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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

A Stifling Storm

Short Answer:

-A creature's type is generally what is printed right after "Creature -" on the card, unless stated otherwise on the card itself. So Zombie Master is only a Lord, not a Zombie. Same for Elvish Champion - not an elf.


Long Answers:

Q: Can I Stifle the activation of a fetch land?

-Lam N.

A: Yes. Stifle slices, dices, and makes great minced meat.


Q: What happens with Arcane Laboratory and a card with “Storm”?

-Victor T.

A: Well, the card with Storm will get no more than N copies (where N is the number of opponents in the game), but since you aren't playing a spell (Strom's copies are put directly on the stack - they aren't played), the copies will go on the stack as normal.


Q: My first question is about the new triggered ability "Storm".

502.30a Storm is a triggered ability that functions while the card is on the stack. "Storm" means "When you play this spell, put a copy of it onto the stack for each other spell that was played before it this turn. If the spell has any targets, you may choose new targets for any number of the copies."

The FAQ states that the number of copies is set when the storm spell is played (instead of when the storm ability resolves, as my intuition would tell me). So the FAQ suggests that the text "each other spell that was played before it this turn" is locked in at the time the storm ability is put on the stack, like "X" for X spells. Where in the comprehensive rules is this addressed?

A: I don't think it is, however, it really wouldn't matter when it was checked, because there is no way to change the number of spells played before the spell with Storm. The number will be the same either way, because any spell you play after the spell with Storm will be after the spell with Storm, and thus, it wouldn't count toward the Storm.


Q: My opponent discards an Arrogant Wurm to Wild Mongrel. If I Stifle the Madness triggered ability, is Arrogant Wurm removed from the game (permanently)?


A: Yes.


Q: I've read that if I control a creature that is subject to the effect, "Sacrifice this creature at end of turn" and if an opponent gets control of it and still has it at end of turn, then he is NOT subject to the requirement of sacing the creature. Is this is indeed the case?

A: Yes, because you can't sacrifice a creature you don't control. (Definition, Sacrifice)


Q: If so, would the same hold if instead of "sacrifice" the action in question was "destroy", "remove from game", "return to owner's hand", etc.?

-Martin T.

A: I would have to see the interaction in question before I could make a definite ruling, since the rules don't clearly state anything in that generic situation.


Q: The rules say that when playing a dual card (Stand/Deliver, etc), you must announce which side of the card you intend on playing, but If I have the mana to pay for both, can I play both sides of Wax/Wane?


A: No. You can only play one side.


Q: Can you still play Slice and Dice for its cycling cost with a Meddling Mage on the floor?

A: Yes. The only thing Meddling Mage prevents you from doing is playing the named spell.


Q: If you have a tapped Wellwisher in play and it gets provoked, he must be untapped and block the provoker, THEN he can tap again to use his ability....


A: Incorrect. When the provoke ability resolves, if the attacking player chooses to untap the Wellwisher, there is still a space for spells and abilities to be played before blockers are declared. So the owner of the Wellwisher can play the ability before blockers are declared, thus making the Wellwisher unable to block.

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin

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DCI Level 2 judge




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