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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

The First Mirrodin Question

OK, well, it's that time again, where I start getting questions about rumored cards from the next set, namely, Mirrodin. I'll repeat my policy on answering questions about unreleased cards again, first printed last year (29 August 2002)...

1) You must provide me with the full rules text of the card. I will answer the question based on the rules text you give me. If the rules text you give me turns out to be different that the actual rules text, then it may change the ruling.

2) I will not answer questions that deal with a block or set mechanic until the FAQ for the set has been released, unless the mechanic has been seen in another set previously, in which case I will rule based on what we currently know about the mechanic.


And, a minor correction from my last column. It dealt with an Imagecraftered Phage, and then casting Vesuvan Doppelganger to copy the Phage. My wording was slightly off about what happened at the end of the turn.

Original answer: "but with Imagecrafter, the original Phage will die at the cleanup step, since it turns back into a legend, and is the legend with the same name who has been out the shortest time."

The answer should have read (change in caps): "but with Imagecrafter, the original Phage will die at the cleanup step, since it turns back into a legend, and is the legend with the same name who has been A LEGEND FOR the shortest time."

Sorry about that.


Now, on to the questions:


Q: One of the cards rumored to be in Mirrodin is as follows:

Platinum Angel - 6

Artifact Creature



You can't lose the game and your opponents can't win the game.

I was wondering if this would allow you to go into negative life.

-Raed R.

A: Yes. You normally would lose the game as a state-based effect, but Platinum Angel would prevent this. (Note that you will still lose life, and go deeper and deeper into negative life territory, but as long as you have this out, the "lose the game" state-based effect won't happen.)


Q: If I have Dragon Fangs enchanting a Ridgetop Raptor, Will I be able to assign first strike damage on one blocking creature and normal damage on another, or will I have to assign it all as normal damage (or first strike damage)?

A: Double Strike simply means that it will deal damage twice. So the Ridgetop Raptor will deal combat damage both in the First Strike and normal damage dealing steps, to the creatures that are blocking it. You may assign the damage differently between the 2 damage steps.


Q: If I tap one zombie and one cleric for Cryptic Gateway, do I get to put a zombie and a cleric into play?


A: No. You must put one creature that matches a creature type with both of the tapped creatures. Since the creatures you tapped don't share a creature type, you don't get to put any creatures into play.


Q: Can you Aura Extraction an Astral Slide from your graveyard to your hand?


A: No.

415.5. Only permanents are legal targets for spells and abilities, unless a spell or ability (a) specifies that it can target an object in another zone or a player or (b) targets an object that canít exist in the in-play zone, such as a spell or ability.


Q: Pariah just redirects the damage, correct? It doesn't make the damage white does it?

A: Correct. Redirected damage retains all of its original properties.


Q: Can my opponent Ostracize my Blastoderm in my hand? Can I search through my deck with Eladamri's Call for a Blastoderm? Can I target Blastoderm in the graveyard with Revive?

-Marc W.

A: Yes to all 3 questions. Abilities function only while the permanent with the ability is in play (402.8).


Q: Can I cast a Clone as an instant by copying a Mystic Snake in play?


A: No. Clone doesn't have the abilities of the copied creature until right before it comes into play.


Q: If someone plays a Boil, would it also destroy all Island of Wak-Waks, since that land's type has "island" in it?


A: Island of Wak-Wak has only the type Land, with no supertypes or subtypes. It has Island in the name only. Boil looks for the land subtype Island. Since Island of Wak-Wak does not have the subtype of Island, it will not be destroyed by Boil.

Island of Wak-Wak


{T}: Target creature with flying gets -X/-0 until end of turn, where X is its power.

(As a sad side note, having "Island of Wak-Wak-walk" no longer works, since walks also check the subtypes of the lands.)


Q: I have a Mogg Fanatic out. I attacked with my Mogg Fanatic and it was blocked by a Ĺ creature, but during the attack, I sacrificed the Mogg to do 1 damage to his creature to kill it off. My opponent says that his attack already killed the Mogg so I couldn't sacrifice it. Is this true or am I allowed to use the creatures ability before it the damage is resolved?


