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with Fletcher Peatross

11.08.01 - We're losing a writer.  Jason Chapman has decided to dedicate his writing to LOTR (Lord or the Rings for the uninformed).  It seems the new game has grown on him enough that he wants to start writing about that instead.  Pojo has no plans to add on a site for it at the moment though.  We wish you luck Jason!
In other news, states is in two days.  Sadly, the tech is not flowing.  This happened to me last year.  I didn't have a combo deck (which I prefer), didn't have a deck I really loved at all.  I did end up going 5-2 though. 

Out of the entire room, only three people played the deck I did, and one of them is the States Champ from last year.  He won by beating the opponent who spanked me in the last round of the swiss.  The environment has really shifted since then hasn't it?  Back then, fires was a deck that wasn't even known to be good (seriously, why would you just play another version of Fervor anyway?).

This year I am going to try and enjoy myself.  The tournament means very little even if you win.  You get to say you're state champ (which doesn't carry much weight), you get a trophy, and you get invited to the Event Horizons Invitational.  That's probably why I'd want to win more than anything else, so that I could get invited again.  This year I think I'd have more fun.
So, I'm going with a deck of my own design.  Its a fairly straightforward build of U/B control.  Its probably horrible, but I will have fun playing it because I built it.  My brother helped enough that I have to give him credit.  It started out as a modification of the Turbo-Chevy deck and just moved into something a bit slower and more Finkel oriented.  The flashpoint for this deck is definitely three mana.  With three mana I can cast every spell in my deck except one.  I'm also not a fan of Force Spike as I never seem to have them in my opening hands.  Drawing one in the late game is as closer to agony than I like to be.
You'll notice the lack of Fact or Fiction.  FoF is a very good card, and its hard to not play it.  But, I'd have to drop a counterspell of some sort, and I don't want to do that.  I'm relying on other card advantage mechanisms to keep my card count high.
You'll also notice four Disrupt.  I'm seriously out to get turn 2 Call of the Herd decks.
If you play this deck, good luck, I haven't playtested it at all.  It might be horrible.
But it might just win you States.
4x  Underground River
4x  Salt Marsh
14x Island
4x  Disrupt
4x  Counterspell
4x  Undermine
4x  Syncopate
4x  Exclude
4x  Repulse
4x  Recoil
4x  Glacial Wall
4x  Shadomage Infiltrator
2x  Mahamoti Djinn
3x  Hibernation
3x  Gainsay
3x  Execute
3x  Divert
3x  Slay
Good luck.
Fletcher Peatross
Magic Pojo Editor
The Biggest Ass in Texas

Copyright 2001


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