The Biggest Ass in Texas is a resident of Austin, where he works for a Customer Service Corporation. 

He has qualified for the Pro Tour four times but has not made day two yet. He has played competitively since Stronghold and has many top 8's under his belt.


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with Fletcher Peatross

I came, I saw, I did not get mana screwed.

Finally, the Biggest Ass has come back to the Pojo.

I've been mired in the throws of the worst slump of my Magic career. 
Playing IBC was not (at least until this past weekend) even semi enjoyable to me. I was spited by the mana gods. They decided that I was not worthy of drawing mana in both, or three colors. In consecutive tournaments I lost every single match to mana problems of one sort or another. It even went over to my limited. It was horrible.

4-3 (and yes sadly some of those wins came from the 'losers' bracket)

I was bashed left and right. I played R/B, R/B/g, U/G/r, and U/B/g. 24-26 land. It was never enough.

And when I played 17 in a 40 card deck, I got mana screwed there too. Never drawing enough. I drafted twice after two PTQs (about a month apart). I lost to the same guy in each. I complained each time of mana screw. He asked (both times) "How much mana do you play?" The tone was always, "You aren't playing enough land obviously."

If 26 land in a 60 card deck is not enough, what do you do? Quit?

So I decided might as well just play 21 land instead.
No really. 21 Land.
2 Swamp
2 Yavimaya Coast
1 Elfhame Palace
6 Forest
3 Plains
2 Mountain
5 Island
2 Star Compass
4 Lay of the Land
3 Reviving Vapors
4 Harrow
1 Restock
4 Collective Restraint
2 Global Ruin
1 Ordered Migration
1 Questing Phelddagrif
2 Legacy Weapon
4 Evasive Action
2 Dromar's Charm
1 Void
1 Rout
1 Overgrown Estate
3 Worldly Counsel
3 Allied Strategies

SB: 3 Dismantling Blow
SB: 3 Destructive Flow
SB: 3 Jungle Barrier
SB: 2 Lobotomy
SB: 4 Gainsay

I stumbled on mana in like, 3 games total. I should have mulliganed the hands but since I had never played the deck IRL before I wasn't good enough to know.

The tournament was held in Houston and I kept track of my opponents as best I could.
Round 1 - Alex Wheeler from San Antonio
R/G Rocket Shoes

Anyone ever seen what Collective Restraint plus Global Ruin does to R/G? I hadn't until I did it to him. I sweep in two. I was at 8 in one game.
Round 2 - Haibing from Houston
Domain (darker than mine)

Haibing drew much better than me in this match, but I think I had a very poor understanding of the match up in general. He conceded to a Lobotomy in the second game and then smashed my face with Spiritmonger in the third.
Round 3 - Rocky from Austin
G/U/r Price.dec

Rocky brings is girlfriend to every PTQ he comes to. He's a manager at a ... dancing establishment and she's a dancer in this establishment.
If you think that makes him have an unfair advantage you are right.
This is the game I did not mulligan when I should have, but the second and third game my Destructive Flow made sure that he was never with the right mana, and his bad draw's helped tremendously. Considering this is his first real season and he had made top 8 the last tourney, I think he'll rebound.
Round 4 - Darren from Alexandria

Darren did not have any idea on how to handle the mirror. Since this was slightly worse than how much I understood about it, I came out on top.
Round 5 - Harrison Yat from Houston
B/R Machinehead

Again I keep a bad hand and he punishes me with turn 2 Familiar, turn 3 Specter, Turn 5 Specter. I come back in the next two because as we all know, B/R has very few ways to deal with enchantments.
Round 6 - Kyle from Houston
G/R Rocket Shoes

Kyle is a friend of Harrison's and takes one game from me, but I pull out the second two with ease. Reviving Vapors for 7 is nuts.
Now I need a draw and I'm in the top 8.
And I get paired down.
Round 7 - Trent Boneau

I win the first after 30 minutes or so. It takes him a very, very long time to kill me in the second. The third game does not even get going and I've got the draw I need.

Top 8
I get mana screwed.
End of report.
But, I enjoyed myself. I finally enjoyed magic again.
Next weekend is the final event of this season. I'm going to give it one more chance. If I qualify I'll be very happy. If I don't, I'll have San Diego to work for.
Until next time,
Fletcher Peatross
The Biggest Ass in Texas