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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Sterling Enchantress

Short Answers:

-The only way you will get mana out of a land is if you tap it for mana. If an opponent taps the land (with Icy Manipulator, for example), no mana will be produced.

-You can tap a land before it is tapped, or its type is changed, and receive the mana you want. You have to spend it before the end of the current phase though.

-If you have priority, your opponent(s) can't do anything.

-When an effect asks you to choose a creature type, you must choose one existing creature type in the game of Magic.


Q: I have a Sterling Grove and a Femeref Enchantress out in play. I pay the 1 and sacrifice the Sterling Grove to search for an enchantment and put it on top of my library. Do I draw the card from the Femeref Enchantress' ability before or after I do the search and place?

-Beau L.

A: Before. Triggered abilities wait until you would have priority, so the Enchantress waits until the Grove's ability is on the stack, and then it is put on top of the Grove's effect.


Q: My friend Gustavo says that if he enchants his 0/1 Taunting Elf with an enchant creature card that says "when enchanted creature deals combat damage to a creature, destroy that creature at the end of combat" and attacks with it, all the creatures who block it will die. I say that they won't because the elf is doing 0 damage to my creatures. But he persists that they should and will. Who is right?

-Diewitt D.

A: You are. 0 damage is not damage, so the enchantment won't trigger.


Q: If I have a Bosium Strip, and I cast Fact or Fiction, is there any way for me to use the Fact or Fiction again by using the Bosium Strip before the Fact or Fiction puts a pile into the graveyard?

-Will K.

A: No (Mantra 1). HOWEVER, the Fact or Fiction is the last thing that goes to the graveyard. So it will be on top when it is done resolving, and you can Bosium Strip and use the Fact or Fiction then.


Q: Can I play Battle Screech and tap the 1/1 bird counters from Battle Screech for the flashback?


A: Yes.


Q: In a multiplayer game, what order would players put their artifact or enchantment into play when Charmed Griffin comes into play?

-Brooks L.

A: They would all be put into play at the same time. However, the player to the left of the active player chooses first, and then you go around the table making the choices of what is put into play.



Starting with the corrections ...

>>>Q: I know that cycling itself is not counterable...

A: Actually, Cycling is a normal activated ability. Thus, it can be countered with cards like Bind or Interdict. <<<

C: Interdict can not counter a cycling ability because Interdict can only target the activated ability of a permanent. When you cycle a card it is never the activated ability of a permanent.

-Chris R.

C: As you specifically stated later in the column, Interdict reads "Counter target activated ability of a permanent," And a permanent only exists in play (being a card elsewhere), so cycling cannot be countered by Interdict.

-Ledian W.

A: I think you can see where I screwed up. Too much Interdicting in one column.


>>>Q: My opponent has an Contested Cliffs in play. He activates the ability of the Contested Cliffs targeting his Phantom Nishoba and a 5/5 creature on my side. Will my opponent gain life because of the Phantom Nishoba's ability? And would I gain life if I have an Spirit Link on my creature?


A: Yes to both questions.<<<

C: Just a quick note regarding that answer. The player with the Link wouldn't gain life, since the damage to the Nishoba would be prevented, unless he/she plays something like Flaring Pain or the likes.

-Marc L.

A: I thought in my mind when I wrote it that it was 2 separate activations of the Cliffs. Thanks for pointing out my error.


Now, a clarification:

>>>Q: If I have a Ravenous Baloth and Contested Cliffs in play, and I activate the cliffs using by Baloth, targeting my opponent's 4/4 creature, can I sacrifice my Baloth to gain life after damage goes on the stack, killing my opponent's creature?

-Tam N.

A: No. Since the Baloth is no longer there, it is an illegal target. Therefore, the Cliffs can't make the non-existent Baloth deal damage.

413.2a ... If a target is illegal, the spell or ability canít perform any actions on it or make the target perform any actions... <<<

Q: This is in reference to the answer to the question about Contested Cliffs. If I remember, the rule this falls under is- if a spell or ability requiring multiple targets loses one or more of those targets, or they become invalid, as long as there is one target remaining, the spell or ability resolves. This is why if you play Consume Strength on an opponentís creature (-2/-2) and your creature (+2/+2), and they bounce your creature, theirís still dies.

-Gary S.

A: You are correct in that spells still resolve if one target is legal, but you can't make an illegal target do anything. Read the section I referenced fully (413.2a, on resolving spells or abilities), and you will find the section I wrote.

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin

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DCI Level 2 Judge




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