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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Q: If I play Control Magic on a creature of my opponent, and then he disenchants the Control Magic, will the Creature go back under his control? Or will it be still under my control?

A: It will return to his control, as Control Magic only lets you keep the creature for as long as Control Magic is in play.

Q: If my opponent cast Animate Dead on my Iridescent Angel in my graveyard, it will resolve, bring the angel under his control, but then immediately destroyed, and the angel is brought back to my graveyard, right?
Thank you for your help, keep it goin' please :)

-Agus Japar

A: You're absolutely correct.

Q: I'm assuming this is the place where you ask question about magic, but if its not then I'm sorry. Okay my first question is about a Crystalline Sliver. Its ability says, "slivers can't be the target of spells and abilities". If you have a couple of other slivers out like Clot Sliver (sliver gain 2 to regenerate) and Muscle Sliver (slivers gain +1/+1) do these effects become nullified by the crystalline slivers ability?

A: You're in the right place.

You can still use those abilities. A good way to tell if something targets a creature is if it has the word "target" in the spell or ability. Since those slivers' abilities don't use the word "target", you can use them just fine with a Crystalline Sliver out.

Q: Also, it's legal if your opponent attacks you and you cast Humble on it then block it right? Thank you.

-Jaideep Patel

A: You can do that, yes. In fact, that would usually be a good play.

Q: Can I use an Alter Reality (Torment) on a Llawan, Cephalid Empress (Torment), as the Llawan is being cast, so that it would hit any color I want? thanks, Ian

A: You may. Note that both instances of "blue" will be changed to the color you choose, so, for example, if you choose red, your opponent will be unable to play red creature spells for as long as that Llawan is in play.

Q: What's the deal with "Shadow?" I've been playing in the Magic universe for a few months, and my friend who introduced me to it has a creature with shadow (Dauthi Horror, or something of the like), which can't be blocked except for by other creatures with shadow. It's a real bummer, is there anything that can really be done?


A: Shadow was a mechanic in the Tempest block, much like kicker in Invasion block, or flashback and threshold in Odyssey block. Shadow was designed as another for of evasion. Creatures with shadow can't block or be blocked by creatures without shadow.

It can be tough, but note that they can't block your creatures (that don't have shadow) with their creatures (which do have shadow), so one option is just to race them. Slivers typically have a low toughness (2 or less), so red direct damage will do the job. A couple of other options are Circle of Protection: Shadow or Phyrexian Splicer.

Q: I have a few questions. First of all, what are the phases of a turn?

A: The phases are as follows:

1. Beginning Phase (containing untap, upkeep, and draw steps)
2. First Main Phase
3. Combat Phase
4. Second Main Phase
5. End Phase (containing end of turn and cleanup steps)

Q: Also, me and my friend were playing magic and he blocked my 5/5 creature with a 1/1 creature with the ability saying that if it blocks or becomes blocked, both creatures phase out. Then, does my 5/5 creature kill the 1/1 creature and then phase out, or does the 1/1 creature survive?

A: Dream Fighter What happens is when he blocks your 5/5 with the Dream Fighter, both creatures phase out. Since you haven't gotten to the point where you assign combat damage yet, Dream Fighter isn't around to take the damage from the 5/5. Therefore, his Dream Fighter survives.

Q: If I have a Thornscape Familiar and a Thunderscape Familiar in play and I played a Horned Kavu that costs RG to play, then does Horned Kavu cost nothing to play? Because Thornscape Familiar says that red spells and white spells cost 1 less to play and Thunderscape Familiar says that black spells and green spells cost 1 less to play. So, what's the answer?

-Charles Lee

A: The Familiars only reduce the colorless portion of the mana cost, and since Horned Kavu has no colorless mana in its casting cost, Horned Kavu will still cost RG to play.

-Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 judge




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