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Level II Judge


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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Q: What is considered to be the 'official' way to keep track of life? Some people use twenty sided dice, some people use two ten siders, some use pen and paper, or a bunch of six siders, what's the right way?


A: There is no “official” way. As long as you are keeping track of your life, you are within the rules.

However, if you are keeping track of your life total with pen and paper, you are also able to keep track of how the damage occurred. In a dispute, if one player has been keeping track of how damage was done, I (as a judge) am much more likely to go with their account, as there is a much more firm “reality” to go with.


Q: Where can I check my rating?

-Cesar R.

A: You can check your rating at .


Q: If I have a Darkling Stalker in play, and Attrition and sacrifice the Stalker, then
regenerate it for 1 Black mana, …

A: You cannot regenerate from a sacrifice. You can only regenerate a creature when it would be destroyed.


(For the following question, assume the Stalker has regenerated due to some other regeneration effect. I just want to address the question anyway, even though it wouldn’t be around from the above situation.)

Q: But when I regenerate it, and say he has another creature attacking, can I block with my Stalker against something with a higher power that destroys the Stalker, or does it having summoning sickness, (but that wouldn't stop me from blocking) or something in
which I can't block the other creature?


A: When you regenerate the Stalker, it becomes tapped. So it wouldn’t be able to block, since tapped creatures can’t block.


Q: For Read the Runes, Is it draw x cards or pay x mana, draw x cards?

-Matthew W.

A: You have to pay the casting cost of a spell to play it. Since Read the Runes’ casting cost is {X}{U}, you have to pay {U}, plus one mana for each card you wish to draw.


Q: Can you cycle cards from your library with Future Sight?


A: From the Onslaught FAQ:

* The top card of your library isn't in your hand, so you can't cycle it, discard it, or play any of its activated abilities.

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge

Copyright 2001


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