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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Q: A friend of mine (Auggie) was playing Merfolk Looter and Wild Research with lots of madness cards like Fiery Temper while another friend of mine (Rob) was playing a wack Domain. They played each other in round 2. It is Auggie's 1st main phase and he has not played a land yet. Here's what happened.

It was Auggie's turn and he activated the Merfolk Looter ability of drawling a card and discarding a card. On his side of the board sat an Island, Yavimaya Coast and a Forest. In hand was 2 Fiery Temper. Auggie activated the ability and Rob had no responses. Auggie draw his card, discarded his card for the ability, the card being a Fiery Temper, and announced he was playing it for madness. The card he drew was a Mountain, and since the stack was not clear and there were no other effects on the stack, and since playing a land doesn't count as responding to an effect or putting an ability on the stack by playing it, he played the mountain and let the stack start to resolve. When the stack came to the Temper, he tapped his Mountain and announced he was playing it like he announced. He asked if Rob had any responses and Rob announced that Auggie couldn't do this. A great debate and some judges were called about this.

Can this be done? Is the stack clear or not when this happens?


A: You say it is Auggie's main phase, but the stack has to be empty for the trick to work also. So I'll assume it's Auggie's main phase, with an empty stack. Auggie plays the Looter's ability. Both players pass, and the Looter's ability resolves. Auggie draws a Mountain, and discards a Fiery Temper. Auggie removes it from the game, saying he is going to play it via Madness. That sets off the second triggered ability of Madness, namely, "Whenever this card is removed from the game this way, until he or she passes next, he or she may play it at any time he or she could play an instant as though it were in his or her hand by paying {R} rather than paying its mana cost. When he or she passes next, he or she puts it into his or her graveyard." (502.24a - Definition of Madness). The stack is not currently empty, as we are waiting for this triggered ability to resolve, so Auggie can't play a land right now. Let's keep it simple, and say both players pass, and this ability resolves. Now, Auggie can play the Fiery Temper by paying its madness cost until he passes next. Also, the stack is empty, so Auggie can play a land right now. So Auggie plays a land. The land is simply put into play, as playing a land doesn't use the stack. (214.9a) Auggie has not passed yet, so he can still play the Fiery Temper via Madness. So he taps the Mountain, and plays the Fiery Temper for its Madness cost, targeting someone/thing.

The basic part of this trick here is that playing a land doesn't use the stack, and doesn't cause you to pass priority, therefore, you won't have passed and lost the opportunity to play the spell via Madness.


Q: I know the legend rule states that no two exact legends can be in play at the same time and if two are in play the oldest one stays in and the newest one goes in the graveyard but what if I play Conspiracy? If I played Conspiracy first, and chose, let's say Goblin; would I be able to place two Jovens into play or does Conspiracy just add on to the creature type? (I.E. Creature-Legend-Goblin.)


A: "When a spell or ability changes a permanent's type, the new type replaces all previous types. If the spell or ability is adding a type, it will say so." (Definition - Type) So when you play Conspiracy, all creatures you control and all creature cards in your graveyard, hand, and library would be "Creature - Goblin" (using your example). So you could have 2 Jovens out just fine if you have a Conspiracy out.


Q: When you play Shower Of Coals, does each 2 points of damage need to be assigned to a different target or can all 6 points of damage be directed at a single creature or player?


A: When a spell calls for multiple targets, you can't choose the same target more than once. (409.1c) So you'll have to choose different targets if you want Shower of Coals to target two or three things.


Q: Can respond to a spell causing me to sacrifice a creature by sacrificing it myself?

I.e. I have a Birds of Paradise out, and a Vampiric Dragon. My opponent plays a spell causing me to sacrifice one (i.e. Chainer's Edict, Innocent Blood, etc.). Am I allowed to choose the Bird as the sacrifice, then deal 1 damage with the dragon to the bird before it goes to the grave? Or do I not have a chance after the sacrifice?

-Kevin Burk

A: Once a spell has started resolving, you can't play anything until the spell has finished resolving (except for mana abilities when the game asks for a mana payment). So once your opponent's spell starts resolving, you have to choose to sacrifice a creature, and then once the creature is sacrificed, (and once you regain priority,) you can play a spell or ability again.


Q: Do tokens tap? Do they have haste?


A: Tokens are whatever the spell or ability created them says they are. They are then just like a regular card of the same type. For example, if a spell you played created a 1/1 green Squirrel token, you would have a token named Squirrel with creature type Squirrel, color green, and power and toughness equal to 1. See section 216 in the comprehensive rulebook for more on what tokens are/do.


Q: Is it possible to declare Wall of Corpses blocking a creature that will deal lethal damage and then use its ability of sacrificing it to destroy target creature it blocks?

-Brandon Watson

A: You can block a creature with Wall of Corpses and then sacrifice Wall of Corpses to destroy that creature, yes.



Someone wrote in to correct me on my Recouped Capsize question from the last column:

>>>Recoup can't target Capsize. It's not a sorcery.

-Fletcher Peatross<<<

Indeed. Another case of me not reading what the cards do before I put a question into the column. =\ Substitute Brush with Death or another sorcery buyback spell in for Capsize.

-Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge




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