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Judge's Corner

More Divvy Fun

Q: I have only 1 creature in play and an opponent plays Do or Die..what happens? Will the creature die?

A: Do or Die



Separate all creatures target player controls into two piles. Destroy all creatures in the pile of that player's choice. They can't be regenerated.

So your opponent makes 2 piles ... a pile with your one creature and a pile with no creatures. Then you choose to destroy all the creatures in the pile with your one creature, or to destroy all the creatures in the pile with no creatures.


Q: My friend played Stun in response to me declaring a creature as a blocker. We're not sure whether the attacking creature is still blocked - because a blocker has been declared - or whether the block has become illegal because of stun.


A: Once a blocker has been declared, making it an illegal blocker won't stop it from blocking. It will still block the creature.


Q: I use Mind Twist on my opponent and he has Corpse Dance and 3 creatures in the graveyard...can he use the Corpse dance 3x before Mind Twist effect begin?

A: Yes. Corpse Dance is an instant, and since only one spell resolves at a time, and you can then play more spells, he has time to play Corpse Dance as many times as he has mana before Mind Twist resolves.


Q: I cast Fleetwood Panther but I have no creatures in play..can I cast it? Will it come into play? When I have Soul Warden in play will I give 1 life? When I have Aluren in play could I still cast it?


A: Yes to all of the above. However, if there are no other creatures in play, and if you don't change the Panther's color before its gating ability resolves, it will return itself to your hand, since it is a white or green creature when the gating ability resolves.


Q: For Anurid Brushhopper: To use his ability it says discard 2 cards from your hand. Since it doesnít say 2 target cards, could you use his ability if you had only 1 or no cards in hand?


A: No. The cost to play its ability is to discard 2 cards from your hand. If you can't fully pay the cost, you can't play the ability.


Q: If I play a Forgotten Ancient and Spikes - can I transfer the +1/+1 tokens to a Tetravus and make "tetravites"? Can I transfer the Forgotten Ancient tokens to a Spike and use them like a regular +1/+1 token?


A: Counter

2. A counter is a marker placed on a permanent, either modifying its characteristics or interacting with an ability. A +X/+Y counter on a permanent, where X and Y are numbers, adds X to that permanentís power and Y to that permanentís toughness. These bonuses are added after permanent-type changing effects and before other power and toughness changing effects. Counters with the same name or description are interchangeable. Counters may also be given to players. For information about poison counters, see rule 102.8.

So you could make Tetravites with the counters from Forgotten Ancient. You could also transfer them with Spikes, or use any of the Spike abilities requiring you to remove a +1/+1 counter.


Q: Hi, am I correct in presuming that while Riftstone Portal is in the graveyard in addition to a mana of its color like an Island it could produce optional W or G when a land in play is tapped?

-Victor T.

A: Correct.


Q: My opponent casts Lunge to deal 2 damage to my Bear and to me. If I Shock the Bear in response, do I still take the two damage? I'm guessing the same result holds true with Consume Strength?

A: Yes to both, because there is still one legal target for each card - you in the case of Lunge, and the other creature in the case of Consume Strength.


Q: If my opponent tries to Clone my Flametongue Kavu and I Capsize the Kavu, what happens?

A: By the time the Clone has a chance to Clone the Kavu, you can't play any more spells. This is because since Clone says "As Clone comes into play,..." so you make the choice of what to Clone when Clone resolves, and it happens immediately. If you Capsize the Kavu in response to the Clone spell, he can choose another creature in play to Clone. (If there are no other creatures, it just comes into play as a 0/0, and, barring an effect that increases toughness, it will die.)


Q: Do Clones get "comes into play" abilities? In the previous question, if there was no Capsize, would the Clone get to do 4 damage to a creature?

A: Yes. Clone copies the creature completely, and, since it is coming into play, will do anything that the other creature would when it comes into play.


Q: My opponent has a Quick Sliver in play and I try to Clone it. In response to my Clone coming into play, my opponent casts a Ward Sliver, naming blue, as an instant. What happens?

A: Can't happen. See answer to Flametongue Kavu.


Q: If I have a Dominating Licid controlling an opponent's Bear, can I sacrifice the Bear to a Phyrexian Vault and still save the Licid?

A: No. When you sacrifice the Bear, the Licid sees that it isn't enchanting anything, and is immediately put into the graveyard as a state based effect, before you can do anything else.


Q: Is mana burn damage dealt 1 at a time or all at once? Can the damage be responded to by a Reverse Damage?


A: Mana burn is loss of life, not damage. So effects like Reverse Damage won't affect it. (It is dealt all at once, but I don't see any situation in which that would really matter.)

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin

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DCI Level 2 Judge




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