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The Help Desk - by Jonathan Pechon 

My Horrible Attitude

     Every one of us has gotten frustrated with this game.

     Let me repeat this for you.  And for myself.


      If you try to deny this fact, you may as well deny being human.

     Let’s look at this more simply, more fully.  Given a certain period of time, there will undoubtedly be an event of circumstance that will not be in your favor.  You will mulligan multiple times, yet continue to receive the one-land-tease.  That bastard of an opponent will get the same god-draw in game three that he did in game one.  Your deck will simply refuse to spit out the cards you want or need.  Whatever.

     We all suffer from the same horrible disease:  karma.

     I have funny beliefs about karma.  I guess I’ve earned what I’m receiving in play, as my luck has been alternating between simply poor and absolutely atrocious.  While I enjoy what I can accomplish some of the time, the things that lay out on the table in front of me seem to take a twist for the surreal at the most inopportune times.  It simply registers at the time as, “I’m getting screwed.”  And, for some strange reason, I take it incredibly personally.  PERSONALLY.  As if the fact that you just resolved your fourth Fact or Fiction against me while I’m still stuck at three lands is something you are actually doing to me, rather than the simple fate of cards drawn from a pile.

     It’s amazing what you will do when you are angry.  I don’t know what it is, maybe my sick drive for perfection in my work, or my honest desire to win, or simply to accomplish anything, but I’ve found myself at times in an absolute fury about the things that happen in this game.  And, like most people who wear their emotions so close to the surface, I have erupted from time to time, shouting, or perhaps just shooting my mouth off.  At times, for very brief moments, I become someone that I don’t think I like a whole lot.

     Sometimes I wish I had the discipline just to let it roll off of me, “To let that which does not matter truly slide.”  For a person like myself, it can be a great trial to accomplish this.  And I haven’t succeeded yet.  Right now, I can rationally say that I do not believe that winning is that important.  And I will also bet cash money that, the next time I am on the verge of being crushed, that rage will bubble back up to the surface.  I wonder what I will do at that moment, if I will be the better person and player, or if I will continue to fail the tests?

     As I fail these tests, I wonder how it affects what will come.  The next time I have to flip over the card I need, will it be there?  Or will I have simply “willed” it to the bottom of my deck, as some kind of result of my previous actions?  While there is no true correlation between those two things, how I view karma tends to add those two together.  It’s a harsh view of one’s self, entirely unfair.  Believe me, I’m learning the lesson.  Again, and again, and again.

     So how do I continue playing?  How do I put my hands into fate over and over, hoping that it will just improve suddenly?  The answer to that is almost funny.  Through all this, all the rage, the bitterness, the frustration, I am improving myself.  I am learning better ways to deal with these kinds of failures and successes.  If you think that these kinds of circumstances are only limited to Magic, you have a great deal to learn in life.  When I can handle losing without the horrible feelings and display that has started to come afterward for me, I feel like I will have gained something much more important to me than a few DCI points.

     Buh!  That is enough of that.  On to other things, I would like to say thank you to everyone who has written me the last couple of weeks; I am still trying to keep up with email, so please have a smidge of patience with me.  I appreciate the compliments you guys have sent my way, and hope that the advice I’ve been able to offer has been useful.  Please email me any opinions or decks that you might want help with; I’m still open to anything that I receive, though please understand if I’m being critical.  I am here to make things work; it’s the job of the helpdesk, isn’t it?

     We’re all still plugging away at IBC right now.  I sincerely don’t think it is a crackable environment, in the same way that Urza’s Block split like a walnut struck with a sledgehammer.  It’s simply too open, with enough decks and quality cards that there will be no deck that stands so far out from the rest of the pack.  Plus, the quality level of the cards has allowed for a great deal of flexibility in decks; U/W/B does not mean you will be seeing exactly the same creatures and/or spells in every deck.  I wish I had something very insightful for you, but the only thing I can say is to find a deck with an acceptable power level, and become as comfortable with it as possible.  That will take you further than blindly copying decks.

     Well, it’s time to close up shop for the night.  I’m done downloading the songs I wanted, so there’s not a whole lot else to do.  Oh, if you are an anime and/or game fan, go take a gander at www.megatokyo.com, they are a fantastic webcomic with a lot going for it.  Not to mention that I have ordered one of the Overclocked T-shirts, for myself, but anyway…