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John Shultis on Magic
Hold the Line

Welcome to another new Precon Recon here at Pojo.com! Here I take a look at Preconstructed Decks and Reconstruct them into better playing decks. This time around, I will be looking at the Hold the Line event deck for Innistrad. I know last time I said I would be looking at a WUBRG deck (all five colored) but since the Elf deck review went up around Christmas (and I couldn’t find one I wanted to look at) I went ahead and moved onward with some Innistrad, since soon we will be looking at the Dark Ascension decks. For the original deck list, be sure to Hold the Linehead here: http://www.wizards.com/magic/tcg/productarticle.aspx?x=mtg/tcg/innistrad/eventdecks#deck1.

Hold the Line
Innistrad Event Deck

Main Deck
60 cards

24 Plains

4 Accorder Paladin
1 Champion of the Parish
4 Doomed Traveler
1 Elite Inquisitor
2 Elite Vanguard
4 Fiend Hunter
4 Gideon's Lawkeeper
2 Mirran Crusader

4 Bonds of Faith
2 Butcher's Cleaver
2 Honor of the Pure
4 Oblivion Ring
2 Silver-Inlaid Dagger
4 Celestial Purge
4 Leonin Relic-Warder
1 Nevermore
3 Nihil Spellbomb
3 Suture Priest
15 sideboard cards

     The Hold the Line deck is about hitting fast and hard, early, and keeping up the pressure. The deck achieves this by having some cheap creatures that have decent abilities, and then pumping them with equipment. We will look to build on that and continue to exploit what used to be known as a “White Weenie” strategy.

     The first aspect I will look at are what may not be working in the deck. This deck is very easy for me looking at it, and should make a lot if sense as we move forward. The thing I must clear up quickly is the main part of the deck will be built towards Modern format or Vintage, however, some of the changes can easily be altered to become Standard as well.

    So with this deck being designed to specifically be Aggro based, the Gideon’s Lawkeeper’s should be removed. The are mainly defensive, I do understand that they can be used offensively, but they mainly are to keep a threat locked down. I believe the deck has enough other ways of accomplishing this, and will opt for some faster creatures to get the job done faster. The next card I will suggest we remove is the Doomed Traveler’s. Angelic DestinyThey may have a handy ability when they die, but we would rather not see things die. The other creature that should come out is the Accorder Paladin. Normally I like the Paladin, but in this deck I prefer some other options. I would also consider taking out the Honor of the Pure’s. I know, jaws must have just hit the floor around the world.

      So that is fourteen (14) cards out if you take my suggestions. The cards that we will be adding mainly only strengthen the basis that was laid out already. One card that I would stress getting for the deck is Angelic Destiny from M12. The Angelic Destiny gives enchanted creature +4/+4, flying, first strike, and should the creature die, Angelic Destiny returns to your hand.

     Other cards that I highly suggest for this deck are Memnite and Signal Pest. Signal Pest’s evasion means that once you put a pump on him, he is hard to block. And as far as the Memnite goes, he is a zero drop, meaning that you could get him and a Signal Pest out on your first turn and then begin swinging for substantial damage quickly. Another card that I would highly recommend adding in are Armored Ascensions. These cards grant flying, and then pump the creature for each Plains you control, and since Plains are your only source of mana, you should be able to gain a very nice pump off the Armored Ascension. And just think of how nicely it will work having an Armored Ascension enchanting Mirran Crusader. That would make him a flying double striker, that if cast in turn order would be a 6/6 (begins as a 2/2, and then +4/+4 from the Armored Ascension), which means 12 damage in the air if your opponent has no fliers. But why leave hitting up to chance? The final card I would add is Brave the Elements. Brave the Elements allows you to choose a color, and White creatures Memniteyou control gain protection from the color of your choice. This means that against a mono-colored deck, they would be unable to block you.

     And these are the changes I would make. May not seem like an awful lot, but they are very effective. Since we removed fourteen cards, you can mix it up as you choose. I would really go either the Angelic Destiny or the Armored Ascension, and then four each of the Memnite and Signal Pest, and then two of the Brave the Elements. However, if you wish to up the pumps, or the Brave the Elements, you are ok, since the Memnite’s do not cost any mana. But, if you wish to add some more mana, that is ok too.

       And there we have it. Another Precon Recon in the books. Soon we will be reviewing Dark Ascension, and then hopefully we will be looking at the Preconstructed decks. And make sure you all get to your nearest Prerelease and Launch Party for Dark Ascension. I know my store will be hosting one, and we are all super excited!

      If there are any decks you would like to see Reconstructed, be sure to drop me an e-mail. Just be sure to include the name of the deck, the format you would like to see it done in, and any special things you may wish for the deck to accomplish.

     So until next time, keep safe, and keep gaming!


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