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Judge's Corner

Sleighting More Stuff

11.21.02  First, my next column is on Wednesday. I won’t be home in time to write a column for Monday, and I’ll be too tired anyway from Grand Prix: Los Angeles.

Second, I’ve decided to adopt a format that Jeff Jordan uses in his Netrep replies. First, I’ll start off with the “Short Answers.” These are either questions I’ve answered before, or an easy answer from which you can apply it much more broadly than just the original question.


Short Answers:

-Unless the card (or the card’s wording in the Oracle) specifies otherwise, tapped artifacts’ effects still happen.
-You can turn a morph card over any time you have priority.
-There is a space between declaring blockers and combat damage going on the stack, so you can make creatures bigger and they will deal more damage.
-Trickery Charm can’t target Goblin Piledriver, since the Piledriver has protection from blue.
-Activated abilities are of the form “Cost: Effect.” The cost may or may not include tapping the permanent in question.


Long Answers:

Q: Regarding Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast. I've read many a time that the Pyro is able to be Sleight of Minded to kill things other than blue, while the REB isn't. I would like to know how the Pyro can be Sleighted and the REB can't. Even looking at the Oracle listings, I can't tell much of a significant difference. It's probably some obvious thing waving in front of me even now, but I'd like an explanation.


A: Let me put in the Oracle cards, and then describe the subtle difference.

Choose one -- Counter target spell if it's blue; or destroy target permanent if it's blue.

Red Elemental Blast
Choose one -- Counter target blue spell; or destroy target blue permanent.

Note where the color requirement is on each card. REB says “target blue permanent,” so the card has to be blue for REB to target it.

Pyroblast, on the other hand, says “target permanent (if it is blue).” (Parenthesis inserted to make it a bit clearer.) So the card doesn’t have to be blue to be able to target it with Pyroblast. Pyroblast only checks on resolution if the card is blue (or the appropriate color, if Pyroblast has been Sleighted), since being blue is not a requirement for the card to be able to be targeted with Pyroblast.


Q: I have a question about Elvish Guidance. Let's say I have 3 elves in play. I enchant my Forest with Elvish Guidance. Does it make 3 or 4 mana?

A: It makes 4. One from the Forest, and 3 additional from the Guidance.


Q: If I put more then one Elvish Guidance on a single land (lets say 3 Elvish Guidances on a land with 3 elves in play.) would it make 9/12 mana, or only 3/4 mana?

-Jacob T.

A: The land would make 10 mana. You get 1 from the Forest’s built in ability, and 3 for each Guidance. So 1+3+3+3=10.


Q: If you have a Rotlung Reanimator and three 2/2 clerics in play could you sacrifice the 3 clerics and after that when the zombies come into play sacrifice them also to summon a Phyrexian Dreadnought?


A: No. All of the creatures are sacrificed at the same time, and then you make the tokens. So you only sacrificed 8 power worth of creatures, which is less than 12, so the Dreadnaught is put into the graveyard.

See you Wednesday, or sooner if you’re coming to Los Angeles this weekend.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge





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