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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Chanting Answers

Short Answer:

-Worship only prevents damage. It does not prevent other forms of life loss.


Q: Does Kor Chant mean that as long as the creature you control is taking damage from one source whether it is a spell or creature you can redirect it to any other creature in play?

A: Kor Chant



All damage that would be dealt this turn to target creature you control from a source of your choice is dealt to another target creature instead.

You choose the target creature that you are protecting and redirecting the damage to when you play Kor Chant. When Kor Chant resolves, you pick a spell or creature, and whenever that spell or creature would damage your creature you are protecting, it will deal it to the redirected creature instead. If it is a permanent, it will redirect multiple sets of damage, as long as the creature you are redirecting to is still alive. If it is a spell, it will only prevent one instance, since even if you get that card back and cast it again, it is a different spell.


Q: would this also include spells that say destroy target creature?

-Art C.

A: No. This is not damage.


Q: Natural Affinity turns the lands into creatures that are still considered lands. Does that mean they can tap and attack or is this purely defensive?

-Sean F.

A: Natural Affinity make the lands creatures IN EVERY WAY. Since creatures can attack, so can lands under Natural Affinity (assuming they have been in play since the start of your turn.)


Q: Someone told me you can you target one of your own 1/1 soldier tokens with Oblation so you can draw two cards. The token is a nonland permanent, but it can't be shuffled into your library. What is the ruling on this?


A: Actually, the token CAN be shuffled in. It is just immediately removed as a state-based effect, and shuffling with a little glass bead or coin can be awkward, so people just leave the token out when they shuffle. But the token IS shuffled in.


Q: Thereís a neat combo I read about using Metamorphose and Radiate that allows to you to pick up all of the permanents your opponents control and place them on top of their library. In a group game setting, would you be able to accomplish the same feat on all of your opponents by casting one Metamorphose and then Radiating it to hit every opponent? Or do you need multiple Radiates?

-Jamie S.

A: You only need one Radiate, as it will target all other permanents that you don't control.


Q: If I have a Goblin Sharpshooter and another goblin in play, and my opponent plays Wrath of God, how much damage can I do to him by using the Sharpshooter?

A: One, if the Sharpshooter is untapped, or zero if it is tapped. The triggers that untap the Sharpshooter don't happen until long after the Sharpshooter is gone.


Q: If I have a face down Willbender, can I change the target of a Counterspell to target itself?

-Tam N.

A: No. Spells can't target themselves. (415.6)


Q: Can I activate many times Lethal Vapors ability?

A: Yes. You will skip a number of turns equal to the number of times you activated Lethal Vapors.


Q: If my opponent activates Lethal Vapors, can I Boomerang it before it resolves so it's not there to destroy, but my opponent loses his turn?


A: Yes.


Q: My opponent has one Rotlung Reanimator (RR) and one Withered Wretch (WW) in play. I cast Pyroclasm. I am certain the RR gets replaced by a 2/2 Zombie Token, but what about the WW? If the RR were still on the table, it's a no brainer, the Token from the WW gets generated. But since the RR is fried off the table at the same time, I'm not so sure. My gut says two Tokens are generated, one for the RR and one for the WW.

A: You gut is correct. The RR sees the Wretch going to the graveyard, and triggers. (410.10d)


Q: Same two creatures as above, but this time I cast Infest. Since the -2/-2 remains in effect until the end of the turn, do the two Zombie Tokens get destroyed as soon as they hit the table, since they are 2/2 Tokens?

-Mark S.

A: No. The effect from Infest is applied only once, to the creatures in play when Infest resolves. It won't effect creatures that come into play after it has resolved.

418.3b Continuous effects from spells, activated abilities, and triggered abilities that modify the characteristics or change the controller of one or more objects donít affect objects that werenít affected when the continuous effect began. Note that these work differently than continuous effects from static abilities. Continuous effects that donít modify characteristics or change the controller of objects modify the rules of the game, so they can affect objects that werenít affected when the continuous effect began.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA

The same deck as last week, but with the Haunting Echoes that should have been in the main that I left out ...


4 Cabal Therapy

4 Chainer's Edict

3 Corrupt

4 Diabolic Tutor

4 Duress

1 Haunting Echoes

1 Mind Sludge

1 Mirari

4 Mutilate

2 Skeletal Scrying

2 Smother

4 Undead Gladiator

1 Visara, the Dreadful

23 Swamp

3 Cabal Coffers

(61 Cards)


1 Corrupt

4 Engineered Plague

1 Haunting Echoes

1 Mind Sludge

4 Nantuko Shade

1 Riptide Replicator

2 Smother

1 Visara, the Dreadful

We get 32 people, and everyone seems to be registered. So we print pairings, and post them. Only one person says he wasn't on the list. Scott in his benevolence allows him into the tournament, and Chris hops in with my elf deck to play him first round so we don't have to repair. This, however, causes us to have to run an extra round of Swiss, since we can't be certain there won't be 9 people at 4-1 or better after Round 5, and you have to announce the number of rounds at the start of the tournament. So we get to play 6 rounds tonight.

