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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

More Random Questions

One quick note before we get started. I am heading down to Nationals Thursday morning, and staying until Sunday evening. So you should get a column from me as normal on Thursday this week (I submit them the day before, so I'll have it done before I leave), but my next week's columns will be on Tuesday (1 July) and Friday (4 July), because I know I'll be too tired to write one when I come home Sunday.


Short Answers:

-Odyssey Block will be legal in Type 2 until November 1, when all of Odyssey Block will rotate out. Type 2 always contains the latest 2 blocks (along with the most recent base set). See section 125 of the Tournament Rules for more information.

-You can only pay 3 to play a creature face down when you cast it. You can never pay 3 to "re-morph" it (turn it face down when it is in play face up).


Q: If a land is enchanted with two Fertile Grounds, is the second enchantment redundant? Or would the tapped land add more than one mana?


A: Two Fertile Grounds on a land would cause it to produce 2 additional mana of any type. They are cumulative.


Q: When Festering Goblin goes into the graveyard, does it have to give target creature -1/-1, or is this just something that I may do?

-Jacob R.

A: If there is a creature in play when Festering Goblin dies, then you must give a creature -1/-1. This is not optional.


Q: If I have 2 Lightning Rifts in play and I cycle a card do I pay 1 and have them do 4 damage to a target or do I have to pay 2 in order to do that?

--Edward P.

A: You have to pay 2. Each Lightning Rift triggers separately, and requires a separate payment.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA

(or, "DAMN ELVES!!")

Zombies (French Champion's Deck)

3 Shepherd of Rot

4 Withered Wretch

4 Nantuko Shade

3 Mesmeric Fiend

2 Stronghold Assassin

4 Cabal Archon

4 Rotlung Reanimator

3 Graveborn Muse

2 Oversold Cemetery

4 Smother

3 Corrupt

23 Swamp

1 Unholy Grotto


3 Braids, Cabal Minion

3 Engineered Plague

2 Chainer's Edict

2 Persecute

2 Mutilate

3 Duress

Round 1 - Daniel J. - Elves, part 1

Game 1 - I go first. He gets a couple of attacks in, and I let him have a turn, even though he has a face down creature and 2 Timberwatch Elves. He runs me over.

Sideboard: In: 3 Engineered Plague, 2 Mutilate. Out: 3 Mesmeric Fiend, 2 Graveborn Muse.

Game 2 - He takes a mulligan. I come out with 3 Shades, but fail to get him to 0 before his Wellwisher plus 2 Seekers come on line, so I just scoop.

Games: 0-2, Matches: 0-1

I look through the deck, and none of the sideboard cards were coming for 12+ turns. Oh well, such is life.

The metagame here has gotten really f***ed up. First, 2 Land Destruction decks last week. Now, Scott is in a mirror match with another elf deck (he eventually wins game 1 by doing something like 248 damage while his opponent was at 246), and there is one other elf deck, making 4 in a field of 21. Never mind there was still 2 LD decks (which would have been 3, but Sugrim didn't show tonight).

Round 2 - Terrance A. - Elves, Part 2

This was the other elf deck. He didn't play Scott last round.

Game 1 - He gets the triple Hivemaster draw, and yet gives me like 5 extra turns to do something. I'm not able to, since the main deck has nothing for him. I had a Cemetery, but didnít get more than 4 creatures. I finally step in and ask, "Terrance, can I intervene here?" He says OK, and I turn all of his creatures sideways, and I scoop.

Sideboard: In: 3 Engineered Plague, 2 Mutilate, 2 Chainer's Edict (Steely Resolve, which he had out in the first game). Out: 3 Graveborn Muse, 2 Smother, 2 Shepherd of Rot.

Game 2 - I drop turn 2 Fiend, and take his Naturalize. I then drop turn 3 Plague, which I had on the draw. He fails to remember to play his Birchlores face down to leave token resistance, and just rolls over and dies.

Game 3 - I mulligan a hand of 2 Shades, a Cemetery, and 4 Swamp into a hand of 2 land, a Fiend, a Mutilate, and 2 others. Turn 2, I top deck the Plague, so I drop the Fiend. He doesn't have the Naturalize, and I drop the Plague. Game, set, match.

Games: 2-3, Matches: 1-1

It's all about the sideboard in the Elf Matchup. =\

Round 3 - Ben H. - Beasts

It's at about this point that I start to wonder, does this deck (that I'm playing) have a good matchup?

Game 1 - I mulligan my first hand. I get a Shade down, but he gets the early Centaur. I can do nothing as the Centaur hits me twice, and then he pitches Glory to the Dog for the win.

Sideboard: In: 2 Mutilate, 2 Chainer's Edict. Out: 3 Graveborn Muse, 1 Smother.

Game 2 - He gets the creature advantage again, and although I manage to Corrupt him, his victory is never in doubt. His creatures are just bigger and more well equipped. I manage to make a mistake, tapping out to flashback an Edict, but then he just Cliffs my Shade, and then my Wretch.

Games: 2-5, Matches: 1-2

Round 4 - Kenny - MBC splashing green for Reclaims and Naturalizes

Game 1 - He takes 2 mulligans, and stalls on 2 land. A quick Fiend and Shade do him in.

Sideboard: In: 3 Braids, Cabal Minion, 2 Chainer's Edict. (I thought he was playing BG Cemetery.) Out: 2 Stronghold Assassin, 2 Oversold Cemetery, 1 Smother.

Game 2 - A quick Shade, followed by a Wretch. However, He Persecutes my hand away, and then Mutilates. I beat on him with a top decked Rotlung, until he decides to Edict me. The Zombie beats on him some more, and he Corrupts me. He makes a mistake on his last turn, Reclaiming the Smother instead of the Corrupt to kill the token, I top deck an Archon and immediately kill him.

Games: 4-5, Matches: 2-2

Round 5 - Robert R. - Elves, part 3

(Scott's first round opponent)

He wins the die roll, but takes a mulligan. He gets 2 Timberwatch and a Kamakl FOK on the table. I get him to attack with the Random Elf, Kamahl, and 2 lands, and when I don't block, he tries to triple Timberwatch the Elf, tapping out (using the Wirewood Lodge for the third activation of the Timberwatch). I Smother the Random Elf, and, since he is now completely tapped out, I sac my 2 Clerics to Archon's ability, getting 2 zombies with the Rotlung, and then attacking with everything, and pumping my Shade to kill him.

Sideboard: I forgot to write it down, but I think: IN: 3 Engineered Plague, 2 Mutilate, 2 Chainer's Edict. Out: 3 Graveborn Muse, 1 Shepherd of Rot, and I don't remember the rest. I do remember I only took out 1 Shepherd though.

Game 2 - I get the double Shade draw, while he only gets a Vanguard and Taunting Elf due to only having 2 land. I drop a Rotlung, another Zombie, and a Rotlung. He gets Timberwatch and another creature to keep me at bay, but I just drop the Shepherd, activate it once for 4 when he is at 9, then drop another Rotlung and activate it again. (I draw the first Plague on the turn I kill him.)

Games: 6-5, Matches: 3-2

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin

DCI Level 2 Judge

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