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Judge's Corner

The Slide Cycle

Short Answer:

-Once a permanent's ability has been placed on the stack, doing anything to that permanent will not affect the ability. Abilities on the stack exist independently of the permanents that generated them.


Q: First of all, if I have 2 Astral Slides out, and I cycle 1 card, can I remove 2 creatures until end of turn? Basically, do multiple Slides stack?


A: Yes, and yes.


Q: If I cycle Slice and Dice, and elect to have it do 1 damage to all creatures, can I stack the Astral Slide effect so that I remove my 1-toughness creature before the Slice and Dice damage resolves?

A: Yes. You'll want to stack the Slide effect on top of the damage from the Slice and Dice to accomplish this.


Q: Also, when does the card draw for the cycling happen in this sequence - i.e., would I be able to use that card, if it is an instant or cycler, at any point during the resolution of these effects?

-Boris P.

A: The card draw is always on the bottom of the stack. So you won't get the card until the other abilities resolve.


Q: My Friend had a Wild Mongrel, and a Spirit Cairn on the table, with a Plains free. I had an Engineered Plague naming Spirit(to destroy any tokens). I then cast Chainer's Edict, obviously hell have to sac the Mongrel. He then discards a card, taps the plains, and puts into play a token. I state that the token automatically dies as soon as it is put into play, but he says he can use it as the Sacrifice to Chainer’s Edict. Who’s right?


A: You are. The Spirit will die immediately, long before the resolution of the Edict.



From last Thursday's (17 April) column:

>>>Q: If I play an Animate land on one of my opponents swamps turning it in to a 3/3 creature, then Eradicate it do they remove all swamps from play, there decks and in their hands from play?

-Chris G.

A: Yes. <<<

Correction: No/Yes/Yes. Eradicate doesn't affect multiples in play. Also, the player casting the Eradicate does the searching.


See you Monday.

-Bill Guerin

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DCI Level 2 Judge




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