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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Sufficient Randomization

Q: What is sufficient randomization in your eyes?

What I am asking is how should one shuffle to completely randomize their decks?

Currently I pile shuffle in piles of 7, then pick them up, riffle two times, pile in piles of 5, riffle a few more times (like 2) and present my deck to my opponent. After they do whatever, I cut.

But, why I am asking is I don't feel I am shuffling enough here and using my three minutes to the best of my ability because I play decks with 24-25 lands, and get mana screwed more times then ANYONE I know.

A: Sufficient randomization is kind of hard to determine. I guess the best thing I can tell a player relates closely to what has been said about obscene materials - I can't exactly tell you what would or would not be sufficient randomization, but I sure can tell when a deck has likely not been sufficiently randomized.

For best results, riffle-shuffle 7 times. That has been mathematically shown to make an average deck (approximately 60 cards) random.


Q: If I have Nevinyrral's Disk in play, and I activate it during my opponent's End Step, and I Capsize with Buyback in response, will the Disk return or no? I realize everything blows up, but what then happens? Is it a Resolution effect that the Disk Sacrifices or no?


A: When the ability of Nevinyrral's Disk resolves, all artifacts, enchantments, and creatures are destroyed. If the Disk isn't there when the ability resolves, then it won't be destroyed.


Q: Thawing Glaciers - Does it mean you can drop 2 lands per turn (a land and the Thawing Glaciers) or that mean the land brought in from Thawing Glaciers ability does not count towards the one land limited?

-bahamut o.

A: Thawing Glaciers allows you to search your library for a land and put it into play. Since you did not use your once per turn special ability of playing a land, you can Thaw out a land and play a land in the same turn.


Q: When you play Trade Secrets do you have to declare the number of times that
the "barter" is used?


A: No. The opponent will draw 2 cards, then you will choose and draw an amount of cards from 0 to 4, and then, if the opponent chooses, he may start this process again.


Q: My friend plays the ability of Nomad Mythmaker, targeting a floating shield in his graveyard. I played mine in response and targeted the same floating shield. Now where should the floating shield go? To my mythmaker or his?

A: Last in, first out you will decide where the Floating Shield will go.


Q: I played a Basking Rootwalla and in response, my opponent Capsizes my land. How many mana are still flowing in my mana pool? 1, 2, or 0?

-Darren N.

A: 0. The Basking Rootwalla is also on the stack, still being played.


Q: Countering with creatures with morph: I know I can, but here's where the problem is, my opponent announces he's playing a creature with morph face down and pays his three mana. It is now on the stack, and as the article on the wizard's web site states you can counter the spell. However, I have a Liquify in my hand, which can counter a spell with converted mana cost of 3 or less. For sake of argument, let's say my opponent was playing Treespring Lorian, which has a converted mana cost of 6. According to the rules insert, you pay the three mana instead of paying its casting cost, but that doesn't seem to indicate that the mana cost has changed. So I'm thinking that the card is not a legal target for the Liquify, but how would this be determined without him revealing the spell?

-Scott C.

A: A face down card on the stack has converted mana cost 0. So you can Liquify a morph card just fine.


Q: If I attack with an unblocked face-down Ebonblade Reaver and morph it before combat damage goes on the stock, will I lose half my life as part of the effect or will I be exempt since his ability was not in play until after I declared my attack?

-S. P.

A: Ebonblade Reaver's ability will only trigger if it is face up at the appropriate time. So if Ebonblade Reaver is face down when he attacks, you will lose no life.


Q. If you have an Astral Slide in play and cycle a random cycle card to remove a morphed creature from play does it come back face up?

-Kenji C.

A: Not only that, but you will see it when Astral Slide removes it from the game. If a face down card is removed from game, it is turned face up.


Q: If I have a Smokestack with 1 counter on it and a Shard Phoenix in play can I sac the Phoenix and bring it back to my hand at the same time?

-J. M.

A: Since Shard Phoenix only says upkeep, and not beginning of upkeep, you can do that just fine.

Shard Phoenix
Creature -- Phoenix
{R}{R}{R}: Return Shard Phoenix from your graveyard to your hand. Play this ability only during your upkeep.
Sacrifice Shard Phoenix: Shard Phoenix deals 2 damage to each creature without flying.


Q: Can Phantom Centaur be killed by Pyrotechnics in one shot?

-Darren N.

A: No. No matter how much damage you assign to Phantom Centaur, you can only target it once with a given spell, so it will only lose 1 counter.

See you Monday.

-Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge




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