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Judge's Corner

B Movie Quote

Q: If a Soul Collector a creature with Scythe of the Wretched destroys a token, do I get the token at end of turn, or do I get nothing, as tokens are removed from the game if they hit the library, graveyard or hand?

A: You get "Nothing. Absolutely Nothing."


Q: I play a Clockwork Vorrac and have a Tel-Jilad Stylus in play. My opponent drops a Lingering Death on it. In response, I move it to the bottom of my library. Can my opponent Irradiate it (already has nine, ten artifacts in play) to get rid of it before it leaves play?

A: Yes. The Stylus creates a normal activated ability, which can be responded to before it resolves.


Q: If I sacrifice Scrabbling Claws without having any cards in either graveyard, ...

A: You can't play the second ability of the Claws without a card to target. Thus, there must be a card in a graveyard before you can play the Claws's second ability.


Q: With Goblin Charbelcher, is it possible to run through a deck forever if it does not contain lands, or does it have no effect after the first time?

A: If there are no lands in the deck, you will deal damage equal to the number of cards in the deck. Finding a land is not a requirement for dealing the damage.


Q: If you play Natural Affinity, and drop a land, can that land be tapped for mana straight away, or does it accept the burden of being a creature with summoning sickness, and waits one turn?

A: You can tap it for mana right away, because it is not a creature. Only lands that are in play when Natural Affinity resolves become creatures.


Q: Is it possible to break a Pentavus into five pentavites, then sacrifice them to keep Pentavus alive, or does it die as a state-based effect of having 0 toughness?

-Ray C.

A: It dies.

(PS ... look below for the answer to your Scythe question.)


Q: I attack with a Taunting Elf equipped with Scythe of the Wretched. My opponent blocks with all his creatures (among them, 2 1/1s). I choose to kill the 2 1/1s. Since the Taunting Elf destroyed multiple creatures, which creature comes back under my control? Because the Scythe would only be able to equip one creature at a time, would I just choose one of the destroyed creatures and have it come back?

-Derek S.

A: No. It would bring both creatures back under your control, one at a time. You will be able to choose which creature has the Scythe - just put the return to play ability affecting the creature you want to enchant the Scythe on the stack first, as it will resolve last.


Q: It is my opponent's turn, I'm at 1 life, I have no lands untapped with a Phyrexian Arena in play and I am holding a Naturalize. Is there any way to Naturalize the Arena before my upkeep or at the beginning of my upkeep before the Arena triggers?

A: If you can untap lands or otherwise add 2 mana (one of them green) to your mana pool. Otherwise, the first time you will be able to play Naturalize (during your upkeep), the Arena will already have triggered.


Q: I have an Ambush Commander in play. If I use a Lifespark Spellbomb on a forest, will it be a 1/1 or a 3/3?

A: A 3/3. Both effects make the Forest a creature, so they are both type-changing effects. So you have to apply the effects in "timestamp order" (meaning whatever was played last wins).


Q: Similarly, if I use a Lifespark Spellbomb on a Forest, then cast Ambush Commander, will the land be a 1/1 or a 3/3?

A: 1/1.


Q: There are only two creatures in play - I have a Plated Slagwurm in play, and my opponent has a creature. He is at 1 life. Can I cast Blinding Beam before my combat phase on only his creature to tap it and attack for the win?

A: No. Blinding Beam requires two creatures. You would have to target both creatures in play.


Q: If Blinding Beam requires two creatures, can I cast Blinding Beam before blockers targeting my Slagwurm and my opponent's creature to win?

-Tam N.

A: Yes, that would work.


Q: When a spell is played and it goes to the graveyard, does it count as being discarded?


A: No. A player discards a card by putting a card from his or her hand into his or her graveyard (Definition, Discard).


Q: I am at 5 and my opponent is at 10. If he attacks me with a Shivan Dragon (unpumped), can I play Eye for an Eye first, then play Honorable Passage and win the game?

-Sophia T.

A: No. Eye For an Eye only has an effect when something actually damages you. If you wait until the damage has been dealt, you will be dead before you can play Eye For an Eye. If you play Honorable Passage first, you will have never been dealt the damage, since it was prevented. So Eye For an Eye won't do anything.

Eye for an Eye



Eye for an Eye deals X damage to the controller of the source of your choice that dealt damage to you this turn, where X is the damage dealt to you by that source this turn.

Honorable Passage



The next time a source of your choice would deal damage to target creature or player this turn, prevent that damage. If damage from a red source is prevented this way, Honorable Passage deals damage equal to the damage prevented this way to the source's controller.


Q: If I have a True Believer out and a Worship does True Believer stop Worship from targeting me?

A: Worship does not target. Read Mantra 3.


Q: Can I Stifle the "top ten cards" ability of Arc Slogger?

-Chris G.

A: The portion of Arc Slogger that requires you to remove the top 10 cards is NOT AN ABILITY. It is a COST, since it is listed before the colon. Stifle doesn't affect costs.


Q: Can Coastal Drake return a Kavu from the graveyard to your hand or is it not considered a Kavu in the graveyard?


A: Kavus are only Kavus in play. Everywhere else, they are Kavu cards. Coastal Drake can only return Kavus. It can not return Kavu cards.


Q: I have 0 life but have a Platinum Angel with an Armadillo Cloak and Worldslayer. One of my friends has 3 life and no flying creatures so I attack him with my angel so he dies. Do I die because my Angel does, or do I gain life from cloak and survive?

-Randal S.

A: Neither. You win once the Platinum Angel does damage to your opponent, because that brings him to less than 1 life. The triggered abilities of the Cloak and Worldslayer won't even be played in a game involving only you and him.

If this is a multiplayer game, and there is another person still playing, you will want to order the triggered abilities by putting the Worldslayer on the stack first, then the Cloak. The Cloak will bring you to 6 before the Angel then leaves play, keeping you alive.


Q: How exactly does the timing of a death in the game work? Is it as soon as you hit 0 life, or does ths stack have to be empty?

A: A player with 0 life loses the game immediately.

420.3. Whenever a player would get priority (see rule 408, “Timing of Spells and Abilities”), the game checks for any of the listed conditions for state-based effects....

420.5. The state-based effects are as follows:

420.5a A player with 0 or less life loses the game.


Q: If my opponent at 1 life casts a spell to gain 3 life, can I respond by sacrificing Mogg Fanatic to kill him before the life gain takes effect, or does he not die from having 0 life until the rest of the stack resolves?

A: He will die before he is able to gain the life.


Q: On a completely different question, if I attach a Crown of Suspicion, Pemmin's Aura, or other similar enchantment to an enemy creature, do I get to choose when/how to activate the abilities on the enchantments, or does the owner of the creature?

A: The owner of the enchantment will get to play the ability, unless the enchantment says "enchanted creature has." Then the abilities following "enchanted creature has" (and up to a line break, which signifies a new ability) can only be played by the controller of the creature, since the creature actually has the ability.


Q: (Can I use Crown of Suspicion to kill a swarm of Goblins, for example, or Pemmin's Aura and enough mana to kill Akroma?)


A: Only if the goblin you put the Crown on has >1 toughness. If it has 1 toughness, it will die before you can play the Crown's activated ability.

See you Tuesday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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