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Judge's Corner

ON Shock Legal in Standard Now?

Q: I know that Onslaught is not legal yet, but can I use my Onslaught Taunting Elf in an Extended Tournament now? Where in the rules does it say that I can't? I know the card is not legal yet, but the rules say I can use cards from different sets (portal, etc:) if they are legal in the environment, but to the latest card text. I reckon that I probably won't be able to use the card (since it is not playable yet), but where in the official ruling can I find this answer?

-Colin C.

A: Actually, you can use your Onslaught Taunting Elf in an extended tournament. Also, you could use your Onslaught Shock in a Standard tournament. Or your Onslaught Clone in a Type 1 tourney. You just have to go by the Oracle wording…

Which is conveniently updated within a day or 2 of the pre-release to include all the new cards from the latest set. The Oracle was updated October 1 to include all cards from Onslaught.

(You can find the Oracle at http://www.wizards.com/dci/main.asp?x=oracle.)


Q: If I have a Words of War in play and use it once, then play Breakthrough, does the effect lasts for only the first card drawn or does it works for all four cards?

-Ian W.

A: Each time you activate a Words enchantment, it will only replace one draw. So if you activate Words of War once, then play Breakthrough, you will do 2 damage to a target and draw 3 cards. (Then you will have to discard to whatever you chose as X, of course.)


Q: I was watching a game and something really confusing came up. One player has many enchantments in his graveyard, including Opalescence and Humility. He then casts Replenish. Now what happens?

-bahamut o.

A: If there is only one Opalescence in the pile, the answer is slightly easier than if there are multiple Opalescences. Then number of Humilitys do not matter … you could have 1 or 4 Humilitys coming into play, and it will not change the answer.

First, a rule…

418.5c Whenever one effect depends on another, the independent one is applied first. If several dependent effects form a loop, or if none depends on another, they're applied in "timestamp order." A permanent's timestamp is the time it came into play, with two exceptions: (1) If two or more permanents enter play simultaneously, the active player determines their timestamp order at the time they come into play, but a local enchantment must be timestamped after what it enchants; (2) Whenever a local enchantment becomes attached to a permanent, the enchantment receives a new timestamp. Continuous effects generated by static abilities have the same timestamp as the permanent that generated them. Continuous effects generated by the resolution of a spell or ability receive a timestamp when the spell or ability creating them resolves.

If there is only 1 Opalescence being Replenished: You choose the timestamp order of the enchantments coming into play. It does not matter for this example, though, because the Humility's effect is dependant on Opalescence. Therefore, you have to apply Opalescence's effect first, turning all other (global) enchantments into creatures with power and toughness each equal to their casting cost, and then Humility will make those enchantments 1/1 with no abilities.

So the final result here is: All (global) enchantments (other then Opalescence, since it doesn't affect itself) are 1/1 creatures with no abilities.

Now, if multiple Opalescences are coming into play: Again timestamping won't matter, and here is why. You have to apply the first timestamped Opalescence first, since all the other (global) enchantments are dependant on being creatures before Humility can affect them. Then, you have to apply the second Opalescence's ability. This is because the first Opalescence needs to be a creature before it can be affected by Humility. Then you can apply the other enchantments in timestamp order. Once you hit a Humility, all the (global) enchantments will become 1/1 with no abilities.

End result: All global enchantments are 1/1 creatures with no abilities.


Q: I have Soulcatcher's Aerie out and a bird goes to the graveyard, if I regenerate that creature do all my birds still get +1/+1 for it?


A: If you regenerate a creature, it will not go to the graveyard. If it goes to the graveyard, you cannot then regenerate it to save it.


Q: Can I use a Seal of Removal to target a creature in my graveyard?

A: No. Creatures only exist in the in play zone. They are creature cards everywhere else. Also,

217.5b A spell or ability affects and checks only the in-play zone unless it specifically mentions a player or another zone. Permanents exist only in the in-play zone. Only permanents are legal targets for spells and abilities, unless a spell or ability (a) specifies that it can target a player or a card in another zone, or (b) affects an object that can't exist in the in-play zone, such as a spell.


