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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

What Color Are Morphs?

Well, since I published a column on Friday, not many people wrote in with questions. So Iíll get to the 2 questions, then on to the tournament report.


Q: I have Opal Titan in play as an enchantment, and my opponent play a card face down. My Titan turns into a creature but what color does it have protection from. The Titan says it has protection from the cardís color, so does that mean my opponent has to tell me what color the card is on the front side or does it not get protection because colorless is not counted as a color?


A: Face down cards (and spells) are colorless, so the Titan wouldnít have protection from anything.


Q: I use Ring of Gix or Icy Manipulator on a land that an opponent controls. Can the opponent tap the land before the ability of the artifact? arguing that tapping a land is faster? the same thing is argued about instants that tap all lands, can he tap them after I declared them tapped to play an instant?

-Victor T.

A: First of all, no spell or ability is faster than any other. Some spells and abilities just have restrictions on when they can be played.

Whenever you play a spell or ability, your opponent has a chance to play other spells or abilities before that spell or ability resolves. So if you play the Ring of Gixís ability to tap his land, he can tap it for mana before that ability resolves. (Of course, he will have to spend that mana before the end of the phase, or take mana burn.)


Tournament Report - FNM - Orange, CA - T1

Well, I talk to Scott, while he is at the Masters, and he plays a weird deck and gets to the 4th round of the Gateway with it. Then we discuss the changes Gary Wise made to the deck, and I write down the cards I need. Unfortunately, Scott doesnít have any fetch lands at home, so I end up sleeving up U/G madness, since I want something thatíll play quick after the day I had at school.

U/G Madness

4 Arrogant Wurm

4 Aether Burst

4 Wild Mongrel

2 Aquamoeba

2 Counterspell

2 Deep Analysis

3 Roar of the Wurm

4 Careful study

4 Basking Rootwalla

3 Wonder

3 Merfolk Looter

4 Circular Logic

4 City of Brass

1 Centaur Garden

7 Forest

10 Island


4 Compost

2 Krosan Reclamation

2 Momentís Peace

4 Naturalize

3 Spellbane Centaur

So I get to the Block, and play a few games before the tournament starts. The last game, I play against a guy, and go through the motions of getting enough cards into my graveyard to Logic a Book Burning. I first have to sac a Delta, then I Loot into the Logic, and immediately cycle a Sandbar. He is utterly confused by this, and luckily, Jon comes out with the parings. Unluckily, I play the guy I was just playing against.

Round 1 - Christoř - U/r

(He had to correct me once on how to spell it, and I still didnít get it right. I looked on my symbols, and this was the closest thing to what he was describing. Hopefully I got it here, and hopefully, it translates into the web page correctly.)

Game 1 - He rolls a 1, and I roll a 0, which is usually 10. However, he thinks it is a 0, and Iím not going to argue it, so I let him go first. I have to take a mulligan with 2 Arrogant Wurms and 5 lands, since I know I need to come out aggressively.

He ends up getting in one hit with a 2 power creature, and gets out a Quicksilver Dragon with mana to protect it. I discard a Burst to a Mongrel, and then bounce the Dragon and the creature it blocked, so he canít redirect it.

He replays the Dragon, and I get the last 3 points of damage in.

Sideboard: Nothing.

Game 2 - I take a lot of pain with my lands, as my first 3 lands are 2 Cities of Brass and the Garden. I get the quick beatdown here, and he goes 19-16-10-0 with no problems.

Games: 2-0, Matches: 1-0.

We start to play another game, but he makes a comment about my play, and I just scoop to him and walk away.

Round 2 - Matthew R. - Mist of Stagnation.dec

Game 1 - I win the roll, 18-13, and play. I get a quick game in, as he doesnít manage to get anything in. I though he was playing Tog, because he ended up with 4 blue or black producing lands. He also had a Delusions of Mediocrity, which I countered.

Sideboard: In: 3 Compost, 2 Naturalize, 1 Something else (I wrote down Looter, but no Looters in board). Out: 2 Deep Analysis, 1 each of Arrogant Wurm, Careful Study, Aquamoeba, and Merfolk Looter. Again, my sideboard here is against him being Tog, and the Naturalizes are for Delusions tricks ...

