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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Disenchanted With Regeneration

Q: My friend's Ornithopter is enchanted by Regeneration. I try to get rid of the Ornithopter by playing Disenchant (or any other artifact destruction). Could he regenerate the Ornithopter?

In other words: Do the cards and rules concerning creature destruction work similarly when artifact creatures are destroyed by means of artifact destruction?


A: Here is the rule on regeneration:

419.6b Regeneration is a destruction-replacement effect. The key word “instead” doesn’t appear on the card but is implicit in its definition. “Regenerate [permanent]” means “The next time [permanent] would be destroyed this turn, instead remove all damage from it, tap it, and (if it’s in combat) remove it from combat.” Note that if destruction is caused by lethal damage, any abilities that trigger from that damage being dealt still trigger even if the permanent regenerates.

Note that it just says the next time it would be destroyed. It doesn't care whether the destruction is by lethal damage or some other effect. So yes, your friend could regenerate the Ornithopter.


Q: Re: 419.6b: So what does this mean? Can a creature, for example, regenerate from a No Mercy?

A: Yes.


Q: Is colorless a color?

A: No. There are five colors in Magic - red, blue, black, white, and green. Any other word is not a color.


Q: can you use Artificial Evolution to change a creature type word to an unreal creature type (for example, giraffe)?


A: No.

214.7a If a card instruction requires choosing a creature subtype, you must choose one, and only one, existing creature type.

(I had to change the creature type you used, because badger _is_ an existing creature type (Giant Badger, Rysorian Badger).)


Q: About walls... when a wall says "Summon Wall" or "Creature Wall" are both of these still creatures? Not sure about the summon wall because it doesn't say creature when the other does.

-Jacob R.

A: In the Oracle, all creatures that used to say "Summon XXX" now say "Creature - XXX." So the car that says "Summon Wall" would now say "Creature - Wall," and is therefore a creature.


Q: If Squee’s Embrace and the creature it enchants are simultaneously destroyed by Pernicious Deed, does the creature card get returned to its owner’s hand, i.e. is the creature still considered enchanted when it hits the graveyard? What rule/concept covers this situation?

-Martin T.

A: The creature will return to its owner's hand.

410.10d Abilities that trigger on one or more permanents leaving play, or on a player losing control of a permanent, must be treated specially because the permanent with the ability may no longer be in play after the event. The game has to “look back in time” to determine what triggered. Each time an event removes from play or changes who controls one or more permanents, all the permanents in play just before the event (with continuous effects that existed at that time) are checked for trigger events that match what just left play or changed control.


Q: I have a 2 Rotlung Reanimators in play along with 8 clerics, I cast Wrath of God, can I stack them and created lots of zombie tokens?

-bahamut o.

A: Yes. In fact, you can't avoid making 20 zombies, even if you wanted to.


Q: If I sacrifice a Phyrexian Negator to flashback a Cabal Therapy, does my opponent have time to Shock it? (Assuming I have priority, during my main phase, and I declare I am going to sacrifice it.)

-Gabriel P.

A: The Negator will be long gone before the opponent has a chance to Shock it.


Q: Say I have down Hunting Grounds enchantment, and my friend plays a creature spell, so I play a creature from my hand. Can my creature be countered since I didn't pay anything for playing it?

-Jacob R.

A: No. Your creature was never a spell, so it couldn't be countered.


Q: I was wondering are Time Stretch accumulated like if I cast one on one turn then cast another one n my next turn would I have 3 turns coming to me?


A: Yes.


Q: If someone has a Circle of Protection: Black and a Pestilence and they activate the Pestilence multiple times can they put all the damage on the stack and only have to pay one mana to prevent all of it?

-J. Garrett

A: No. Each activation of Pestilence is a separate source of damage. You need X prevention shields to prevent X damage from Pestilence.


Q: If my Phage the Untouchable is removed from the game with Astral Slide, when it comes back, who loses the game?

-Al B.

A: You do. Phage is coming into play under your control, and you didn't play it from your hand, so you will lose.


Q: In Type 1, can I have a Necropotence (which is Restricted) in the deck and sideboard?


A: No. You are limited to one copy in your deck and sideboard combined.


Q: My friend has a deck with Clones and Serra Avatars. Frequently he will have a Clone become a copy of a Serra Avatar already in play. My question is, if such a Clone is destroyed, does it stay in the graveyard or would it be reshuffled into the library like a Serra Avatar would?


A: Since the Clone is an exact copy of Serra Avatar, it will be reshuffled back into his library.

See you Monday, with a sealed deck FNM report.

-Bill Guerin

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DCI Level 2 Judge




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