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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

An Opponent Chooses One...

Q: I play Library of Lat-Nam. When does my opponent make the choice of what I do? On resolution? when I play it?

A: Library of Lat-Nam



An opponent chooses one -- You draw three cards at the beginning of the next turn's upkeep; or you search your library for a card, put that card into your hand, then shuffle your library.

"An opponent chooses one" indicates that the choice is a mode of the spell, and so you opponent makes the choice when you cast the spell.


Q: I controls a Dauthi Slayer, 2 Mogg Flunkies, and an Okk enchanted with Tahngarth's Rage. my opponent has a Crawlspace. What are all the possible legal attacks I could make this turn?

A: The Slayer attacking alone, or any 2 creatures attacking together.


Q: Opponent has an Astral Slide and a Lightning Rift in play. Neither player has any creatures. He cycles Krosan Tusker, what order do the triggered abilities and the card draw go on the stack?

-Shawn T.

A: Card draw goes on the stack first. Since there are no creatures in play, you can't play the Slide's triggered ability. So we have Lightning Rift and the Tusker's ability, and he chooses the order they go on the stack.


Q: Does Rotlung Reanimator triiger off of tokens that are clerics?

-Scott B.

A: Yes. Token creatures are creatures, and they go to the graveyard before they are removed from the game, so Rotlung will trigger.


Q: Is it possible to smother a token creature? If so,how do you determine what the casting cost is on the creature? Is it determined on the original spell's casting cost?


A: Tokens have a mana cost of 0. So they will be destroyed by Smother.


Q: If you have an Opalescence, an Angelic Chorus, and other enchantments in your graveyard, if you use a Replenish, do you gain life?

A: Yes. (410.10a)


Q: If you have 2 Bomb Squads in play, do you put 2 fuse counters on "fused" creatures durring your upkeep?

A: Yes. Each Bomb Squad will trigger and resolve separately.


Q: Can Mana Short be used to counter spells?


A: No. Only spells that read "... counter target spell ..." counter spells.


Q: I was playing a casual game with my friend and I put a Pariah on my Beloved Chaplain so I couldn't take any damage from an attacking creatures. My friend questioned the legality of the combo but I couldn't find anything wrong with it, so who's right?


A: As long as your friend can't damage you with non-creature sources or kill the Beloved Chaplain by some other method than a creature, you're fine.


Q: Can a card that has been morphed face up be morphed face down again?

A: Not on its own, no. You need something like Backslide to accomplish this.


Q: Can a face down morph card block flying?

A: No, since face down cards don't have flying (or any abilities, for that matter, unless an outside effect gives them one)


Q: On Blood Cerebrant when you add the mana to your pool how long is it there for, the turn or permanently?

A: Until the end of the current phase. If you do not spend it by then, you will take mana burn.


Q: If a Black spell tells you to sacrifice a creature can you opt to sacrifice a creature with protection from black, negating the spell?


A: Since the spell doesn't target the creature, but rather the player, you can (and in fact must, if it is your only creature) sacrifice a creature with protection from black.


Again, I'll be at a new location for Friday Night Magic tomorrow. The location:

All-Star Games

2773 S Diamond Bar Blvd

Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Start time is 6:30pm, and the format is type 2. If you live near there, help me kick off a new store of FNM. Hope to see you there.

See you Monday, with a report from that tournament.

Bill Guerin


DCI Level 2 Judge




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