nothing. Next time, 3-4 Sacred Grounds will be in my board. Not only do they help against him, they help against Braids.

Game 2 - I take a mulligan and lose, horribly, to Wildfire again.

Games - 2-2, Matches: 1-1

OK. Things couldn't possibly get more rogue. I expect this out of Sugrim. Little do I know …

Round 3 - Richard Alvarez - Mono-Black Hand Destruction with Megrims

Game 1 - He wins the roll, 13-4, and plays. I get down an early Exalted Angel, which he is able to get rid of. He drops third turn stick (Disrupting Scepter), and then drops Megrim.

He then proceeds to Corrupt me out of the game.

Sideboard: In: Auramancer, Pillage, 2 Cleansing Meditation, 2 Aegis of Honor, Lay Waste. Out: 2 Burning Wish, 2 Wrath, 2 ? (It may have been the other Wraths, or something else. I'm not sure).

Game 2 - I get an early Teroh's Faithful, which he promptly Edicts or Bloods away. He drops one Megrim, then another. Then he casts Mind Sludge for 16 damage (4 cards in my hand). He then tutors for Corrupt to end the match.

Games: 2-4, Matches: 1-2

Well. Let's see if I can turn things around here …

Round 4 - James Coppola - W/G

Game 1 - I win the roll, 20-11. I proceed to drop an early Angel, and do some damage. He gets some ground creatures. I believe I had 3 Slides this game, as I was sliding things out left and right. Lightning Rift shows up quickly, and the Angel/Rift tandem finishes the job.

Sideboard: In: 3 Circle of Protection: Green. Out: 2 Aura Extraction, 1 Teroh's Faithful.

Game 2 - Another early Angel and couple of Slides. He casts a full strength Renewed Faith, as well as a 3 point Stream of Life. Toward the end, he tries to Second Thoughts my Angel a couple of times, but I just slide it out to save it each time. Double Lightning Rift sends him packing.

Games: 4-4, Matches: 2-2

Round 5 - Steve Haley - B/R control

Game 1 - I win the roll, 19-17, but have to mulligan once before I play first. I get down an early Rift, as he starts to strip my hand. I play an Angel face down, he tries to Edict it, and I slide to save. He Blazes me for 6, but the life from the Angel is too much for him to overcome.

Sideboard: In: 2 Aegis of Honor. Out: 2 Wrath of God.

Game 2 - I get out an early Teroh's Faithful, with Slide protection. He eventually kills it, and drops a Laquatus's Champion. I Starstorm for 3, get another Faithful, and Rift him out.

Games: 6-4, Matches: 3-2

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin PojoMagicJudge@hotmail.com DCI Level 2 Judge




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