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Judge's Corner

Fun With Humility  

Q: If you have a Humility in play and you cast/play Phyrexian Dreadnought, does it come into play as a 1/1 with no abilities? More precisely, do you still have to sacrifice for the Dreadnought, even though it doesn't have the ability that requires it at the time it is cast?

A: The wording on Dreadnaught that you pasted in your email is old. Here is the current Oracle wording:

Phyrexian Dreadnought


Artifact Creature



If Phyrexian Dreadnought would come into play, sacrifice any number of creatures with total power 12 or greater instead. If you do, put Phyrexian Dreadnought into play. If you don't, put it into its owner's graveyard.

So you have to sacrifice the creatures _before_ it comes into play, and that is before it will be affected by Humility.


Well, I've got a change of pace for the next question ...

Q: Also, the wording on the three "free" Kobolds reads as an ability, not as reminder text (which would make a lot more sense), would the Humility make the Kobolds into colorless creatures or would they still be red and colorless? ...Magic's stupidest ability... "This card is a red card".

-Ryan S.

A: For once, I'm not going to answer a question right away. Over on MagicTheGathering.com, Rune Horvik, their rules column writer, has a poll up to see exactly what Magic players think of this situation (only he uses Humble instead of Humility).

Please visit http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/daily/rh62, and answer his poll questions. By answering the poll, we can see what you, the average Magic player, think in this situation, and thus we can see if the rules need to be clarified or changed.

I will give the answer to this question next Monday, after his next column has gone up.

(Ryan, if you need the answer sooner, please vote in the poll first, and write again saying you have done so, and I will email you the answer. But please vote in the poll before you write me asking for the answer.)


Q: My opponent have 3 Engineered Plague set to "Zombies". I have no creatures in play but have a bunch of lands. He casts Trade Secret and I drew cards until I'm almost decked out. Now, can I cast a whole bunch of Zombies at once and cycle using Gempalm polluter before the zombies head for the graveyard? (Assume all of the zombies have toughness equal to or less than 3.)

A: No. Once the Zombies come into play, they will immediately have -3/-3. This will make their toughness 0 or less, and they will immediately go to the graveyard as a state based effect (before you can play anything).


Q: My foe taps Wellwisher for it's ability during my first main phase. I attacked with Hunter Sliver, provoking the Wellwisher. He untaps the Wellwisher and immediately attempts to use it's ability. He says that since the Wellwisher is tapped, he can't use it to block my Hunter Sliver. Is this legal?

-Darren N.

A: Yes. If the Wellwisher is tapped when it comes time to declare blockers, it will be unable to block the Hunter Sliver.


Q: My friend plays a deck with Planar Guide. He triggers the ability and removed all creature from the game, then he Living Wishes the Planar Guide to his hand, does the creatures got removed by this ability come back into play end of turn?

-bahamut o.

A: Yes. Once the Planar Guide has been activated, its location will not matter for its ability.


Q: If I have a Mirari in play and play a Cunning Wish, will I be able to fetch back the Wish without having another in the Sideboard? This question because Mirari's effect puts another copy ON the stack, so the copy will resolve first...


A: No. You seem to have answered your own question. Since the Wish isn't in the sideboard yet when the copy resolves, you can't get it.


Q: Can you choose how much mana you take, at out of all that Mana Echoes can produce?

A: No. You either take all of it, or none of it.


Q: Example: Someone has 3 Slivers, Mana Echoes, and Sliver Queen in play. They tap two, play a sliver token using Sliver Queen's ability, then try to take only two of the four mana produced, and make another sliver token. They repeat this process effectively giving them infinite sliver tokens. Can they do this?

-Carver S.

A: Not in the manner they described. However, they _can_ create an unbounded number of sliver tokens. When they think they have enough mana to make enough slivers, they can simply start to decline to take the mana from Mana Echoes, and spend the remaining mana they have creating sliver tokens.



>>>Q: I attack with a Scion of Darkness and my opponent uses Spurnmage Advocate. In response, I target one of the cards he targeted with the Advocate and remove the card from the game. Since the Advocate's target was illegal, does my Scion live?

-bahamut o.

A: The Advocate's ability still has 2 legal targets ... the other card in your graveyard, and the Scion. So the Scion will still be destroyed.<<<

But Advocate is targeting the 2 cards, it knock it as target, so how can you choice another one?...

-bahamut o.

A: You are not choosing another target. When your opponent plays Spurnmage Advocate's ability, he has to choose 3 targets - 2 cards in your graveyard (let's call them card A and card B), and the Scion. If you remove one of the cards in the graveyard (let's say card A), when Spurnmage Advocate's ability resolves, one of its targets is illegal (card A, since it isn't there any more), but there are still 2 legal targets (card B and the Scion). Since you have at least one legal target, the ability does what it can to the targets that are still legal. So it returns card B to your hand, and destroys the Scion.