Q: Do Atogs have +2/+2 permanently when you sacrifice an artifact, or only until end of turn?

-Person 51090

A: Atog
Creature -- Atog
Sacrifice an artifact: Atog gets +2/+2 until end of turn.


Q: I have Zirilan of the Claw and a Teferi's Veil out.

A: Zirilan of the Claw
Creature -- Legend
{1}{R}{R}, {T}: Search your library for a Dragon card and put that card into play. Then shuffle your library. That Dragon gains haste until end of turn. At end of turn, remove it from the game. #(The creature may attack and #{T}# the turn it comes under your control.)#

Teferi's Veil
Whenever a creature you control attacks, it phases out at end of combat.


Q: I activate Zirilan, get a Shivan Dragon down, and I attack. At end of combat, Shivan phases out, making it so I can't remove/sacrifice it at end of turn. On my next turn, will I have to remove Shivan at end of turn per Zirilan's effect, or am correct in reading the rules and in short, Zirilan loses track of Shivan and I no longer have to remove it from the game.

-D Ravell

A: With the wording change, Zirilan's effect will only try to remove the dragon from the game at the end of the turn it entered play, since it is part of Zirilan's effect, and not an ability given to the creature. So if you phase out the dragon before that turn's end of turn step, it won't be removed from game.


Q: Hypothetical situation - I'm playing with Sonic Seizure (which has an additional cost of randomly discarding a card). Let's say I randomly pick Fiery Temper, which has a madness cost of one Red Mana. If, when I discover the Fiery Temper has been selected for discarding, am I allowed to then pay its Madness cost, or does (as I have a nagging feeling) the 'random discard' situation prohibits me from using its Madness cost?


A: You can play the Fiery Temper for its madness cost. Madness does not care how the card was discarded, just that it was discarded (as part of a legal spell or ability, of course).


Q: There was an old combo that worked back when I played Magic, and I am wondering if it is still valid under all the new rules.

I have four Nether Shadows in the graveyard, and Ashnod's Altar out in play.

A: Nether Shadow
Creature -- Spirit
Haste #(This creature may attack and #{T}# the turn it comes under your control.)#
At the beginning of your upkeep, if Nether Shadow is in your graveyard with three creature cards above it, you may put Nether Shadow into play.

Ashnod's Altar
Sacrifice a creature: Add two colorless mana to your mana pool.


Q: It is my turn and my upkeep comes up. Because of there are four Nether Shadows in the graveyard, it is safe to assume that at least one of them has at least three creatures above it, and so I use the ability to bring one of the Nether Shadows into play. Using Ashnod's Altar, I sacrifice the Nether Shadow, giving me two colorless mana.

A: Got it.


Q: It is still my upkeep.

There are still four Nether Shadows in the graveyard. I bring into play the one with three creatures above it and sacrifice it as well to Ashnod's Altar….

-Kell S.

A: Incorrect. The beginning of upkeep has already passed. Therefore, the Nether Shadows that didn't have 3 creature cards above them didn't have their ability put on the stack. Also, the Nether Shadows that did come out and were sacrificed will have to wait for their ability to trigger, as it is no longer the beginning of upkeep. You'll have to wait for your next upkeep to bring them back.


Q: Can you put Weakness (black enchant creature) on a Roar of the Wurm token?

A: Sure. The Roar of the Wurm token is a creature, and therefore is a valid target for Weakness.


Q: My friend played Balance.

A: Balance
Except the player who controls the fewest lands, each player sacrifices lands until all players control the same number of lands as the player who controls the fewest. Players do the same for creatures and discard cards from their hands the same way.


Q: I have one creature in play, and so, subsequently, it goes to the graveyard. Since Balance does not effect the Broken Fall enchantment I have in play, I regenerate the said creature. My friend says that I cannot do this, since the creature was not destroyed in combat, but discarded from play as part of Balance's effect. My understanding concerning regeneration is a creature that has been regenerated can come into play from the graveyard.

