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Judge's Corner

The Hills Are Alive

Short Answer:

-When a creature is blocked, both creatures do their full power to each other. So if a Flesh Reaver is blocked by a Llanowar Elf, the Flesh Reaver still does 4 damage (and its controller also takes 4 damage).


Q: I am unclear on the interaction between creatures that aren't always creatures and enchantments on them. I know that once a creature stops being a creature, any enchant creature cards fall off. But if the enchantment takes control of the creature, who gets to keep it?

Example: I have a deck built around animated lands, Chimeric Idols, and Wrath effects. My friend has a deck built around counters and steal creature effects. If I make a Treetop Village into a creature, and he activates a Dominating Licid to steal it, what happens at end of turn?

A: During the cleanup step, when Treetop Village "deanimates," the Licid sees it isn't enchanting a creature anymore, and is put into the graveyard. Then, since a state-based effect happened, you get priority. (Another cleanup step will happen when this one finishes.)

To keep the Licid, your friend would have to pay to stop its effect before it deanimated (so the latest point he could do that would be in the end of turn step.


Q: Is it the same with the Chimeric Idol?


A: Yes.


Q: I play Duress on my first turn. Am I allowed to write down the cards in his or her hand so I donít forget what they are when I play Cabal Therapy?

-Edward P.

A: Yes. Just don't take too long doing it.


Q: I have Mirari on the board and 10 mana available, and my opponent is tapped out. I played a Renewed Faith earlier that turn and he Counterspelled it. I drop Hunting Pack and Mirari it. I should get:

The original beast

2 beasts for the Faith and Counterspell

The Mirari'd beast

3 beasts for the original Hunting Pack, the Faith and the Counterspell

For a total of 7 4/4 Beasts


-Raed R.

A: Incorrect. You will end up with 4 beasts. When you play the Hunting Pack, its Storm ability gives you 2 more copies. But when you copy Hunting Pack with Mirari, the Storm ability doesn't trigger (since you didn't play the copy - it was simply put onto the stack).


Q: I was wondering if abilities counted as spells.

A: No.


Q: In other words if I do an ability will I gain one life on the Contemplation. My specific question was that I wanted to do a Necropotence and Contemplation combo where it would never cost me any life to draw cards. Is that legal?

A: No. Necropotence's ability is not a spell, so Contemplation won't trigger.


Q: I am also wondering if an Animate Land and Eradicate combo would be legal in which you Animate one of the lands to make it a creature and then Eradicate it, thus removing all of a person's lands from the game.


A: Yes, that works.


Q: My opponent has out Sacred ground and I play Misguided Rage, they sacrifice a land, do they get it back?


A: Yes. Since a spell or ability you control is making that land go to the graveyard from play, it will return to play.


Q: Can I smother a Doomed Necromancer in response to him sacrificing itself to activate its ability?

-Henry N.

A: No. You can't even play the Smother, since the Necromancer isn't there any more.


Q: My brother puts a Clutch of Undeath on my Edgewalker. Since it has 0 toughness, it dies. So I used Wipe clean and he said it still dies, does it still die?

-Tony B.

A: Yes. Again, you can't even play the Wipe Clean, as when the Edgewalker is put into the graveyard, the Clutch goes there immediately thereafter. This is all during the time it has 0 toughness. Only after both of these things happen does he (and later you) get priority. So by the time you can play the Wipe Clean, the Edgewalker is long gone.

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge

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