Game 2 - Which he very quickly showed me is not the case. He plays a Flooded Strand and sacs for a Plains. He plays a morph face down, and I donít block. He flips a Riptide Entrancer and sacs it. I pitch a Wonder before my Mongrel deserts. He then Grip of Amnesias a Wonder, and I remove the other Wonder to let the Wonder hit. He Grips something else, and I remove the Wonder. He then plays Mist of Stagnation.


I eventually am able to get a card into the grave, and he puts too many cards into his grave, making him untap some of my permanents. I bounce and replay the Mongrel, he plays another morph. This time I block, and it is another Entrancer. The game ends shortly thereafter.

Games: 4-0, Matches: 2-0.

He comments on how he didnít realize he had to untap some of my permanents if he had too many cards in the grave, and on how that forced his hand sooner.

Round 3 - Andrew D. - Mirror Match

While He is shuffling up for game 1, I see a City of Brass (I think), then another card that let me know this was the mirror. He takes a while to shuffle before we begin.

Game 1 - He wins the roll, 15-9. Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for him), I get a 2 Study, 4 Burst draw. I bounce his stuff a couple of times while he has 3 land out - an Island, a Plains, and a City. Each time, he taps two to play the Mongrel, and then taps the City to play a Rootwalla. This takes him down to 6, and Aquamoeba flipped plus Walla pumped is just enough to finish him.

Sideboard: In: 3 Spellbane Centaur, 2 Krosan Reclamation, 2 Momentís Peace. Out: 2 Counterspell, 2 Deep Analysis, 3 Merfolk Looter.

Game 2 - He mulligans once. He plays a Mongrel turn 2 after I play a turn 1 Walla. He attacks, I block, and he immediately pitches 2 to kill the Walla. I Momentís Peace instead. He claims I pumped the Walla, but he pitched before I ever tapped mana.

The same thing happens again, and the Walla dies this time. I think at this point I got Wonder in the grave, bounced and countered his creatures, and flew over for the win.

Games: 6-0, Matches: 3-0

I walk over to Krispy Kreme, since I am at least staying another round, and get some doughnuts. I come back to find the other 4-0s are David ďBattle of WitsĒ Welty, Josue (Tog), and a guy running elves. David and I talk about drawing whenever weíre paired, since we fear each other the most. The pairings go up, and I play ...

Round 4 - Cameron - Elves

Game 1 - We both roll 7's, and after I roll 10, he just asks if Iím going first. I say yes, and we get started.

I play several quick creatures, and get a Wonder into the grave, to make my stuff fly. I counter a Heedless One, and a late Coat of Arms, and just keep swinging for the win.

Sideboard: In: 2 Naturalize, 2 Momentís Peace. Out: 2 Deep Analysis, 1 Arrogant Wurm, 1 Careful Study.

Game 22 - He gets a turn 2 Wellwisher. This means We went to game 3, especially since I didnít see a counterspell this whole game, right?

Not so fast. I get a flying (Roar of the) Wurm, Mongrel, and Walla. I also take advantage of several of his misplays. First, he also got down a quick Wirewood Lodge and Deserted Temple, but forgot to use it one turn. Then, when I bounce the Wellwisher in response to a Seeker activation to untap it, he fails to untap it using the Temple, just letting it bounce instead. I then bounce it the next time he plays it, and am able to do enough damage before it comes back on line.

Games: 8-0, Matches: 4-0

I sit around, watching the David/Josue match as it goes to time. Josue is unable to get enough through to kill David game 2, and so David wins 1-0. And so ...

Round 5 - David Welty - Battle of Wits

Intentional Draw.

Games: 8-0, Matches: 4-0-1

We get vouchers for our boosters, since the store sold the last of their Onslaught earlier in the day. We also get our Bottle Gnomes, and are able to leave shortly after round 5 started.

See you Thursday.

Bill Guerin


DCI Level 2 Judge




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