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with Fletcher Peatross

11.13.01 - Down in a ball of flames

I am more than happy that states are over.  For the record, I went 0-2 barbecue.  Down in a ball of flames.  I ended up playing a very controllish RBG deck with Rage, Spiritmonger, and Pyre Zombie for the kill.  It broke the first rule of control, that you must play blue.  Ah well, it's over and done with, and I'm glad.

I'm glad because I don't work well when I have too many options.  Give me the best deck, the net deck, the combo deck, give me something to work with.  Give me a sealed deck, give me a draft pack, give me something SMALL to work with.  I can't handle the 25+ options available in type 2 right now.
We ended up with the largest turnout ever at a Texas States, 120+ players. 
It was very cramped as they were expecting 90 at the most.  Everything ran as well as could be expected and in the end, someone I had never met or heard of won the Championship.  He was playing Benafel's version of U/G I believe.  Rick Burton created the most interesting deck.  I'm not sure on the decklist but it was U/B Finkel draw-go, but with Upheaval, Zombie Infestation, and Diabolic Tutor.  It allowed the deck to win in one fell swoop by floating a mana, casting Upheaval, laying Zombie Infestation, make a bunch of tokens, and say go.  Then attack for 8 or so.  You get the point.  It was really a great build, and his sideboard apparently was a key to its success.
Next week is the last shot I have for San Diego by playing it out against all the other hopefuls in San Antonio.  There is a tournament in Waco at fellow writer Dequan Watson's Game Closet, but I can't see myself playing magic on Thanksgiving weekend.  I have family things I need to do.  Which brings me to what happened this past weekend.
I wasn't mad.  I didn't freak out.  I just took my losses.  I was annoyed, and flipped a card a guy that I should have apologized for.  But I took them all and just kept going.  I think I still have a ways to go before I'm a good sport, before I'm a good person when I play magic, but this weekend was definite progress for me.
In a few weeks the qualifiers for Osaka start.  I qualified last year for the PT in Tokyo.  I did not go because I could not afford it.  If I won this year, I could not go again because I still can't afford it (maybe Pojo will sponsor me... yeah right).  But I'm going to play.  Not for the $500 waiting for me after the final match, but for the fun.  Extended has become a format I actually enjoy somewhat.  There are best decks to play, there are not so best decks to play, and there is a combo deck for me.  You'll see me casting my Sapphire Medallions, my Accumulated Knowledges.  You'll see my opponent wince as I cast Donate.
I love a good combo.
I heard someone this weekend call it Fletcher's Bargain instead of Yawgmoth's.
You have no idea how good that felt.  To be identified with a deck because you played it so well or because you created it has always been something I enjoyed.  I know that its only local, itís not that big of a deal, but it was very nice.
We are ALWAYS recruiting new writers.  Send me an article.  If I like it you'll see it posted.  If I don't, I'll tell you privately what I think.

Until next time,
Fletcher Peatross
The Biggest Ass in Texas
Magic Pojo Editor

Copyright 2001


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