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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Aluren & Morph

11.30.02  Short Answers:

-There are no official multiplayer rules. MODO has its own set of rules, and so do everyone else. Anthony Alongi wrote a great article on how to handle this – http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/daily/aa48
-If you Intuition for more than one Gaea’s Blessing, then at least one of them will go to the graveyard, and your graveyard will be shuffled in.
-A card that has X on it is whatever the value you picked for it on the stack, and 0 everywhere else. So you can’t Prohibit a Fireball targeting one thing for 9 points of damage, since this Fireball’s casting cost is 10.
-You can never have more than one of a legend with the same name out at a time. Not one each, one total.
-Cloned face down cards are 2/2 colorless, typeless creatures with a cost of 0. They can not morph into whatever they Cloned, since Clone just copies the card as it is when it is Cloned.
-You can only sacrifice a permanent to pay the cost of one spell or ability. So you can not use the same Mogg Fanatic to do one damage to something and give something else -1/-1 through Phyrexian Plaguelord.
-Cursed Totem shuts down all creatures’ activated abilities.
-Corrupt does not limit the amount of life gain to the player’s life total or the creature’s toughness. So if you Corrupt a Llanowar Elf with 5 Swamps out, you’ll gain 5 life.
-Moment’s Peace only prevents combat damage. Read the card.


Long Answers:

Q: Aluren says that any player may play creatures with mana cost 3 or less for free. Since the morph cost is 3, are you able to play a creature with morph for free?


A: From the October Rules Team Rulings:

Aluren and Morph
Aluren and the morph ability both give players alternative ways to play creatures. Aluren reads, "Any player may play creature cards with converted mana cost 3 or less without paying their mana cost any time he or she could play an instant." A creature spell with the morph ability may be played face down by paying 3 rather than its mana cost.

Aluren and the morph mechanic are mutually exclusive; you can't apply both to the same spell. When you want to play a spell, you determine the way in which you want to play it. You can either play the creature spell "as an instant for free" or play it face down for 3, but you can't do both. (Note that since Aluren modifies the rule for when you can play the creature spell, its effect applies before the spell is put onto the stack. Aluren doesn't just apply during the paying of costs (rule 409.1f). It modifies the whole process of playing the spell.)


Q: What are the steps for announcing a spell or ability?

A: You announce the spell, you choose the target(s) and modes, and you pay the costs. There are a few other things that may happen from time to time, but that’s basically it.


Q: I have out a Stronghold Assassin and an attacking Genesis, and my opponent tries to Vengeful Dreams the Genesis, can I sac Genesis to assassinate that same Genesis?


A: Yes.


Q: When I cast Chainer's Edict on my opponent, can they sacrifice a creature card in their hand or must it be in play?


A: Only in play. Creatures only exist in play – they are creature cards everywhere else.


Q: I have Transcendence and Thaumatog in play. 2 damage is on the stack (at me). Can I play False Cure to gain infinite life, then sac Transcendence to the Thaumatog before I die?

-Ben A.

A: No. If you ever get above 20 life with Transcendence, you will either die, or the game will be a draw. You will die if you get rid of the Transcendence, since you will eventually get to the trigger that says, “You lose the game.”


Q: If you and your opponent are both at 4 or less and you hit him with a Flesh Reaver will you win or will you lose or will it cause a draw?

A: You will win. The 4 damage is dealt to him first, then a trigger goes on the stack that does 4 damage to you. Since your opponent is already dead, you’ll never take the damage, since the game is over.


Q: Say Flesh Reaver gets blocked by a 1/1. Will I still get dealt 4 damage or just 1?


A: Flesh Reaver
Creature -- Horror
Whenever Flesh Reaver deals damage to a creature or opponent, Flesh Reaver deals that much damage to you.

Since the Flesh Reaver did 4 damage to the creature, it will deal 4 damage to you.

See you Monday.

-Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge





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