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Judge's Corner

Dying Disciples

Q: If I have a few artifacts out, and a Disciple of the Vault...then I play Decree of Annihilation. Does Disciple's effect still hit them for each artifact that hit the graveyard?


A: Yes. Anything that looks at something going to the graveyard from play has to look back to see what was in play just before it went to the graveyard. Since the Disciple was in play at that time, it will trigger for each artifact that goes to the graveyard at the same time it does.


Q: I imprint Starstorm on a Isochron Scepter and I use Scepter's ability. Can I pay X every time I use the Isochron Scepters ability?

-The Goblin King

A: No. When you play the Scepter's ability, it allows you to play the card without paying its mana cost. This means you can't pay any part of the mana cost (that is, the cost in the upper right hand corner) even if you want to. So when you play Starstorm, X is 0. So you can only play Starstorm for 0 in this situation.


Q: I am at four life and have a Bottle Gnomes in play. On my opponents turn he casts a Laquatus's Champion. Can I sac the gnomes in response to him playing the Champion and survive at one life, or does the loss of life from the Champion resolve before I have the opportunity to sac?


A: You can sacrifice the Bottle Gnomes either in response to him casting Laquatus's Champion, or in response to the Champion's ability going on the stack. As long as you sac the Gnomes any time before the triggered ability resolves, you will live.


Q: I just want to know what a "token" is. I see it mentioned, but not defined. Is it simply a card?


A: OK, I'll simply cut and paste the Comprehensive Rules definition for token here for you:


A token is a marker used to represent any permanent that isn’t represented by a card. Tokens are created by effects. Tokens can be tapped and untapped just like cards, though an alternative to rotation might be needed to distinguish their status. See rule 216, “Tokens.”

A token is not a card (216.2). Look through section 216 for more information on what a token is.


Q: If I have a Paladin En-Vec on the board along with a Thermal Glider and I go ahead and Starstorm for 2, will my creatures die or will they survive because of there pro red ability.


A: They will live. See Mantra 4.

(I changed Earthquake to Starstorm as Earthquake wouldn't hit the Thermal Glider.)

See you Friday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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