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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner
January 30, 2002

Q: Hey, I think I found an infinite mana combo. It involves Cabal Ritual and Mirari, and could use Death Grasp for the win. If I had threshold and a Mirari out, could I play Cabal Ritual to add 5 black mana to my pool, pay 3 colorless to activate Mirari and keep on making copies of the Ritual with 2 mana left over from each copy to get infinite mana? Thanks.

A: Mirari will only trigger once for each instant or sorcery spell played. So the best you could do is turn 1 Black and 4 colorless mana into 10 Black mana. Note that you won't have the Ritual mana to use for Mirari, so you'll have to have 5 mana available to make 10.

Q: Hello I was wondering:
Could you play Doomsday Specter even if you don't have a blue or black creature?

Thanx a lot,
Michael Metzger

A: Yes, you could play the Specter without another blue or black creature out, but unless you have something to change the color of the Specter (Shifting Sky, for example), you'll have to return the Specter back to your hand.

Q: I have a Skull Catapult out, I cast Control Magic on one of my opponents creatures, sacrifice it to my Skull Catapult and then cast Enchantment Alteration on the Control Magic to grab another creature of my opponents.
Is this workable? I use this combination fairly regularly (typically Seasinger handles the creature stealing, but Control Magic is there for good measure) and have never been questioned on the legality of it until recently. Any thoughts?

TJ Phillips

A: Unfortunately, Control Magic won't serve your purpose here. Once you sacrifice the creature to the Skull Catapult, the Control Magic goes to the graveyard before you even have a chance to do anything else.

Q: Cast Illusions of Grandeur, gain 20 life. Cast Donate to give it to your opponent. Your opponent eventually can't keep up with the cumulative upkeep so it leaves play. Your opponent loses 20 life.


A: You're absolutely right here. In fact, a major combo deck in Extended known as "Trix" was based completely around this principle.

Bill Guerin
DCI Level 2 Judge




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