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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Divvying 'em Up

Short Answers:

-All of the Invasion "divvy" cards have errata, due to morph. For example, here is the wording for Do or Die:

Do or Die



Separate all creatures target player controls into two piles. Destroy all creatures in the pile of that player's choice. They can't be regenerated.

As you can see, the piles are no longer "face up," for obvious reasons.

-The last chance you have to tap a creature so that it cannot attack is in the beginning of attack step. Once it is declared as an attacker, tapping it won't make it stop attacking.

-If you are at 0 life, you die. Immediately.

-There are no official multiplayer rules. You need to decide what happens if a situation is unique to multiplayer (for example, a player controls a creature of another player leaving the game).

-If an effect depends on a creature being (or not being) a certain type, it only matters that it is (or is not) that type when the ability resolves. What happens later doesn't matter.


Q: Player1 has an Engineered Plague in play naming Horror as the creature type. Player2 casts a Mesmeric Fiend. What happens?

A: The Fiend dies, and there are 2 triggered abilities to put on the stack (Remove a card, and return card removed to play). Assuming player2 is smart, he'll put the remove effect on the stack first, and then the return effect. End result: a card in Player1's hand is removed from the game permanently.


Q: Roger and Brian are playing in a Type 1 tournament. Roger plays a Timetwister (Each player shuffles his or her hand and graveyard into his or her library and draws a new hand of seven cards.), and Brian has a Maro with 2 cards in hand (2/2 Maro). What happens to Maro when the Timetwister resolves?

-Shawn T.

A: State Based effects aren't checked during the resolution of a spell or ability, so the game will never see the Maro as 0/0. So the Maro will live.


Q: Can you provoke untapped creatures?


A: Yes. You can untap an untapped creature just fine.


Q: A little while ago, my friend and I were full into an entertaining game of Magic, until I stumbled onto my Sharpshooter. My question is, can I ping one of his Festering Goblins, then on the stack ping another before the -1/-1 kills my Sharpshooter?

-Jake P.

A: Depends on who's turn it is. You can do that on his turn, but not on your turn, as triggered abilities go on the stack active player's first, then non-active players' So the player who's turn it isn't will have his effect resolve first.


Q: My opponent cast Faceless Butcher, targeting my Wild Mongrel. I cast Living Wish, wishing back the targeted Mongrel. He casts Chainer's Edict, forcing me to sac my Wild Mongrel. I casts Chainer's Edict on him, forcing him to sac his Faceless Butcher. Now the question is... does my Wild Mongrel comes back?

-Darren N.

A: No. Once the Mongrel was Wished out of the removed from game zone, the Butcher lost track of it.


Q: If I have Nantuko Husk and two other creatures on the field, can I play Caller of the Claw at the beginning of my turn (after drawing) put the Claw's ability on the stack, declare an attack with the Husk, wait for blockers, (none declared, say), then feed my two other creatures to the Husk then the Claw, let the Claw's ability resolve from the stack, thus supplying me with 3x 2/2 Bear tokens, feed these to the Husk as well, making the Husk a 14/14 sack the Husk to himself put the damage on the stack before the death of the Husk resolves and do 16 damage to the dome.

-Mark R.

A: You can't do that, for 2 reasons. First, the Caller's triggered ability resolves immediately, and won't wait around like that. Second, if you sac the Husk before damage is on the stack, the Husk will do 0 damage.


Q: If a creature changes controller after it's been declared an attacker, is it removed from combat? Does the same hold for a blocking creature?

A: Yes to both. Note, of course, that if a blocker is removed, the creature it blocked won't do any damage (unless it has trample).


Q: Does the Oppressor's ability work even if the creature later becomes the Oppressor's named creature type? E.g. if the opponent names Elves, and I use a Trickery Charm to change a Wellwishers type to Badger, and steal it, does it revert to my opponents control when the type changes back at end of turn?

A: This is the last set of "Tap and Hold" questions I will be answering for a while. I put the rule in the short answers above, so I will just give the simple answer: no.


Q: Similarly to the above, if I change the creature type of the Oppressor to Wizard and then activate a Ghosthelm Courier targeting the Oppressor, does the Oppressor still gain the abilities granted by the Courier when its creature type reverts to Cephalid?


A: Yes.


Q: Does the white enchantment "Conversion" actually make mountains produce white mana or just change them to basic plains that produce red mana?


A: Conversion



All mountains are plains.

At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Conversion unless you pay {W}{W}.

"All mountains are plains." Plains tap for white mana. Therefore, the lands formerly known as Mountains now tap for white mana.

See you Monday, with a Booster Draft Report.

-Bill Guerin

Ask Judge Bill A Question

DCI Level 2 Judge

PS - If you are on Magic Online, my nick that I play under is Lrgetrout. See you Saturday, if you're playing in the huge tourney :)




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