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Are Championship Cards Legal?

Q: Can you play with the World Championship Cards, in a DCI tournament, with backed sleeves? Thanx for the help.


A: Nope … this is specifically prohibited by the Floor Rules…

"102. Authorized Cards
… Participants may not use cards from any special-edition sets or supplements, such as Collector's Edition,
International Collector's Edition, Pro Tour™ Collector Set, World Championship decks, or Unglued™ cards. Note:
Unglued basic land cards are allowed in sanctioned Magic tournaments."

Q: I have Psychatog in play, 1 card in my hand (Brainstorm, I decided to try it in extended). Can I play the Brainstorm, draw 3 cards and discard them to the atog before I have to put 2 cards back on top? I wanted to try this deck in extended and thought that if this was possible that brainstorm would make an excellent addition to the deck list. I kinda know that it doesn't work but I'm hoping that it does.


A: You kinda know right. When Brainstorm resolves, you have to finish doing what it says completely before you can do anything else. So you have to put the 2 cards back before you can discard them to the Psychatog.

Q: If I have Necropotence in play along with a Worship can I continue to draw cards even if this causes my life total to go below one? Assuming of course that Worship's requirements are being met.


A: The payment of life to Necropotence is not damage, so Worship will not affect it. Therefore, activating Necropotence when you are at 1 will kill you, even with Worship out.

Q: Can I cast Stasis and Kismet and then just use Chronatog's ability at the end of each of my opponent's turns so that he will get unlimited turns and will eventually draw out?


A: This will work just fine, assuming, of course, he doesn't draw an Abolish or other non-mana way to remove the Stasis or kill you by damage.




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