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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Who Gets Jeska?

Short Answers:

-Mana stays in your pool until the end of the current phase.

-You can't shuffle your morph creatures to confuse your opponent. You must put them in an order such that your opponent can tell what order they came into play. (If she's seen one already, then if she can remember it, you can't make her forget by mixing it in with others.)

-You can't do something just because you want to. (This is real close to becoming mantra #7). For example, you can't just tap your Static Orb. You must play a spell or ability that taps it (Ice, Icy Manipulator's ability, etc.) You also can't discard a card just because you want to. An effect has to tell you to, or you have to have more than 7 cards in your hand when it comes to the end of your turn.

-An unblocked double strike creature will do twice the creatures power to the defending player.


Q: I have a Jareth, Leonine Titan and I'm attacking, so I'm waiting for anyone to block and then pay the protection for whatever they throw at him, now one of them declares that he's going to block with a white creature then I pay to give him protection from white, so he argues that I can't do that, because he is being blocked and that I have to pay before I attack, I think otherwise I pay at the moment that I need to respond to a spell or whatever they throw responding to the attack, am I wrong on this statement?

-Victor T.

A: You are wrong. Once Jareth is blocked, giving Jareth protection from the blocker's color won't make Jareth be unblocked. You have to make him protection from the color before he would block.

(Of course, the damage the blocker does is still prevented.)


Q: If I have a Gratuitous Violence out in play and I attack with an Avatar of Might and they block with a 2/2 creature, how much damage do they take? is the damage to the creature doubled to sixteen and then the fourteen damage to the player doubled to 28?

Bobby W.

A: No. 2 is assigned to the creature, and 6 to your opponent, and then those are both doubled. So your opponent will take 12.


Q: My friend and I were playing a game today, and something came up... Say he has a Wellwisher and 2 Llanowar Elves in play and no untapped lands, and I have a Whipgrass Entangler, Battlefield Medic, and Deftblade Elite. I use the Entangler's ability on Wellwisher, and Provoked it with Deftblade Elite (and two damage prevented by the medic) making him pay 2 with his Llanowar Elves and successfully killing the Wellwisher... dose this work? Or, according to him, "you cannot force an opponent to use an ability (the elves to pay for the tax)", making the move illegal??

-- GLJ

A: The Wellwisher must block "if able." No one said that he had to pay the tax, and since that would make it unable to block, he can "not block" with the Wellwisher.


Q: When is a creature without haste, able to use abilities or Tap?

Say you play a card with a tapping ability, can you use that ability during your opponent’s turn directly following the turn in which you played that creature? Or do you have to wait until the next upkeep to do this?

-Ori Z.

A: Creatures that do not have haste can attack or block if they have been under their controller's control since the start of his/her last turn. (Basically, ask, "Was that under his control when he untapped last?" If yes, he can attack or block with it.)


Q: Here's my crazy Riptide Mangler idea. Put Elephant Guide on RM, making him a 3/6.

Tap 2, using his ability targeting himself, giving him power 3. With the Elephant Guide that would make him a 6/6.

Tap 2, using his ability targeting himself, giving him power 6. With the Elephant Guide that would make him a 9/6.

Rinse, repeat.

Does this work?


A: No, sorry. Riptide Mangler sets its power equal to target creature's power after anything has been applied. so it will be a 3/6 no matter how many times you play its ability.


Q: John has a Jeska, Warrior Adept in play, and plays a Shade's Form on it, and is finished with his turn. Alan's turn begins, and he also plays a Shade's Form on Jeska. After the Form resolves, Alan casts Terror on Jeska. Now, who gets control of Jeska?

-David Ravell

A: It just depends on whose turn it isn't. Since it is Alan's turn, John gets it.

This is because you put triggers on the stack active player first, then non active player. John's will resolve first, giving him the creatures, and then Alan's will fail to do anything, since it is no longer in the graveyard.


The usual tourney promo. Location:

All-Star Games

2773 S Diamond Bar Blvd

Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Start time is 6:30pm every Friday, and the format is Type 2 this month. There will be some sealed and booster draft starting next month.

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin


DCI Level 2 Judge




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