Basically, the question is this: I think I can use Broken Fall to regenerate my creature after my friend uses Balance. He doesn't think I can. Who's right and why?

A: No, for two reasons, both of which I will explain to the readers of my column for the last time.

1) You cannot regenerate from a sacrifice.
2) You cannot regenerate a creature that has already gone to the graveyard.


Q: My friend attacks me with a Giant Crab, enchanted with a Cloak of Mists, and I try to defend with a Yavimaya Barbarian, who has protection from blue. Can I defend or not?

-Ryan N.

A: What part of "unblockable" don't you understand?

Cloak of Mists
Enchant Creature
Enchanted creature is unblockable.

Unblockable = can't be blocked by creatures.


Q: What does Skyshroud Claim let you search for, forest cards as in lands, or forest cards as in creatures and spells?

A: Skyshroud Claim
Search your library for up to two forest cards and put them into play. Then shuffle your library.

Skyshroud Claim will let you search for two cards that are forests. Right now, that is limited to the card named "Forest" and the 4 dual lands that are forests.

<ed note: This would also allow you to go grab a Snow-Covered Forest, but who'd really want to. J -Scott>


Q: Second, If Sutured Ghoul is put into your graveyard from play, and then brought back through Breath of Life, do you have to remove new creatures to make his p/t, or does it stay the same as it was before he was destroyed?


A: You'd have to remove more creatures, as it is a completely different Sutured Ghoul than the first one.


Q: If I have an enchantment "Dawn of the Dead" in play, and on my upkeep I lose 1 life. then I can choose a target creature in my graveyard to play, with haste. What if before I end my turn, I sacrifice it (if I have a card that can tell me to sacrifice it, like Malevolent Awakening), will that creature card stays in my graveyard or it is removed from the game?

A: It will stay in the graveyard. Dawn of the Dead will lose track of it as soon as it goes to the graveyard.

217.1c A card that moves from one zone to another is treated as a new card. Effects connected with its previous location will no longer affect it.


Q: Knowing that there are nightmare creatures, and they have neat comes into play abilities. What if, say I have a Faceless Butcher in play, then the ability triggers and resolves. Then I enchant it with Stupefying Touch, when it leaves play, does the removed from the game card stays removed from the game or it is returned?

A: It is returned, since the Faceless Butcher's ability is a triggered ability, and not an activated ability. Activated abilities take the form "Cost: Effect."


Q: When I use Temporary Insanity on a creature, it will come under my control. If I have an enchantment (say Malevolent Awakening) in play, before I end my turn, is it possible for me to sacrifice my opponent creature that just came under my control so my opponent won't get it back?

A: Yes.


Q: If I play Faceless Butcher, but there is no other creature to be removed, is it possible to have it in play? Same for Mesmeric Fiend, Petravark, Hypnox and Gravegouger (and their appropriate cards).

A: Yes. The removal of the appropriate thing(s) from the game is not a cost, it's an ability of the creature when it comes into play. If you can't remove the appropriate thing, the Nightmare creature will still come into play just fine.


Q: There's a card from odyssey, Ember Beast. It says it can't attack or block alone. Does it mean I can't use it to attack if I don't have 2 Ember Beast in play or does it means the Ember Beast must not be the only creature you control.

A: It means that when the Ember Beast is declared as an attacker or blocker, that at least one other creature must attack or block at the same time. If it is blocking, the two creatures can block different creatures.


Q: If I have 2 creatures, one of which is the Ember Beast, can I attack with Ember Beast and reserve the other creature (anything but not an Ember Beast) to be a blocker?

A: No. Ember Beast cannot be the sole attacker or blocker, so this would be an illegal attack. You'd have to back up and try to declare a different legal set of attackers.


Q: If there are two Ember Beasts, is it possible to attack with 1 Ember Beast and
the another to be a blocker.

-Heero Y.

A: Again, no.


I'm going to interject the next question …

Q: If I have 2 Ember Beasts, can I declare the 2 Ember Beasts as the only attackers?


