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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Comprehensive Vengeance

First of all, there is a new Comprehensive Rulebook out, adding the new keyword mechanics from Legions, and dealing with some nagging rulings.

The new rulebook can be found at: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dci/oracle

An explanation of the changes can be found at: http://oracle.wizards.com/scripts/wa.exe?A2=ind0303d&L=dcijudge-l&F=&S=&P=2583 and http://oracle.wizards.com/scripts/wa.exe?A2=ind0303d&L=dcijudge-l&F=&S=&P=2782.


Short Answers:

-You must be able to fully pay a cost all at once to play the ability. You can't partially pay a cost, do some stuff, and pay the rest of the cost.

-Icy Manipulator can't tap enchantments. Read the card.

-You can put one creature in play for every 2 creatures you tap for Cryptic Gateway's ability. The creature you put into play must match a creature type with both of the creatures tapped to put it into play.


OK, to start off with, this is a blended mantra question, where you have to put two of the mantras together to get your answer. I will paste the appropriate parts of the mantras, and it should be clear...

Q: I have a Serra Angel and a Devoted Caretaker in play. I activate the Caretaker's ability to give protection to the Serra Angel. I then cast Akroma's Vengeance. Would the Serra Angel die if the Caretaker gave it protection from Instants and Sorceries?


A: 4. "Protection is a DEBT we owe some of our permanents." (26 September 02) (Footnote B)

Footnote B: DEBT is an acronym. It stands for Damage, Enchantments, Blocking, and Targeting, which are the 4 things a creature with protection is protected from.


-Targeting: The permanent can't be targeted by spells with the stated quality, or abilities from permanents with the stated quality. (Remember Mantra #3.)


3. "If the card doesn't say 'TARGET,' it doesn't target." (31 May 02)


Q: If I have a Monkey Cage in play, and my opponent casts a Living Death with a Birds of Paradise and a Draco in his graveyard, how many Apes would I get? Would it depend on how the triggers are stacked?

-bahamut o.

A: Monkey Cage



When a creature comes into play, sacrifice Monkey Cage and put into play a number of 2/2 green Ape creature tokens equal to that creature's converted mana cost.

A: You will get 17 Apes. The first creature will sacrifice the Monkey Cage and put Apes into play. The second trigger will fail to sacrifice the Cage (since its already gone), but you'll still get the Apes.


Q: If my opponent plays a Petravark removing my only swamp, can I tap the swamp, float the mana waiting for the comes into play ability to resolve then play some kind of removal like Ghastly Demise on the 'vark?

-Aston R.

A: Yes.


Q: I have out a Gaea's Embraced Goblin Grappler and attack my opponent controls a Kjeldoran Warrior and a 3/3 elephant token. I choose to provoke the token. My question is, would he be able to band the Kjeldoran Warrior with the token, assign all damage to the Kjeldoran Warrior and kill my Grappler?

A: Yes. He blocked with the provoked creature, so this is a legal block.


Q: What if I provoked the Kjeldoran Warrior?

A: Again, he can do that.


Q: And finally, if he can assign the group as a band what happens if I give my Grappler protection from white, making the Kjeldoran Warrior an illegal block?


A: If you give the Grappler Protection from White before blocker are declared, only the token can (and it must, due to provoke) block it. If you give the Grappler Protection from white after blockers are declared, the Warrior still blocks it.


Q: About the Scion of Darkness - Scion allows the controller to put opponents graveyard creature into play under Scion controllers power if it damages opponent player. Does this mean that if you damage opponent's creature, this ability will kick in? or do you have to directly damage the player?

A: You have to damage the player for its ability to trigger.


Q: Also, when selecting the creature to bring out from their graveyard, can it be a creature Scion just killed that turn or does the creature need to have been in their graveyard before this combat?

-Jacob R.

A: Since the trigger isn't put on the stack until damage resolves, and the creature is in the graveyard before the trigger is put on the stack, you can choose a creature that died in this combat to reanimate.

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin

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DCI Level 2 Judge




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