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Judge's Corner

Wrath of Rotlungs

Q: If I have four Rotlung Reanimators in play and I cast Wrath of God, how many zombies will I be left with?

A: 16. Each Rotlung will trigger for each Rotlung leaving play, so each Rotlung will produce 4 tokens, for a total of 16 tokens.


Q: Does this number change if my opponent casts the Wrath since s/he has priority?

A: No.


Q: How about if there are 3 or 2 Rotlungs in play?

-Ben W.

A: 3 Rotlungs would make 9 tokens, 2 Rotlungs would make 4 tokens.


Q: I was helping my friend make a deck that revolves around the discarding of cards. I added some cycling cards because I am under the impression that cycling counts as discarding. My question is, if I cycled a card, can I pay the activation cost on Spirit Cairn?

A: Yes, since you discarded a card, Spirit Cairn will trigger.


Q: If another player cycled a card, and I had Megrim out, would they take two damage?

-Luke C.

A: Yes.


Q: When my friends and I play together, we usually follow a certain method we are used to. When casting a spell, we start by tapping the mana, then announcing the spell and showing it. Sometimes that spell would be countered, and thus the mana tapped served no purpose and was lost. My question is, do we only pay for spells by tapping mana once we resolve spells in order on the stack? In that case, his counterspell would be resolved first, thus he would tap two islands, and since my spell "no longer existed", I wouldn't need to tap my mana. Is this correct?


A: No. You pay the mana for the spell when you cast it. If the spell is countered, you donít get a ďrefund.Ē


Q: Player A plays a Shifting Sky calling out blue, so all the creatures are blue, so player B has another Shifting Sky calling out red, so all the creatures are red also, and to top this, Player C has also an old enchantment that says that all creatures are black, so here we have a menagerie of blue/red/black creatures and if this wasn't enough player D plays two Wild Mongrels and argues that this enchantments don't affect his doggies when he discards a card...

First: which color are the creatures really? Which one takes preference? Everybody argues that their enchantment takes preference since they are global and the owner of the Mongrels say he's creatures are safe as long as he discard a card until the end of turn, but the owners of the enchantments argue that theirs take over the ability of the Mongrel...what do you think?

-Victor T.

A: The creatures are the color of the last enchantment to be played .If Player Aís enchantment came out last, all permanents are blue. If Player Bís enchantment came out last, all permanents are red. If Player Cís enchantment came out last, all permanents are blue. They will never be more than one color.

As to the dogs, if Player D discards a card, the Dog will be whatever color was chosen when the Dogís ability resolved.

Think of these effects as coats of paint. Each time an effect is added, a fresh coat of paint is applied, making it a new color.

(The downside to this example is visualizing removing a coat of paint that isnít the top coat. Thatís how it would work in the game, but itís practically impossible to remove any coat but the top in real life without also removing the top coat of paint.)


Q: I have Familiar Ground and a creature with Lure in play . My opponent has 4 creatures in play, all of them untapped. What happens when I attack with the creature with Lure, I mean how many creatures block my lurer?

-Gantcho Kojuharov

A: One creature blocks your Lured creature (opponentís choice). Since the other creatures canít block due to the Familiar Groundís effect, they donít block the Lured creature.


Q: I have a rules question I'd like to ask. If a creature is put into play using a creatures or artifacts ability, can the creature be countered by a counterspell? For example, if an Elvish Piper or Dragon Arch is used to bring Rith, the Awakener into play, can a counter spell counter Rith the Awakener?


A: No. Counterspells can only counter spells. Since the Rith is never a spell, Counterspell canít touch it.


Q: I was just wondering, out of curiosity, if a judge gets paid by WotC for the tournaments he or she judges, or if you have to have a job on the side. If you do get paid, are you at liberty to say how much?


A: WotC does not pay judges directly. Itís the individual organizer that pays the judges.

Pay is determined (usually) by the tournament organizer of the event that the judge works at. As an example, when I worked at PTQís or the like in Utah, I usually received one box of product for the whole day (9am-about 10pm) (prereleases were different, usually more due to a higher workload). When I worked at GP: Los Angeles, I received 4 packs for each hour I worked.

Your mileage may vary, though, as different organizers pay different. You need to come to an agreement with the organizer you wish to work for.

But as you can see, there is really no way to survive solely on the judge support you get. And if you want to be a judge solely for the pay you get, then youíve come to the wrong place.


Q: This email is focusing on the January 21, 2003 Card of the Day, Invigorate from Mercadian Masques. I was just wondering with an Onslaught rare False Cure played on an opponent, then you play Invigorate to pump up one of your creatures with the and give the other opponent 3 life all this free because of the if you control a land you may give opponent 3 life affect on the card. Wouldn't this make the card great by basically paying BB to make an opponent lose 3 life and give a creature get +4/+4 until end of turn, it can even get more fun if you have multiple Invigorates in your had so you can take 3 life from you opponent and give +4/+4 each time if anything this is one solid game winner. I just wanted to state this because if I'm correct none of the reviewers noticed this. I don't know if you guys did and didn't say anything or just didn't notice at all. I just wanted to make sure I'm not going insane.

-Shawn Winigman

A: You are correct. We donít focus on specific card interactions, though, unless they immediately pop to mind, or we would be focusing on a card for 6 months and never get in the review. And even if we did, it would overload the Pojo server :).

See you Monday.

Bill Guerin


DCI Level 2 judge




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