A: Yes. Since there is one other creature attacking with each Ember Beast, its attack requirements have been satisfied. This is a legal set of attackers.


Q: Let's assume my opponent declared a 4/4 first strike creature as an attacker. If I block
with two 2/2 creatures (that don't have first strike), what would happen? Since he's first strike, does he divide up his damage among my creatures first and kill them before they can do any damage?

A: Exactly.


Q: Also, to further complicate things...what if we take the same situation, but make one, and only one of my creatures have first strike? So now we have a 4/4 first striker attacking, and I declare a 2/2 first striker and a regular 2/2 as my blockers for that creature.


A: The 4/4 and 2/2 will do damage to each other, with the 4/4 killing the other 2/2 in the process. So both your creatures will die, and his 4/4 will have 2 damage on it.


Tournament Report - FNM - Orange, CA - 10/4/2002

I changed 2 Rushing River for 2 Moment's Peace in the sideboard, making my deck…

U/G Madness
Hybrid of Worlds 2002 decks: Cole Swannack, Alex Shvartsman, and Edward Ross

2 Aquamoeba
4 Arrogant Wurm
4 Basking Rootwalla ("Walla")
4 Merfolk Looter
4 Wild Mongrel ("Dog")
3 Wonder
4 Careful Study
4 Circular Logic
2 Deep Analysis
3 Roar of the Wurm
4 Counterspell
7 Forest
10 Island
4 Yavimaya Coast
2 Centaur Garden

3 Ray of Revelation
3 Krosan Reclamation
4 Sylvan Safekeeper
2 Unnatural Selection
1 Rushing River
2 Moment's Peace

Round 1 - Sugrim - his usual B/R Land destruction/Magnivore deck

Game 1 - He takes his die, and rolls a 2. I then proceed to roll a 1, and he goes first. He takes a mulligan before we start. It looks like I went: Study into a Walla, Dog, Arrogant Wurm, Dog. He was able to deal with most of my creatures, but once I dropped a Looter for a second attacker when he was at 1, he scoops. I drew an insane amount of land this game. I had like 4-5 land in the opening hand, and drew at least 8 more. Can't complain against a land destruction deck though.

Sideboard: In: 4 Sylvan Safekeeper. Out: 4 Merfolk Looter.

Game 2 - I open with 3 land in hand: Coast, Garden, and Forest. So I keep it. I end up not drawing land for 5 turns, and by that time, he's cleared my board. He drops Guiltfeeder and I scoop.

Game 3 - I have to take a mulligan this game, as I have no land. I get a quick start, but again, he takes control, and in the absence of my deck coughing up some land, I take the loss.

Games: 1-2, Matches: 0-1.

Well, there goes my 13 match unbeaten streak. Figures luck would finally have to catch up with me.

I stayed and watched the game next to me, and the Hunting Grounds deck stalled at 2 land against a Cephalid Constable deck. The Constable guy finally pulls and plays Howl from Beyond, and clears the Hunting Grounds player's board, at which point the Hunting Grounds player scoops.

Round 2 - Robert - Green Fat

Game 1 - I win the roll, 4-3, and play. I drop a Walla first turn and pump it second turn, as I don't have a 2 drop. It then looks like I dropped a dog, and drew into Wonder. I seem to remember countering a Thorn Elemental here.

Sideboard: In: 2 Moment's Peace. Out: 1 Aquamoeba, 1 Roar of the Wurm.

Game 2 - He gets his usual quick start with Wild Growths, and soon I'm facing down a 4/4 Ivy Elemental, a 4/4 Kavu Chameleon, and a Thorn Elemental. I have 2 Dogs on the board though, along with an Aquamoeba. He finally attacks, and I pitch 3 Wallas and an Arrogant Wurm and madness them all. The Dogs are now 4/4, and I block and kill everything. He assigns the 7 from Thorn Elemental to me, dropping me to 6. I then just wait for the Wonder, and fly over for 20.