Round 1 - Ryan R. - White Deck (Birds/Soldiers)

Game 1 - He wins the roll, and plays first. I Duress him first turn, and take Worship out of a hand that also contained 2 Aven Brigadier, Glorious Anthem, Plains, and Temple of the False God. He draws a few soldiers, and I am just barely able to avoid death as I take them out one by one. I am able to Skeletal Scrying for 6, and drop Mirari. I follow that up with a pair of copied Corrupts in the same turn for the win.

Sideboard - In: 4 Engineered Plague (soldiers), 1 Visara. Out: 3 Duress, 2 Smother.

Game 2 - He gets down a couple of creatures, but no Brigadier this time, as I drop a triad of Plagues, and take my sweet time finishing him off, which occurs with a pair of copied Corrupts, over 2 turns this time.

Games: 2-0, Matches: 1-0

The second round pairings are printed, and I utter an expletive ...

Round 2 - Sam L. - Sligh

Well, it'll be over quick, I can say that at least.

Game 1 - He wins the roll. A Sledder, Lavamancer, and Raging Goblin, with help a Reckless Charge, get my life down to 5 before I can Mutilate. A couple of Lava Darts and a couple of Barbarian Rings finish me off before I get to Corrupt mana.

Sideboard: In: 4 Engineered Plague (goblins), 2 Smother, 1 Visara. Out: 4 Duress, 1 Mind Sludge, 1 Skeletal Scrying, 1 Cabal Therapy. I made a mistake here in not bringin in the 4th Corrupt for a Therapy.

Game 2 - He quickly gets me down to 11 before I am able to Plague Goblins, and Smother the Lavamancer off the board. Meanwhile, he throws a bunch of random burn at me, and I am finished before I can do anything about it.

Games: 2-2, Matches: 1-1

Round 3 - Jason E. - U/G Madness

Jason and I have never faced off before, so this should be fun.

Game 1 - I win the roll, and Duress him to find Island, Mongrel, 2x Foil Forest, Grand Coliseum, Circular Logic, and Roar of the Wurm. I take the Logic.. After an attack for 2 with the Mongrel, I Smother it, and he gets up to 7 mana and decides to hard cast the Roar in his hand. I Edict him, and follow that up with an Echoes. The Echoes takes everything out but an Upheaval and maybe a couple other non-land cards. I Mirari a Scrying for 5, and untap and copy a Corrupt for 10.

I comment on a mistake he made, as he dropped other Forests instead of his foil ones, so I knew what he had in hand.

Sideboard: In: 2 Smother, Visara, Haunting Echoes. Out: Mind Sludge, 2 Duress, 1 Cabal Therapy.

Game 2 - I throw back a hand with one land, and keep a 6 card hand with Swamp, Coffers, and 4 non-land cards. My second Swamp doesn't come until turn 3, but he's having problems getting started, and a lone Rootwalla beats on me for a couple of turns. I Duress him, and note an Envelop in his hand. He continues to fail to find pressure, and I Echoes him. I Corrupt him once for 8, then Scrye for 8 as the Walla is gone. I Duress to make sure my winning Corrupt is going through, and I Corrupt him out.

Games: 4-2, Matches: 2-1

Round 4 - James G. - U/G Madness

Game 1 - He wins the roll and mulligans before dropping an Island. I think that I need to knock out the Compulsion now if he's playing Wake, so I blind Therapy for Compulsion. He shows me Mongrel, Arrogant Wurm, Quiet Speculation and 3 land. He drops the Mongrel and Wurm over his next 2 turns, and I Mutilate. He Quiet Speculations, I Scrye for 3/ I Corrupt him to get back to 16, and mana burn to 15. (Coffers with 7 Swamps.) He plays an Arrogant Wurm, which hits me twice. I Duress to make sure he doesn't have a counterspell, and Corrupt him for the win.

Sideboard: In: 2 Smother, Visara, Corrupt, Riptide Replicator, Haunting Echoes. Out: 4 Undead Gladiator, 1 Mutilate, Mind Sludge.

Game 2 - He keeps a hand with a bunch of Forests and blue cards, except for a Mongrel and Walla. He fails to find any blue sources the whole game, and after I am not thinking and Duress him to make sure he can't counter, I Corrupt him out.

Games: 6-2, Matches: 3-1

Round 5 - Mark I. - Slide

Game 1 - I win the roll, and Duress out a Slide. He fails to find any pressure or much cycling at all, and after I Sludge then Echoes him, he scoops to avoid the time and sorting of the deck, as one copy of most of his stuff is in his grave.

