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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Warped Megrim

Short Answer:

-If a creature hasn't been in play since the start of you turn, it can't attack. This includes cards that turn into creatures - if the card hasn't been in play since the start of your turn, and it turns into a creature, it can't attack.


Q: If I play Upheaval with both Warped Devotion and Megrim out, would my opponent take 2 damage for each card he discards due to the Warped Devotion?

A: No. The Megrim is not in play when he discards the cards, so he won't take any damage.


Q: If my opponent has an elf (say some 1/1 elf) with Blanchwood Armor with 2 Forests and Lavamancer's Skill on it, then I cast Humble on it, Would it be a 2/2 elf with skills, or a 0/1 elf?

A: It would be 0/1. Humble takes away all of the abilities it currently has, and sets its power to 0/1.


Q: When Elvish Soultiller dies and I name elf can I shuffle him in to the library?

A: Yes. In fact, you must if you choose to shuffle any creatures in, as it is all or nothing.


Q: Can I untap an untapped creature? Or tap an already tapped creature?


A: As an effect, yes. As a cost, no.


Q: If I am attacked by a Thorn Elemental and I block with a Glittering Lynx and play two Giant Growths on it, the Thorn Elemental will die. But does my opponent still do seven damage to me or does it act like it wasn't blocked at all and just do the damage?


A: Thorn Elemental allows its controller to assign combat damage to the player instead of the creature blocking it. So if your opponent takes that option, no matter what size the Glittering Lynx is, you will take 7 damage.


Q: If my opponent uses Opposition to tap one of my artifacts (lets say Coat of Arms) do I lose the artifact's abilities (As in it stops giving creatures boosts)?

A: Artifacts continue working when they are tapped unless the card says otherwise. So Coat of Arms will still give creatures the bonus, even if it becomes tapped.


Q: What are the appropriate circumstances you can use the ability "Regeneration" on?

A: Regeneration will help against any effect that will destroy the permanent. This is usually lethal damage, however, you can also regenerate from an effect like Naturalize.


Q: Can my opponent use a destroyer effect like Eastern Paladin's to destroy a creature with multiple colors? For instance, My opponent used Eastern Paladin to kill my Sliver Queen, can he do that?


A: Eastern Paladin will be able to destroy any creature that is green. You determine the color of a creature (as long as it hasn't been Laced or something similar) by looking at the creature's mana cost. A creature is each of the colors of the mana symbols in its mana cost. So since Sliver Queen is green (as well as white, blue, black, and red), Eastern Paladin can destroy it.


Q: How exactly does Taunting Elf work?


A: When you declare blockers, all creatures that can block Taunting Elf can (before they can be declared blockers to other creatures).

So let's say you are attacking me with Taunting Elf and Platinum Angel, and I have a Cathodion, Birds of Paradise, and Ascending Aven in play. When it comes time to declare blockers, I have to ask each of my creatures, "Can you block Taunting Elf?"

Cathodion: Yes.

Birds of Paradise: Yes.

Ascending Aven: No (can only block fliers).

Any creatures that answer yes have to block the Taunting Elf. So in this case, my Cathodion and my Birds of Paradise have to block Taunting Elf. Since Ascending Aven can't block Taunting Elf, it is now free to block any other creatures it can block, so I can choose to block the Platinum Angel with my Ascending Aven if I want to.


Q: If I play Grab the Reins and take control of one of my opponents creatures, attach Vulshok Gauntlets and bash with it, at the end of turn, does the equipment fall off, or stay attached to the creature?

A: It stays attached.


Q: Does my opponent control the artifact? Can he pay 3 to attach it to something of his, or do I need to pay 3 to unattach it?


A: You still control the equipment, so you are the only one that can pay 3 mana to move it. Read my last column for more help on the Equip ability.


Q: If I attack with an Exalted angel and a Fog bank blocks, would you gain life?


A: You will not gain any life. Prevented damage is never dealt, so since the Angel did no damage, its ability won't trigger.

Fog Bank


Creature -- Wall


(Walls can't attack.)


Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by Fog Bank.


Q: I have a question involving the Mirrodin card Fiery Gambit. Are the coin flips done upon resolution, or before?

A: Two things are chosen when you announce a spell - targets and modes. Since Fiery Gambit's coin flips are neither, they are done on resolution.


Q: With Reiver Demon, since it doesn't target, would Akroma be destroyed by his effect?


A: I am only answering this question because it is a Mirrodin card. Read the definition for protection in the mantras. Since the Demon's effect isn't damage, enchantments, equipment, and it isn't blocking or targeting, protection does nothing. So Akroma will be destroyed.

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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