413.2a If the spell or ability specifies targets, it checks whether the targets are still legal. A target thatís removed from play, or from the zone designated by the spell or ability, is illegal... If all targets are now illegal, the spell or ability is countered. If the spell or ability is not countered it will resolve normally, affecting only the targets that are still legal....


Tournament Report - FNM - Diamond Bar, CA

So I find the following deck list on Brainburst ...

Bad Rares Lich

3 Undead Gladiator

2 Ancestral Tribute

2 Cabal Ritual

4 Cabal Therapy

2 Death Wish

4 Duress

2 Infernal Contract

3 Nefarious Lich

4 Renewed Faith

2 Sickening Dreams

3 Vengeful Dreams

4 Wrath of God

4 Bloodstained Mire

4 City of Brass

4 Plains

4 Polluted Delta

5 Swamp

4 Tainted Field


1 Ancestral Tribute

3 Disenchant

3 Engineered Plague

1 Ghastly Demise

3 Haunting Echoes

1 Kirtar's Wrath

1 Nefarious Lich

1 Sickening Dreams

1 Vengeful Dreams

I'm not going to give you the link, because I don't want any of you touching this deck. It is a steaming pile of monkey crap, to borrow an appropriate phrase. I played it because (a) I like combo decks, and (b) this looked like a fun deck to try to change from Psychatog for a week.

Anyway, I drop by Scott's house, to pick up the laptop for Matt (Scott's partner in these tournaments) to run this and to borrow the cards I need, and I head down to Diamond Bar. I help Matt out with Reporter, and the first round pairings happen to give me ...

Round 1 - Marshall F. - Beasts

This matchup is pretty bad, as I soon found out.

Game 1 - He wins the roll and goes first. I wrath his first team away, and then am forced to Sickening Dreams for 4 to kill a Baloth. He drops a Wild Mongrel, and with the Glory that was in the graveyard that he pitched to the other Mongrel when it was Wrathed away, he takes the win.

Sideboard: In: Kirtar's Wrath, Sickening Dreams, Vengeful Dreams. Out: 2 Cabal Ritual, 1 Cabal Therapy.

Game 2 - He comes out just as fast in this game, and as I don't rip a fourth turn land, I turn to Matt, show him my hand of 2x Infernal Contract, Death Wish, and Wrath of God, and just take the beatings from the Anurid Brushhopper, Ravenous Baloth, and Mongrel like a man.

Games: 0-2, Matches: 0-1

Round 2 - Nathan P. - Tog

Game 1 - I win the roll, and take a mulligan. All of the mass creature removal means very little in this deck. He gets out a Compulsion, Logics a Nefarious Lich just because he can, Upheavals at 8 land, plays a land and Tog, and kills me. Not much I can do here.

Sideboard: In: 3 Disenchant, 3 Haunting Echoes, 1 Nefarious Lich, 1 Ancestral Tribute. Out: 4 Wrath of God, 3 Vengeful Dreams, 1 Sickening Dreams.

Game 2 - I manage to hit an Upheaval and Compulsion with 2 Therapies early, and catch him without counters, so I get down the Lich. However, 2 turns later, after countering the Haunting Echoes I try to point his way (lucky topdeck #1), he rips his other Upheaval and casts it (lucky topdeck #2).

Games: 0-4, Matches: 0-2

Round 3 - Ben H. - Beasts

Game 1 - He gets mana screwed early, and I manage to strip out his 3 Anurid Brushhoppers and a Baloth with 2 Cabal Therapies, leaving him with no offense. I drop the Lich at a comfortable 16, but only see one Ancestral Tribute, and no creature removal, while he beats me down with an Exalted Angel, Mongrel, and Llanowar Elf. I lose to my empty graveyard.

Sideboard: In: Kirtar's Wrath, Ghastly Demise, Vengeful Dreams. Out: 2 Cabal Ritual, Duress.

Game 2 - He sees plenty of beasts this game, and I only see one Wrath. I get an Ancestral Tribute to 29, but he keeps casting creatures and beating me down, and I just lose.

Games: 0-6, Matches: 0-3

I spend the time before the next round hoping no one drops, and they don't. So I get to play the other 0-3, ...

Round 4 - Patrick - R/G big deck

Game 1 - He wins the roll. I remove his creatures early, and I Infernal Contract myself to 8. He Erratic Explosions me, and reveals Macetail Hystrodon. Yikes. Luckily, I still have 1 life. I Renewed Faith myself to 7, take a couple of pain to drop the Lich, Ancestral Tribute for 22 cards, and Sickening Dreams for 26.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - It's even easier this game, as I drop the Lich while I am at 12, Infernal Contract, Tribute for 22 again, and Sickening Dreams for 27 after beating him down with an Undead Gladiator for a couple of turns to make sure I don't draw out when I Tribute.

Games: 2-6, Matches: 1-3

Well, that's enough with that deck.

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin

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DCI Level 2 Judge




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