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Pojo's Magic The Gathering
Judge's Corner

Fun With Lifeline

Short Answers:

-At the end of each phase, you lose 1 life for each unspent mana in your mana pool. This is called “mana burn.”

-Whenever a face down morph creature leaves play IN ANY WAY or the game ends, you must show it to your opponent(s).

-You can untap an untapped creature just fine. So you can Threaten an untapped creature, and you will gain control of it.

-Static Orb’s effect only works if it is untapped. If Static Orb is tapped, all permanents untap as normal.

-To become a judge, contact your local level 3 (or higher) judge. He or she will tell you the requirements.


Full Answers:

Q: Lifeline is on my opponent's side of the table, along with Spore Frog, Bottle Gnomes, the typical 'lots an' lots' stuff. If I wait until the 'at end of turn' effects end during my opponent's turn, could I kill the Frog and have fog-free combat during my turn?


A: Yes, since the time for “at end of turn” triggers has already passed.


Q: Can I make my Morphling become a -1/7?

A: You can make his toughness as large as you like (with as much mana as you have). Technically, the game will see the Morphling as a 0/7 for everything except raising its power.


Q: Do medallions reduce the cost of buyback, kickers, or madness?

A: Yes. Medallions reduce the total play cost (the total cost to play the spell).


Q: If I Liquefy a face down creature, is it countered no matter what its normal casting cost is?

A: Face down spells have a mana cost of 0. So you can Liquefy them just fine.


Q: My friend just played Upheaval followed by a Psychatog. When it’s my turn I play a Mountain and end my turn. During my opponent's turn, he chucks his entire hand and removes his graveyard to swing for 22. In response, while Psychatog's abilities are still on the stack, I Shock it. He then tries to take back his last move of removing his last two cards from his graveyard to avoid losing. I say that he can't do that but he refuses to listen to me and declares himself the winner. I say that the match is still on. Who is right here?

A: You are. If he pumped the Psychatog all the way without letting you respond, you can kill it with a Shock before it gets the bonus.


Q: What happens if I Backlash a B.F.M? Does it matter which half I target?


A: You target the creature, not a half of it. B.F.M. is one creature, even though it is two cards.


Q: What will happen if I have an Oversold Cemetary in play and my graveyard has 4 creatures in it, and the deepest (fist destroyed) creature is Nether Shadow?

At the beginning of my upkeep both Oversold Cemetary and Nether Shadow’s abilities trigger, which will return one creature to my hand and the Shadow to play.

The question is:

When either of these abilities resolve, will it prevent the other's ability from happening since the condition is now false?


A: You are exactly right.

-Bill Guerin


DCI Level 2 Judge




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