Games: 3-2, Matches: 1-1

I did something different in the next 2 matches. I basically kept a running commentary of what went on in the games, so I could reconstruct it for you. I won't be able to do this all the time, but let me know if this is of any value, and I might do it sporadically again.

Round 3 - Shawn - R/B

Game 1 - He wins the roll, 13-1, and chooses to play.
I mulligan a hand with no land into a hand of 3 Dogs, Walla, Island, and Coast.

Him: Play Mountain.
Me: Play Yavimaya Coast. Tap for green (my life=19), play Walla.

Him: Play Swamp, Firebolt Walla.
Me: Play Island, Tap Coast for green (my life=18), play Dog.

Him: Play Mountain. Fiery Temper Dog. I madness a Walla and pitch a Dog to save it.
Me: Play Merfolk Looter, Attack with Dog and Walla (his life=17)

Him: Play Swamp, Play Mesmeric Fiend (takes Merfolk Looter). Mind Bursts me for the remaining card in hand (Dog).
Me: Attack with Dog and Walla. Fiend blocks Walla, and Walla is pumped. (my life=17 due to tapping Coast for green) (his life=15)

Him: Play Mountain, Faceless Butcher. (Failed to write what he took … I think it was a Dog.) End of turn, I Loot, discarding a Merfolk Looter.
Me: Main phase Loot. Discard Arrogant Wurm, but invoke madness. Drop Centaur Garden, tap all land (my life=16), play Wurm.

Him: Play Cabal Pit. Ostracize me (getting Aquamoeba). Play Mind Burst, making me discard my hand. Volcanic Hammer the Walla.
Me: Attack with Arrogant Wurm. Butcher blocks and dies. (His life=14)

Him: Play Whispering Shade. End of Turn, I Loot, madnessing a Walla.
Me: Pitch Wonder to Dog. He responds by Cabal Pitting the Dog. I pitch a Forest to save it. Attack with Dog, Arrogant Wurm, and Walla. (His life=7)

Him: Play mountain, Put Kamahl's Desire on Shade. Lava Dart Merfolk Looter. Pump Shade twice, attack. (My life=10). He concedes.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - He plays first. No mulligans. My opening hand is 5 land, Walla, and Careful Study

Him: Play Mountain, Dwarven Scorcher.
Me. Play Island, Careful Study, madnessing a Walla and discarding a Forest.

Him: Play Swamp, Firebolt Walla, Attack with Scorcher (my life=19)
Me: Play Forest, Dog.

Him: Play Mountain, Terminate Dog, Play Scorcher, attack with other Scorcher (my life=18)
Me: Play Forest, Merfolk Looter.

Him: Play Shadowblood Ridge, Duress me (I only have 4 lands). Volcanic Hammer Merfolk Looter. Attack with both Scorchers. (my life=16)
Me: Play Centaur Garden, Dog.

Him: Fiery Temper Dog. I pitch 2 Yavimaya Coasts to save it. He sacs a Scorcher, targeting the Dog. I take 2. (my life=14)
Me: Attack with Dog. He blocks with Scorcher, puts damage on the stack, and sacs the Scorcher at the Dog. I take 2 more. (my life=12)

Him: Volcanic Hammer the Dog. I sac the Garden to save it.
Me: Attack with Dog. (His life=18)

Him: Mind Burst me (gets an Island).
Me: Attack with Dog. (his life=16)

Him: Firebolt Me. (my life=10)
Me: Attack with Dog. (his life=14)

Him: Play Anger. It doesn't attack. End of turn, I madness an Arrogant Wurm through the Dog.
Me: Attack with Arrogant Wurm. He blocks with Anger. (his life=12) I Careful Study, discarding 2 Island.

Him: Play Swamp, flashback Firebolt at Dog. I madness an Arrogant Wurm in response.
Me: I check that he is at 12 life, pitch my 2 cards in hand, and attack for the win. (his life=0)

Games: 5-2, Matches: 2-1

Round 4 - Scott Gossett - Red Zone 2k2

I win the roll, 19-17, and choose to play. I mulligan a hand of 2 Circular Logic, Looter, Roar of the Wurm, Dog, and 11 land into a hand of 2 Island, 2 Roar of the Wurm, Aquamoeba, and Deep Analysis.

