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The Heretic's Sermon

Help Me! - The Testament of a Registered User on the M:TG Board
By John Hornberg

-This article reflects only the views of the writer, and by no means is rleated to the views of the sites runners, creators, or my fellow featured writers.
First, before I get on with my article, I need to do a couple of lines of ranting.
Has a comic store ever accused you of stealing, and even gone as far to ask to see your backpack or to empty your pockets?
It’s embarrassing, and it happened to me.  For those of you who live in my area, I HIGHLY urge all of you to detest A-1 Comics Roseville.  They possess no right to do that to anyone, especially at the front counter in front of everyone else, let alone select people, which happened to me there, because there were other people, with back packs like mine, thumbing through the singles and the clerk didn’t even talk to them when they went up to pay.
If anyone who works there is reading this works for A-1 Comics, consider this your warning, because next time I won’t be so ho-hum about the incident.
Well, I’m done ranting,  on with what I actually wanted to talk about.  I’m going to tell everyone in about the message board, the people on it, and the pro’s and con’s to it from the regular registered-user/players point of view.

Truthfully, the message board is not for the light at heart.  There is some course exchanges, followed by a lot of resentment.  Still, most of the people have reached a consensus, and the Magic: The Gathering Message Board has hit an almost renaissance.
It still lacks the necessary acclaim and recognition that the Pokémon board receives, and the boom of different miscellaneous forums that all the other sections have received over the passed few months.  This especially ticks me off, because you look at the Harry Potter forum, which is relatively new as opposed to the Magic forums, already has more forums than the Magic Section.
Still, this is relatively minor compared to what you get from the board.  it is like judging a book by its cover, which is something you should never do, especially if it’s written by Vonnegut, Bierce, Pratchett, or Jacques.
The benefits severely outweigh the problems with the board.  One such pro to going on is the free deck help.  You can simply post your deck, ask for help, and the people most likely help you.
I will at least.
Also, you get the benefit of reading things that great, pro tour caliber players suggest, although some of them can be a bit stuck up at times.
It also allows people to air out their debate skills without actually having to stand face to face with someone to do so.
Now, you’re probably asking, “Why is this such a plus?”
I’ll tell you why!   For those of you who are shy, or just not big talkers, it allows you to but in, and not to worry about being told off or being injured because, and I don’t speak for the crowd but I certainly should, it’s a lot easier to handle criticism and when it’s in type and not being said verbally, because you don’t always respond without thinking, or out of pure anger at the spur of the moment.
Aside from that, the con’s can be glaring.
One such con has to do with the good players..... a recurring theme with them is that they can be snotty.
Now wait!  Before you pull out the torches and pitch forks, hear me out.  A lot of the good players, and I won’t name names because I’ve been that way as well, can be insulting when it comes to proving a point.
To put it this way, they all have the “I’m right all the time” attitude.
Being one of them sometimes, I’ll speak for the crowd with a two word response: “Damn straight!”
Another con has to do with insulting.  If you tend to write in short hand a lot of the time, like this:
I h8 ppl w/ bd grmmr.
.... you tend to get a bad picture painted of you.  A lot of people try to write everything in it’s entirety, and tend to give the “Newbie” blow off to people who right like that.
I’m sorry, but I don’t respond to things like this either.  Why?  Because my English teachers Ms. LaRocca and Ms. Roberts, as well as my anal-retentive, story-writing older brother, Andrew, have taught me too well.  I don’t accept, let alone read, things that are written with poor grammar.  Please, I beg of you, write EVERYTHING there as though you were going to send it to this site.
I’m more hard line on this, most people are a lot more lenient on this, though.
Another con Can be the moderators.  They've had streaks of being, well, real pricks.  I’m not insulting their characters, nor am I trying to insult them directly or at all for that matter, but I’ve been the grunt of a moderator’s fury before, and I found it insulting.  It had to do with the issue of me becoming a moderator (he said the equivalent of he’d have a drink with the devil before he recommended me.)
I never did let him know that I was incredibly offended by his comments, so I haven’t really tried to patch things up with him.
He still seems to have some resentment towards me...... well, enough reminiscing.
They can have hissy fits at times, and they’ll lock topics with little cause, this happened a little while back, and from the registered users point of view, seemed unfair.  They’ve done it over one word, and over pure irrelevance.
Lately, the new moderators have been really good, and extremely nice.  The existing ones have been in a state of dormancy for roughly two months.
Which is good, and allowed the users to “be free” to do as they please.
As I said, the con’s are minor to the pro’s.  You can become a better player through the wisdom of everyone else, and all the con’s do is inhibit what you might want to say, or do just a little bit.
Still, the amount of information shared is amazing.  I single handedly credit the people - The Whammy, TranceKuja183, ItWasntJustaDream, millstoner5, and EVERYONE else who contributes - for whom go to the message board with my job writing for the site.
They indirectly affected my play, thus I became a better player, went out, displayed it, and got to where I am today, an emerging, almost great player in my area.
Thus, I thank all of you in the typical message board fashion:
THANK YOU!!!!!!    :)
I had little talent before I started going, and then I started, and got good.  This wasn’t overnight.  It involves opening your mind to new ideas, closing your mind will get you no where.
Believe me, I tell the truth when it comes to the message board.

John “The Happy Heretic” Hornberg
You can reach me at promiseland85@hotmail.com if you want to talk with me. 
If I don’t respond right away, I’m not singling you out, I’m just running behind.  We're getting ready to put out another paper, so I might be running short on time, but that doesn't mean I won't write.  I have another article that's half done already, so you'll hear from me soon!




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