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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Elementals Marching On

Q: I have March of the Machines and Quicksilver Elemental in play. Can I copy any artifact's ability?

-Fernando C.

A: Activated abilities, yes.


Q: If I have an Isochron Scepter in play with an Orim's Chant imprinted on it. When I activate the Scepter does the Kicker effect activate as well as the main effect?


A: No. You are given the option to cast the spell without paying its mana cost. This means the basic spell. If you wish to have the kicker effect, you must pay the kicker cost.


Q: If I sacrifice a Pentavite to Pentavus, is it going into the graveyard, even though it is a token? Would Disciple of the Vault be activated by this sacrifice?

-Josh M.

A: Yes to both questions. Tokens reach the graveyard before they are removed from the game.


Q: With cards like Orim, Samite Healer or Squee's Toy, could you throw up many damage shields, as the card says: "Prevent (up to) 1/3 damage to target creature/or player"?

A: When you play (for example) Orim, Samite Healer's ability, you choose a target creature to have damage prevented. When the ability resolves, a shield is put up that will prevent 3 damage. The shield lasts until end of turn or until it is fully used, whichever comes first.

A creature or player may have multiple damage prevention effect affecting it/them. When it comes time to prevent damage the player or player whose creature is being affected chooses which damage to prevent.


Q: With cards like Stifle or Interdict or Bind, how does countering effects work? Does the effect never come back, or is it countered for that one turn?

A: Stifle works on abilities just like Counterspell works on spells. The ability is (permanently) countered.

(Note that if it is an ability of a permanent, Stifle will only counter one activation or one trigger. The next time the ability is activated or triggered, it will work normally.)


Q: Player A has a Jareth, Leonine Titan and 5 free white mana. He also has two Windborn Muse. Player B has stolen two of Player A's Windborn Muse already with Fractured Loyalty and Confiscate. Player A declares attackers. If Player B plays Grab the Reins on another Windborn Muse, will Player A have to pay 4 or 6?

A: If Player B plays Grab the Reins before attackers are declared, 6. If he plays it after, 4.


Q: If you have Phyrexian Arena and Words of Wind in play, could you use the Words of Wind ability to prevent the loss of 1 life by bouncing the Arena to your hand?

-Ray C.

A: No. The life loss is part of the ability that gives you the card. Also, see Mantra 10.



From my last column:

>>>Q: If I have a few artifacts out, and a Disciple of the Vault...then I play Decree of Annihilation. Does Disciple's effect still hit them for each artifact that hit the graveyard?


A: Yes. Anything that looks at something going to the graveyard from play has to look back to see what was in play just before it went to the graveyard. Since the Disciple was in play at that time, it will trigger for each artifact that goes to the graveyard at the same time it does. <<<

C: Decree of Annihilation sends artifacts to removed from game, not graveyard, so Disciple's effects won't trigger.

-Aston R.

A: Guilty as charged of not reading the card again. Erase Decree of Annihilation, and put Obliterate.

See you Tuesday, with the return of an old favorite feature.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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