Me: Play Island.
Him: Play Forest, Birds of Paradise

Me: Play Island, Aquamoeba.
Him: Play Forest, Anurid Brushhopper

Me: Play Forest. Pitch Deep Analysis to switch power and toughness, flashback Deep Analysis (my life=17).
Him. Play Brushland. Attack with Hopper. (My Life=14) I have myself Circular Logicing something here, as I have to pitch a Roar and Wonder first to do so. I don't remember what it was though.

Me: Play Coast. Pitch Roar to Aquamoeba, attack. (His life=17) Flashback Roar.
Him: Living Wish for Nantuko Tracer, Play Tracer, putting my Wonder on bottom.

Me: Play Coast. Attack with Wurm. Hopper blocks and he pitches 2 to save it. Flashback Roar.
Him: Play Birds of Paradise and Wild Mongrel.

Me: Play Deep Analysis.
Him: Pitch Glory, attack. Activate Glory for green. (My life=7).

Me: Centaur Garden, Flashback Deep Analysis (My life=4). I concede here, as I don't draw a Careful Study to get threshold, and he has a Bird back to block anyway.

Sideboard: In: 3 Krosan Reclamation, 2 Moment's Peace. Out: 1 Counterspell, 4 Merfolk Looter.

Game 2: I play. No mulligans.

Me: Play Island, Careful Study, discarding Roar and madnessing a Walla.
Him: Play Forest, Birds of Paradise.

Me: Play Island, attack (his life=19). Don't cast anything to leave open mana for Counterspell in hand.
Him: Play Plains, Birds of Paradise.

Me: Play Forest, attack (his life=18).
Him: Play Llanowar Elves, Anurid Brushhopper. I counter the Brushhopper.

Me: Play Forest, Dog. Attack with Walla. (his life=17)
Him: Play Llanowar Elves, Flametongue Kavu. I Logic the Kavu.

Me Attack with Dog. (his life=15). (Somewhere here I cast the Roar from earlier. I didn't write it down, but it only makes sense I cast it here, with the notes that follow.)
Him: Play Phantom Centaur, Llanowar Elf.

Me: Nothing.
Him: Cast Brushhopper, Call of the Herd.

Me: Nothing.
Him: Play Forest, Call, Flashback Call.

Me: Cast Deep Analysis, play Island.
Him: Flashback Call.

Me: Cast Careful Study. Madness a Walla, discard Forest. Flashback Analysis (my life=17).
Him: Nothing.

Me: Upkeep, he Ices my Wurm. I Careful Study (discarding 2 Krosan Reclamations).
Him: Attack with Centaur, 4 Elephants. I Moment's Peace. He casts Birds of Paradise.

Me: Attack with team. Him: Block everything but a Walla with 3 Birds. (his life=14).
Him: Draw and concede.

Game 3: He chooses to play. I mulligan a hand of Careful Study, Wonder, Deep Analysis, Krosan Reclamation, Moment's Peace, Arrogant Wurm, and Forest into a hand of Yavimaya Coast, Centaur Garden, Circular Logic, 2 Wonder, and Arrogant Wurm. I should have mulliganed again, but didn't.

Him: Play Forest, Llanowar Elf.
Me: Draw Circular Logic. Play Coast.

Him: Play Forest, Call of the Herd.
Me: Draw Arrogant Wurm. Play Centaur Garden.

Him: Attack with Elephant (my life=17). Play City of Brass, tap everything (his life=19) for a Phantom Centaur.
Me: Draw Counterspell. Say go.

Him: Attack with Elephant and Centaur (my life=9), flashback or play another Call.
Me: Draw and play Aquamoeba.

Him: Play Flametongue Kavu, targeting Aquamoeba (his life=18 from City of Brass). I concede.

Games: 6-4, Matches: 2-2.

Well, that was a lot of work to type in, more than I thought it would be :). Hope you enjoyed it.

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge




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