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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Pest Invasion

Q: I use a Nuisance Engine to bring pest tokens into play, and by some means destroying them to use the ability on Disciple of the Vault. my friends are saying that because it is a token it never goes to the graveyard and is cant be activated.


A: ALL permanents go to the graveyard if they are destroyed. Even tokens. So a pest token going to the graveyard would trigger Disciple of the Vault.

The tokens are immediately removed from the game once they get there, but they DO get there.


Q: If a 1/1 creature has two +1/+1 counters on it, and it gets hit for three points direct damage, do you simply remove a counter or is that creature totally destroyed?


A: The creature is destroyed. (The removal of counters and prevention of damage only applies to Phantoms.)


Q: With free spells (Rewind, Snap, etc.), do you untap the lands only if the spell was successfully cast?

A: Only if the spell resolves (if at least one of its targets are legal).

The term "Successfully cast" is no longer used, with the Sixth Edition Rules change.


Q: Player A has two Aether Spellbombs and two spare islands. Player B has a Lightning Elemental. He chooses to attack. In response, Player A bounces it with an Aether Spellbomb. Player B Flings it at Player A. Can he bounce it with the second Bomb to take no damage?

A: No. The sacrifice is an additional cost to play Fling. The Lightning Elemental is no longer in play to be targeted.


Q: Is there any way to kill a Serra Avatar without the use of removal spells: counters, Swords to Plowshares, the spells of that type and never have it shuffled?

A: Only 2 cards allow Serra Avatar to exist in the graveyard: Humility and Humble. Both of these cards require that the Avatar goes to the graveyard from play. If Humility or Humble is affecting the Avatar, it won't have the "shuffle me in instead" text, and will stay in the graveyard.


Q: Player A plays Grab the Reins with entwine, targeting Player B's Neurok Familiar. He then tries to sling it into Player B, and he bounces it with Regress.

A: If this is done during the resolution of Grab the Reins, this is illegal. See Mantra 1.

If Player B Regresses the Familiar in response to the Grab the Reins (before it resolves), Player A will be required to sacrifice a creature he controls to do damage to the other target. (If the other target is made illegal [for example, with Gilded Light], then Grab the Reins is countered.)


Q: Does the Sylvan Library and Pursuit of Knowledge combo work to draw seven cards without any drawbacks?

A: Yes.


Q: With an Altar of Shadows, let's say you have seven charge counters on it. Can you feed the extra black mana into Altar of Shadows to target a noncreature permanent and not suffer mana burn?

-Ray C.

A: No. You are required to choose a legal target (a creature in play) to play the ability of Altar of Shadows. If there are no creatures in play, you can't play the ability.


Q: I saw somewhere that Confusion in the Ranks triggers off of itself coming into play, so you could swap it for one of your opponent's enchantments. If this is true, then would a Soul Warden trigger off herself coming into play?


A: No. Note Soul Warden's ability (whenever _another_ creature). It won't trigger off itself.

Soul Warden


Creature -- Cleric


Whenever another creature comes into play, you gain 1 life.



In your column on Monday, the following question came up:

>>>Q: My opponent plays Orim's Chant as soon as its my turn before I play anything. I thought he couldn’t do that until I give up priority...what happens with Orim's Chant? Do I play my spells as usual, and then when I pass all spells after are negated or is he right by doing it as soon as its my turn?

-Tony R.

A: You can play spells during your upkeep. During your upkeep, after you are done playing spells, your opponent can play Orim's Chant, preventing you from playing spells for the remainder of your turn.<<<

Q: If your opponent played a spell, during their upkeep, couldn't you respond by playing the Orim's Chant? I know it wouldn't counter the spell and they could play more instants in response, but don't you pass priority after playing a spell?

A: Yes. I was probably a little sloppy in answering, but sometime during his upkeep, his opponent will be able to play Orim's Chant. Before that resolves, he can play as many instants as he can. I was just trying to keep it simplistic.

See you Tuesday, with perhaps an addition to "Judge Bill's Product Line."

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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