A: You are correct. You can put damage on the stack, then sacrifice the Fanatic to do an additional point of damage to the blocker. When combat damage is dealt, the blocker takes the 1 damage the Fanatic did to it, which, when combined with the one damage from the Fanatic's ability, is enough to destroy the blocker.


Q: I have a Future Sight in play, revealing a Smother on the top of my library. If I only have an Island and a Polluted Delta in play, is there a way to play that Smother?

-Tam N.

A: No.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA

Secret Desire

4 Careful Study

2 Chain of Vapor

4 Cunning Wish

3 Early Harvest

1 Flash of Insight

2 Future Sight

4 Mind's Desire

2 Nostalgic Dreams

4 Rampant Growth

4 Sleight of Hand

1 Temporal Fissure

4 Trade Secrets

4 Wild Growth

10 Forest

11 Island


3 Envelop

3 Stifle

2 Mana Short

2 Chain of Vapor

1 Moment's Peace

1 Brain Freeze

1 Counterspell

1 Early Harvest

1 Hibernation

Round 1 - Brian P. - Scion Clerics

Game 1 - He wins the roll, and goes first. He plays 2 Withered Wretch and a Cabal Archon, and I lay a Future Sight and go off on its back. I bounce the 2 Wretches, and he sacs the first to the Archon. I finish him off.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - He gets the turn 3 Scion, with 3 Rotlung tokens. However, I have a mini Storm, and cast 4 spells before I reset his board with Temporal Fissure, leaving him 2 lands. I then draw an Island to be able to play Future Sight, and go off at my leisure.

Games: 2-0, Matches: 1-0

Round 2 - James G. - U/G

Game 1 - I win the roll, he mulligans once and misses a land drop on turn 5. He drops down to leaving only one Island untapped to play Arrogant Wurm. I Untap, Chain of Vapor the Aquamoeba (to deprive him of the madness outlet), and go off.

Sideboard: In: 3 Stifle, 1 Chain of Vapor. Out: 1 Nostalgic Dreams, 1 Cunning Wish, 1 Careful Study, 1 Temporal Fissure.

Game 2 - I mulligan a hand with 2 Islands, but no card draw. I Careful Study turn 2, keeping a second Trade Secrets over another Careful Study. He then drops Wild Mongrel. I am never able to get back in it after that.

Game 3 - He mulligans once, and I start. I try to start to go off once, but he has the Stifle, and I am forced to just cast the flipped Trade Secrets and pass the turn. I have Future Sight in play, and I get my Early Harvest countered with only 1 green left. I call the judge, since we are in a dispute whether I have played a land or not. (I have 5 mana floating, and will die to his Phantom Centaur if I did.) It is determined that I had not laid a land yet this turn, so I am allowed to do so, which givers me Mind's Desire mana. I catch the Early Harvest, but no Mind's Desire, and I have no card draw and a Forest sitting on top of my library. I Cunning Wish for Brain Freeze, and cast it early, and make the original target me, and the copies target him. He doesn't have the Stifle, and mills himself. I mill myself, and catch card draw, and finish the game.

Games: 4-1, Matches: 2-0

Round 3 - Vincent L. - Goblin Bidding

Both games, I try to go off, and fail very early.

Sideboarding: In: 3 Stifle (for Piledriver), 1 Chain of Vapor. Out: 2 Future Sight, 1 Cunning Wish, 1 Nostalgic Dreams.

Games: 4-3, Matches: 2-1

Round 4 - Harrison B. - U/W control

Game 1 - Is decided by my 3 mulligans. A one forest hand into a no land hand into a no land hand into a 4 card hand. He lays down the Eternal Dragon and starts beating.

Sideboard: In: Brain Freeze, 3 Stifle, Counterspell, 2 Mana Short, Early Harvest. Out: 4 Cunning Wish, 2 Future Sight, Trade Secrets, Temporal Fissure.

Game 2 - I keep a one land hand, and don't draw another for a turn. I am also stalled on one Island, and he keeps countering my attempts to get another. I finally try to Mana Short him at end of turn, he counters, I cast a few spells and scoop.

Games: 4-5, Matches: 2-2

I drop, as I am not feeling well at this point.

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge

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