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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Choices on Announcement

Q: When do I choose a colour for Addle? I believe I choose a colour on resolution, once it is to late to counter or respond to. Various people have told me different things about when a choose a colour. Thanks for clearing up this confusion.


A: The only things you choose when you play a spell are targets and modes. Since the color choice for Adlle is neither of those, you choose it on resolution.


Q: If I tap a basic land for mana and I have Pulse of Llanowar out what kind of mana would I get? Pulse says "instead of its normal type" so I would assume that it would be any OTHER color, however, it says you choose, so I would also assume that you would be able to choose from the color wheel and pick the color of your choice, namely whatever color you tapped the land for (i.e forest for green or such). How's this work?


A: You choose a color of mana. (This can be the same color the land would produce anyway.) Then, instead of getting the mana you would normally get, you get mana of the color you chose.

The instead is there to show that the Pulse's ability is replacing the normal mana ability of the land. It doesn't preclude you from getting that same color via the Pulse.


Q: Can I sacrafice a creature from my hand or does it have to be summoned first?


A: Creatures only exist in play (they're creature cards everywhere else), so you can only sacrifice a creature from in play.


Q: I have seen your mantras a ton, but found this:

"Any damage that would be dealt to it from sources having that quality is prevented"

--From the "protection" section of the rules.

You said that something with protection "can't be dealt damage" on your Thursday the 30th column, but the rules say it prevents it. Does this mean a Flaring Pain (damage can't be prevented) with a Pyroclasm (deals 2 damage to all creatures) would deal damage to something with protection from red (let's say Skirk Fire Marshal)?

A: The "can't" I use in the mantra is part of my attempt to make the rules easier. Unfortunately, it makes it sound like it can never be dealt damage, which is incorrect. (If I can figure out another clear way of putting it that doesn't use the word "can't," I'll update it.)

So, if you play Flaring Pain, and then Pyroclasm, your Skirk Fire Marshall will be dealt 2 damage. This is because "Damage can't be prevented," and can't always wins. Sorry for the mix up.


Q: Question on this card:

Righteous Cause

Color= White Type= Enchantment Cost= 3WW ON(U)

Text (ON): Whenever a creature attacks, you gain 1 life.

Assume I already have this in play. My opponent attacks me with 4 Birds of Paradise. This activates my Righteous Cause, but to what extent? Do I gain 4 life, once for each "a creature", or just 1 life because "a creature" has attacked. Does it keep track of the number.

A: Righteous Cause will trigger once for each creature that attacks. So if 4 creatures attack, you will gain 4 life.


Q: I've notice occasionally that an artifact creature doesn't state a creature type, like Ornithopter. I know that Chimeras are Chimeras, and Golems are Golems, but if it doesn't have a type listed, is it a creature without type?


Color= Artifact Type= Artifact Creature Cost= 0


Text (AQ/RV/4th/5th/6th): 0/2, Flying.


A: If an artifact creature doesn't have a type listed, then it is a creature without a type, yes.


Q: If my opponent attacks with Phage and I cast Captain's Maneuver to redirect 2 to the 4 damage back to them, do we both lose?

A: No. If Phage happens to damage more than one player as a result of combat damage, there will be multiple triggers to deal with. Your opponent will control both triggers, so she gets to choose the order the triggers go on the stack, and therefore, who loses.

(If she's smart, she'll put the trigger affecting her on the stack first, then the trigger affecting you. Since the trigger affecting you will resolve first, you lose the game.)


Q: I have out an Astral Slide and a Lightning Rift. My opponent has 2 Capsizes in hand and enough mana to play them. I cycle a card. My opponent, in response, bounces both the Slide and Rift to my hand. Will either ability trigger from the cycling card before the cards are returned to hand?


A: Yes. Removing the source of an ability does not stop the ability from resolving. Abilities exist independent of the permanent that generated them.


Q: Wash Out is played and the color white is chosen. All permanents that are white go to their owners' hand. Land still stay in play because lands are colorless right?

-Chris Grimes

A: Correct.


Q: How much damage will my Double Strike creature deal to my opponent if the creature is not blocked?

-Michael J.

A: The creature will deal its power twice to the opponent, effectively doing double the damage.


Tournament Report - FNM - Orange, CA

So, I head down there, and as I'm feeling run down, I decide to play U/G.

3 Wonder

4 Arrogant Wurm

4 Aether Burst

4 Wild Mongrel

1 Aquamoeba

2 Counterspell

2 Deep Analysis

3 Roar of the Wurm

4 Careful Study

4 Basking Rootwalla

3 Merfolk Looter

4 Circular Logic

1 Upheaval

4 City of Brass

1 Centaur Garden

7 Forest

10 Island


4 Compost

2 Krosan Reclamation

3 Moment's Peace

3 Naturalize

3 Phantom Centaur

So I sign up, and then walk in back to see their play area has been drastically reduced. So we only get to have 13 players, and 4 rounds. More on a solution for this later.

Round 1 - Paul C. - Tog

Game 1 - He rolls a 19, then I roll a 20 and decide to go first. I get down a couple of creatures, but he takes control, and takes me out from 11.

Sideboard: in: 4 Compost, 3 Moment's Peace, 3 Phantom Centaur. Out: 4 Aether Burst, 2 Deep Analysis, 1 Roar of the Wurm, 1 Wonder, 1 Aquamoeba, 1 Arrogant Wurm.

Game 2 - I get another slow start, and get no creatures out on the board. He has to carefully play around a Moment's Peace in the graveyard, and another in my hand, but eventually he Wishes for the Mana Short. I ask him to show me 2 counters, and he does, so I scoop.

Games: 0-2, Matches: 0-1

Round 2 - Jeff D. - Glide

Both games, he has mana problems, and doesn't even get out of the chute. I would write more, but it really doesn't matter here.

Sideboarding between games was: In: 3 Naturalize, Out: 3 Roar of the Wurm.

Games: 2-2, Matches: 1-1

Round 3 - Justin E. - Tog

When I sit down, I ask Justin if he wants to concede. To my surprise, he answers "yes." He doesn't like his chances in this matchup.

Game 1 - He wins the roll, 20-1. I get a quick Mongrel-Wonder-Arrogant Wurm beatdown. On his last turn, he tries an Upheaval, but I counter it.

Sideboard: In: 4 Compost, 3 Moment's Peace, 3 Phantom Centaur. Out: 4 Aether Burst, 3 Roar of the Wurm, 2 Deep Analysis, 1 Aquamoeba.

Game 2 - He is short on mana the first few turns. I play turn 2 Mongrel, turn 3 Compost, and an Arrogant Wurm and Phantom Centaur after he Smothers my dog turn 2. He never gets to 6 mana to try to heave, and I have the counter anyway.

Games: 4-2, Matches: 2-1.

I look on the pairings sheet for this round, and as I don't like most of my possible pairings, I decide to drop and go home.

Well, this will be my last time here for a long while, as I won't drive 35 miles for something like this. Apparently, the area manager wants more product out, giving us less playing space.

Luckily, there is a new FNM starting up next week at:

All-Star Games

2773 S Diamond Bar Blvd

Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Start time is 6:30pm, and the format is type 2. If you live near there, help me kick off a new store of FNM. Hope to see you there!

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin


DCI Level 2 Judge




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