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Judge's Corner

Worshipping Oaths

D'oh. *@#$. #@&$ #@$*.

Now that I've got that out of my system, welcome to the corrections desk. Today, we deal with everybody's favorite error on the card Worship. In my haste to write a short answer on it, I incorrectly stated what Worship did.

Helping us out today is our favorite host of the corrections desk, Chris Richter of MTGNews.com fame. Chris?


You wrote:

>>>-Worship only prevents damage. It does not prevent other forms of life loss.<<<

Worship does not prevent damage. It changes what damage does to your life total. If it did prevent damage then its effect could be cancelled by Flaring Pain.



Chris Richter

aka kriz_riktr

DCI Level II Judge

Moderator MTGNews.com


Thanks Chris. Having been corrected, let me try that short answer again ...

-Worship only deals with damage. It does not deal with other forms of life loss.


Moving on to our other business now ...

Q: This weekend I am going to be playing an Oath of Druids deck at a local, unsanctioned tournament. It will be the first time I've ever played Oath, so I'd like to run a few hypothetical questions by you, if I may, so I am prepared if the situations arise.

Situation 1: It's the beginning of my Upkeep. I have two Oaths out, and one creature. My opponent has two creatures out. Both Oaths trigger, correct?

A: Correct.


Q: If so, I assume that one of the Oaths resolves, putting a creature into play.

A: Again, correct.


Q: Does the other Oath go to resolve, sees an equal number of creatures in play on either side, and is countered on resolution, or is the number of creatures in play locked in upon triggering? In other words, do I get one or two creatures?

A: You get one creature, but your reasoning is not exactly correct. When the second Oath resolves, it sees that you do not have less creatures than your opponent. But the ability is not countered - it simply does nothing. (404.3)

(Yes, it all looks the same, and I don't think there are any cards that trigger off an ability being countered, but we have to state what's happening correctly here.)


Q: Situation 2: Oath 1 resolves. During flipping, I reveal a Gaea's Blessing. It goes on the stack on top of the second Oath, and resolves before Oath 2, correct?


A: Correct.


Q: On Skinthinner, the morph cost is 3BB, to play this face down tap 3. So do I tap 3 or 3BB to play it face down and when I flip it do I get 3BB or just 3?

A: I think you're halfway there. To play a card with the Morph ability face down, you pay 3. That's the part you've got.

To turn a creature with Morph face up (when it's already on the table face down), you pay its Morph cost. So, for Skinthinner, to turn it face up, you would need to pay 3BB.


Q: Does Karplusan Forest give Kird Ape +1/+2 bonus?


A: No. Karplusan Forest does not have the subtype Forest. Having the word "Forest" in the name does not necessarily mean that the card is a Forest.


Q: I targeted my opponent's tapped Timberwatch Elf with a Royal Assassin. He then used Wirewood Lodge to untap it, and the Timberwatch was untapped when the Assassin's ability resolved. What happens?


A: Since the Timberwatch doesn't fulfill the requirements of Royal Assassin's ability when the ability resolves, the ability is countered. The Timberwatch stays alive.


Q: With Words of Wind, if I have 2 of them in play, can I activate them both for the same draw?

-Adam S.

A: You can activate both of them before a draw, but only one will replace the draw with the returning of a permanent. After that, the draw isn't there any more, so the second Words of Wind doesn't have anything to replace. (It will, however, stick around for the rest of the turn, in case you draw another card.)

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge


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