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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Random Questions

Q: When you use Steely Resolve and choose zombies does that mean that my opponent can return zombies from his graveyard?


A: Yes. Creatures only exist in play. Everywhere else, they are creature cards.


Q: I control a Darkest Hour and a Compost. I Smother the opponent's Merfolk Looter. Do I draw a card from Compost?


A: Yes.


Q: what kind of technique would you recommend to use as a random choice for Grip of Chaos?


A: From the FAQ:

"* Reselecting a target at random can be tricky. The simplest fair way to do it is to find a die with at least as many sides as the number of legal targets. Give each potential target a different number, and roll the die to choose the new target. Reroll any number that's higher than the number of legal targets. (Don't start counting again at the beginning or the selection will be biased toward the lower-numbered targets.)"


Q: I read that Provoke is cumulative. Say I have 3 Hunter Slivers and a Quick Sliver. Since the Hunter Slivers give slivers provoke, does that mean that the Quick Sliver can provoke 3 creatures at a time, or does it provoke only 1 per turn?

A: 502.29b If a creature has multiple instances of provoke, each triggers separately.

So the Quick Sliver will make 3 creatures block it. (The Quick Sliver can provoke the same creature more than once, so It could provoke one creature three times.)


Q: In the same situation, Quick Sliver provokes a Rishadan Airship (can only block fliers). Does that mean the creature won't block the Sliver, or does it have to block the Sliver?


A: 502.29a Provoke is a triggered ability. "Provoke" means "Whenever this creature attacks, you may choose to have target creature defending player controls block this creature this combat __if able__. If you do, untap that creature."

Since the Airship is unable to block the Sliver, it won't block it.


Q: My opponent had an Elven Riders, and I controlled a Spitting Gourna. Can I block his creature?


A: Yes.


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA


3 Exalted Angel

2 Memory Lapse

4 Counterspell

4 Compulsion

3 Deep Analysis

3 Cunning Wish

4 Renewed Faith

4 Wrath of God

2 Mirari's Wake

3 Moment's Peace

2 Mirari

10 Island

3 Forest

3 Plains

3 Brushland

4 Krosan Verge

3 Skycloud Expanse


1 Ray of Revelation

1 Ray of Distortion

2 Circular Logic

1 Chastise

2 Seedtime

1 Moment's Peace

1 Opportunity

1 Elephant Ambush

1 Flash of Insight

1 Krosan Reclamation

2 Teroh's Faithful

1 Mana Short

Round 1 - Ben H. - Beasts

Game 1 - I get the double white, as well as control afterwards. He scoops to a Mirari'd Renewed Faith when I show him the Wish.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - I get the first Wrath, but don't get any card drawing to get the second, and he runs me over with his second wave.

Game 3 - An early Boil in response to a Deep Analysis leaves me with only a couple of Expanses. I again get the first Wrath off a little late, and get a Wake onto the board, but peter out and lose.

Games: 1-2, Matches: 0-1

Round 2 - Mark I. - Mirror

Or, the brokenness of a Miraried Seedtime.

Game 1 - He busts out an early Angel, and she hits once before I Wrath. I get the Mirari on turn 5, when he flips the Angel. That is followed shortly by a Wake, and when I Mirari a Seedtime after forcing an Angel out, it's all over but the elephant beatings.

Sideboard: In: 2 Circular Logic, 2 Seedtime. Out: 3 Moment's Peace, 1 Renewed Faith.

Game 2 - We each get out an early Angel, and I follow it up with the second. He gets out the Mirari first this time, while I have the Wake. I Wish for my Ray of Distortion to off his Mirari, and Compulsion away a Seedtime, as I have counters galore in my hand. I force down a Mirari, Mirari the other Seedtime, and here come the elephants.

Games: 3-2, Matches: 1-1

Round 3 - Harrison - U/G

Game 1 - He gets the pressure early, but I Wrath it away. The Mirari follows, and when I Mirari a couple Renewed Faiths, it's all over but the busty Angel beatings, after I Reclamation back his Wonder.

Sideboard: In: 2 Seedtime, 2 Circular Logic. Out: 4 Renewed Faith

Game 2 - My only mulligan of the tournament has me throwing away a hand with only a Brushland for land. I keep my 6, but never draw the second white for the Wrath.

Game 3 - He gets absolutely no pressure early. Turn 5 Mirari gets me to a couple Angels versus his crew, and after I double block his Wurm with 2 Angels, I go in for the win.

Games: 5-3, Matches: 2-1

Round 4 - Sam L. - Sligh

Game 1 - Even though he takes 2 mulligans, he gets his beats in early, but after I Wrath his team, I get a couple of face up Angels working, and I take game 1.

Sideboard: In: 2 Teroh's Faithful. Out: 2 Moment's Peace.

Game 2 - He gets a much better hand this time, and I get the Wrath but no follow draw.

Game 3 - I simply am too worried about keeping my first Faithful for blocking, as I wait until I have 6 untapped land for counter backup. It never happens ... when I lay my Verge, he Lavamancers me at the end of my turn, putting me to 4. The classic Sligh finish has him sacing all 3 mountains for lava darts, along with a Volcanic Hammer and Lavamancering me. I only have one Counterspell and no Renewed Faiths, so I lose.

Games: 6-5, Matches: 2-2

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin

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DCI Level 2 Judge




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