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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

En-Kor, En-Kor!!!

Unfortunately, there's no tournament report this week or next. There's no report today because my car's in the shop, and no report next week since I'm going to be head judge at the tournament at All Star Games, since Scott is going to be at GP Boston. Look for the tournament reports to return in 2 weeks.


Q: Well to start things of, I had an en-kor deck back in Rath cycle block (I believe). It was a R/W deck that revolved around casting a mass-damage spell like Earthquake, then redirecting the damage the en-kors' received to a Mogg Maniac and dish it out to my opponent.

My question is, is it still legal? Won't the Mogg Maniac die upon the resolution of Earthquake before the en-kors have a chance to redirect damage to it?


A: No. The damage is dealt all at the same time. Since there are redirection shields up, the redirection will redirect the damage, and dealt it along with the other damage. So the Maniac will take the damage from the en-Kor, and its ability will trigger off of it.


Q: I have a question I was wondering you might be able to answer for me. My friend plays a casual Elvish Piper/Dragon deck and he uses the Piper's ability at the end of my turn to put a 6/6 dragon from his hand into play. He then procedes to take his turn and attack me with the dragon that he laid during my end of turn. My question is can he do that? I just read your column today and you metioned something about creatures not being able to attack or use tapping abilities unless they have been under their control since the start of his or her last turn. He insists you just have to control it through your upkeep. Is this some weird rules loop-hole or is he wrong?

-Josh P.

A: No. Since the Dragon has been under his control since he untapped, it can attack. (See below for a slight correction on my wording from the last column, which doesn't affect this situaion.)


Q: Ok, my group and I have been having a lot of tussels over Zuran Orb lately, I need you to tell me whether you can or can not do the following. In all situations, player A is the one with Zuran Orb in play

1: Player A attacks with mishras factory, player B blocks and deals enough damage to kill it. Can player a then sacrifice the Factory, which is clearly stated as still counting as a land, for the 2 life?

A: Not if combat damage has already been dealt, no. What player A wants to do is put combat damage on the stack, and the sacrifice the Factory. If he waits until damage is dealt, then it is too late.


Q: Player B plays Armageddon, can player A's lands be sacrificed for a boat load of life?

A: As long as he sacrifices them before Armageddon resolves, yes. See Mantra #1.


Q: A card is played which requires player A to destroy a land (such as that one land (can't think of it's name) that requires you to sacrifice a mountain and then you can tap it for one colorless and one red mana) can player A also receive the life?


A: This question is really unclear. As such, I can't answer it. Write back with the name of the specific card you're talking about, and I'll answer then.


Q: My opponent plays a Faceless Butcher and takes a creature of mine. 5 turns later, he plays Mutilate. When my creature comes back into play, does it die too?


A: No. Mutilate only affects the creatures that are in play when Mutilate resolves. It won't do anything to any creature that comes into play after that.


Q: If you have a Riptide Mangler and a 2/2 creature out and you play a Giant Growth on the 2/2 to make it a 5/5 and then use the Mangler's ability to make him a 5/3. At the end of your turn, is his power 5, or does it become 2 since the Giant Growth wears off?


A: The Mangler keeps his 5 power.


Q: If I have a Warped Devotion and an Alexi, Zephyr Mage out, and I bounce three creature tokens that my opponent controls, will my opponent have to discard three cards, even though they're not getting any new ones returned?


A: Yes. 3 permanents are returning to your opponent's hand, so he has to discard 3 cards.



Reading your column today I noticed (what I believe to be) a bit of a mistake on your part. Here's the Q & A:

>>>Q: When is a creature without haste, able to use abilities or Tap?

Say you play a card with a tapping ability, can you use that ability during your opponent’s turn directly following the turn in which you played that creature? Or do you have to wait until the next upkeep to do this?

-Ori Z.

A: Creatures that do not have haste can attack or block if they have been under their controller's control since the start of his/her last turn. (Basically, ask, "Was that under his control when he untapped last?" If yes, he can attack or block with it.)<<<

A creature with 'Summoning Sickness' can block, because blocking doesn't tap the creature. What I think you meant to say was:

"Creatures that do not have Haste can attack or use Activated Abilities that have Tap in the cost if they have been under their controller's control since the start of his or her turn."

Correct me if I'm wrong.


A: You are absolutely right.

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin


DCI Level 2 Judge




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