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with Fletcher Peatross

12.04.01  If I couldn't abuse my being editor of the Pojo Magic site, what good would it be to have taken this job?
I need your help, loyal reader.  I need you to break a constructed format for me.  Event Horizons (the tournament organizers in Texas) holds the Event Horizons Invitational each year.  This year they are holding a set of 3 rounds with a constructed set of their own design.
And itís a really good set, with very powerful cards.  For example, for U1 you can have a 2/2 flier or Time Walk, but your opponent chooses which.  For B1 you get a 2/2 that reduces your opponents maximum hand size by 2.  You have spells that can be played as spells, or as lands, your choice.  Many of the cards have an ability more ridiculous than cycling!  How about counter target spell for U.  But then your opponent gets to put that card into HIS hand... and cast it for 1 if you have an island in play.
The mechanics for the format are very important and you should read them first at:
The cards of the format are located at
Here's what I want out of you, loyal reader.  The best deck.  I don't care what colors you use, I just want the best deck that can be made.  If you can find a combo, PLEASE find the combo.  I'd love to use a combo deck if I qualify.
And here's the payoff.
If I qualify (which might or might not happen depending on two upcoming tournaments), and then go 3-0 with a deck you submit to me, I'll send you half a box of product.  That's half of what I'd get for attending the event, so itís a pretty big offer for you.  2-1 will get 1/3 of a box.  1-1 will get you 1/6 of a box, and 0-3 gets you ridiculed publicly.
Good luck, and good designing.  I'll be establishing a special section for the decklists as soon as I get a few.  If the other competitors use your ideas, maybe they will send you something if they win.  Who knows?
Also, we'll be doing live coverage of this event when that time comes around in February.  I'll definitely tell you how I do in the invite-only tournament that will be held at GP Houston, and how I do at GP Houston, etc.
Until next time,
Fletcher Peatross
Magic Pojo Editor
The Biggest Ass in Texas

Copyright 2001


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