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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

X Off The Stack

Q: If I cast a Riptide Replicator and pay 3 mana for X, if my opponent Orim's Thunders it with kicker, do I take 4 or 7 damage?

A: 4 damage. X, everywhere but on the stack, is 0.


Q: If my opponent casts Roar of the Wurm, when it is put into his graveyard, can I use my Tormod's Crypt to remove it, or since the active player has priority, does he get to flash it back before I can announce using the Crypt?

A: The latter.


Q: I attack with a Hypnotic Specter and a Doomsday Specter. Do I determine in which order each ability goes on the stack?

A: Yes. Since you control both permanents that trigger, you choose the order the triggers go on the stack.


Q: If my opponent blocks my Gray Ogre with his Grizzly Bear, does damage immediately go on the stack, or can I remove the Grizzly Bear from combat and not have damage be assigned (though I realize it is still considered blocked)?

A: The latter. After blockers are declared, but before damage goes on the stack, both players have a chance to play spells or abilities.


Q: If my opponent uses Captain's Maneuver to redirect one damage from my Hollow Specter back to me, how does this play out?

A: You will have two separate triggers - one for the combat damage to you, and one for the combat damage to him. When each resolves, you may pay any amount of mana, and that player reveals that many cards (or his whole hand if he doesn't have that many). You then choose one of those cards for that player to discard.


Q: My opponent has Anger in his graveyard. He then plays a Grizzly Bear. After it comes into play, I Tormod's Crypt his graveyard. Does the Bear still have haste?


A: No.


Q: If I use Unnatural Selection and tap enough mana to target all of my opponent's creature and declare them to be "Legends," does my opponent sac all but one creature right away, since a player can only have 1 legend per deck?

-Jacob R.

A: Not unless all of his creatures have the same name. The Legend rule only cares if the creatures have the same name. A player can have a Sliver Queen and a Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero both out at the same time just fine, since they don't have the same name.


Q: I am about to play a Voice of All, but my friend has a Predator, Flagship. Can I choose protection from artifacts? It says choose a color when it comes into play or would it be like choosing protection from creatures?

-Bowie W.

A: The five colors are white, blue, black, red, and green. You must choose one of those five colors when Voice of All comes into play.


Q: If I play a one green spell is my friend allowed to tap 20 mana and gain twenty life off of one Wooden Sphere or is he only allowed to pay one for each green spell?


A: Only once per green spell.


Q: If I have Astral Slide in play and Solitary Confinement can I cycle a card at my upkeep for the Confinement and use the Slide ability to remove a creature since I discarded a card?

-Francios V.

A: No. You must discard a card to pay the Confinement's upkeep cost. If you cycle a card, you haven't paid the Confinement's upkeep cost yet, so you will have to discard a different card.


Q: My opponent taps a swamp, plays Dark Ritual, adds three black mana to their mana pool, uses two to play a Cackling Witch. They do not use the third. In this instance, they would take one mana burn, correct?

A: Correct.

300.4. When a phase ends (but not a step), any unused mana left in a player’s mana pool is lost. That player loses 1 life for each one mana lost this way. This is called mana burn. Note that mana burn is loss of life, not damage, so it can’t be prevented or altered by effects that affect damage. (See rule 406.1, “Mana Abilities.”)


Q: My opponent has out Black Market. They must use each mana produced on their turns by it or suffer mana burn, correct?

A: Correct.


Q: My opponent plays a Faceless Butcher. I counter it. Does it still have to remove a creature from the game permanently because of its "leaves play" ability.


A: No. It never entered play, so neither of its abilities trigger.


Q: Can you play Phyrexian Dreadnought and use Humble on it so you do not have to sac the creatures?


A: No. You must sacrifice the creatures before it enters play. You can't Humble it until it is in play.



>>>Q: If I have a Ravenous Baloth and Contested Cliffs in play, and I activate the cliffs using by Baloth, targeting my opponent's 4/4 creature, can I sacrifice my Baloth to gain life after damage goes on the stack, killing my opponent's creature?

-Tam N.

A: No. Since the Baloth is no longer there, it is an illegal target. Therefore, the Cliffs can't make the non-existent Baloth deal damage.

413.2a ... If a target is illegal, the spell or ability can’t perform any actions on it or make the target perform any actions... <<<

Q: I was under the impression that once damage was on the stack, what ever happen to the source of that damage had no affect on the damage?


A: Only combat damage goes on the stack. All other damage is dealt as part of the resolution of the spell or ability that created it.

See you Tuesday.

-Bill Guerin

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DCI Level 2 Judge




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