Sideboard: In: 4 Nantuko Shade, Visara, Mind Sludge, Haunting Echoes, Corrupt. Out: 4 Mutilate, 2 Chainer's Edict, Duress, Cabal Therapy.

Game 2 - He mulligans once before we start. I attempt to Sludge him turn 5 with 5 cards in hand, but he has the Gilded Light. He Morningtides during his turn, since I have a Gladiator in there. I Scrye for 5 in response, and he comments how he forgot Scrying was an Instant. I eventually play a Gladiator, and beat on him with it and Corrupt him twice. He goes digging for another Gilded Light, but doesn't find it.

Games: 8-2, Matches: 4-1

Well, it turns out there are only 8 people at 4-1 or better, so we end up not needing the extra round. But since it was announced at the start, we have to play it anyway.

Round 6 - Chau N. - R/G

Game 1 - I win the roll, but he drops turn 1 Bird, turn 2 Sulfuric Vortex, turn 3 Phantom Centaur, turn 4 Wild Mongrel. I have to tutor for the Mutilate, but the attack kills me off before I get another turn.

Sideboard: In: 4 Nantuko Shade, Haunting Echoes, 2 Smother, 1 ?. Out: 1 Corrupt, 4 Undead Gladiator, 2 Skeletal Scrying, 1 Visara.

Game 2 - I play the blind Therapy for a Vortex, but he doesn't have it. Instead, he gets 3x Compost out on the table. The Vortex comes later, and I go down to 1 with him at 8. He has 1 Red source up, and I play a random card (I don't remember what it was now.) He sits there blankly and looks at me, not realizing he has 3 Compost triggers to deal with. I place a quick call in my brain to ...

Operator: "Bill's Rules Cheese Hotline, what flavor please?"

Me: "Brie."

O: "Ooh, an exotic cheese. What's the situation?"

M: "I'm playing MBC, and I'm down a game to a guy with 3 Composts on the table."

O: "And you haven't lost yet?"

M: "No, and I'm about to try to pull it out."

O: "OK then, how can I help you?"

M: "A black card has just gone to my graveyard, and my opponent is sitting there, looking at me blankly. I want to play a Corrupt, but we have to deal with the Compost triggers first."

O: "Mmhmm."

M: "The reason I don't want him to draw is that he could put the Sulfuric Vortex trigger on the stack, and burn me out with an instant, so I want him to draw as few cards as possible."

O: "It is your main phase, I assume?"

M: "Yes."

O: (dials up Brie) "Ooh, I like this solution. Ask him, 'Do I have priority to play a sorcery?'"

M: "Ingenious as always. Thanks again."

O: "No problem. Hope you can pull out game 3."

Me (to Chau): "Do I have priority to play a sorcery?"

Him: (thinks for a second, puzzled) "Sure."

Me: "Corrupt you."

Him: "Draw for the other black card."

I stop him, pointing out he's passed the chance for that to happen. The head judge is right there, and finally gets it and points out that I am correct. Since sorceries can only be played when the stack is empty, and he said I had priority to play a sorcery, it is ruled that he declined the draws from his 3 Composts. He goes to 2, and scoops his cards.

Then Lu (playing at table 1, right next to us) pipes up, asking, "Why didn't you untap and burn him out?" (Apparently, he did have the Eruption.) I go off on Lu, and the judge immediately chews Lu out, and gives him a warning. After a little discussion, the judge comments to me, "I won't let game 3 end in that situation, with the knowledge he has now."

Sideboard: In: 2 Corrupt. Out: Mind Sludge, (and a huge mistake) Mirari.

Game 3 - He goes first. I Duress a Vortex out of his hand, and Tutor for my Mirari. Only, as you see above, I sideboarded it out. So if I remember correctly, I get a Corrupt. He has a Phantom Centaur and another creature on the table, and 1 Compost out. I have a Nantuko Shade out, and a Therapy in my grave. I tap 9 mana, and flashback Therapy, pointing out the trigger. He draws, and I name Eruption. He shows me Fiery Temper and Sulfuric Vortex.


I tap 9 mana in my pool, and think about the situation. I was going to Mutilate and Echoes him, but now the Vortex is making me wonder if I should Corrupt him first. He asks the judge to speed up my play, and I show the judge my hand and explain the line of thinking. He argues that I should get a penalty, since in addition to stalling he now claims I was asking for play advice, and he is immediately hit with a warning for Unsporting Conduct. I Corrupt him and Echoes the following turn. He fails to draw soon thereafter, and gets another warning. He plays the Vortex, and Tempers me. I fail to find another Corrupt, and he wins the game.

Games: 9-4, Matches: 4-2

I end up in 5th place, just outside of the break to top 4.

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin


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