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with Fletcher Peatross

8.02.02   I found my dragon shirt. This may not seem very important to you, but it is to me. I have not won a PTQ since I lost that shirt. It was buried in a closet under too many things and now that I've moved completely, my wife found it in a box. She didn't even notice the original drawings on it. Its my 'lucky shirt'. Every time I have qualified I have had that shirt on. Admittedly, due to always wearing my shirt to the PTQs I attend, if I qualify it would have to be in that shirt. 

Some of the irony is that its a Browser Games shirt. Browser Games has not been open for over a year. I also only qualified IN the Browser Games store. As my home territory is no more, I don't know how well I will do. But, at least I'll have my dragon shirt on again. The tournament is tomorrow and I'm not sure yet what deck I'll be playing. Here is one of the decks I have been testing:


Main Deck

4x Suntail Hawk
4x Mystic Pentitent
4x Patrol Hound
4x Mystic Familiar
4x Pianna, Nomad Captain
3x Glory

4x Divine Sacrament
4x Battle Screech
4x Breakthrough
4x Aether Burst

13x Plains
4x Island
4x Skycloud Expanse

4x Envelop
4x Circular Logic
3x Morningtide
3x Ray of Revelation
1x Glory

I've seen multiple articles regarding the power of Soulcatcher's Aerie but I'm definately not one of the believers. Why should your creatures DIE to become powerful? Against U/G, the only way to get your creatures to die is to block. And then, you don't even cost them a card. Now then, against MonoB you're going to be costing them cards. So, its a situation where against the most popular two decks, you're only going to be doing well half the time. Whereas, Divine Sacrament is always good. Its even better with Threshold. Hence the Breakthroughs. Breakthrough for 0 has won me many games. Keep watch is not a good card for constructed. If you have out a bunch of creatures you've either overcommited or are about to win the game anyway. Keep Watch allows you to win MORE instead of changing the tide. Breakthrough is not a wasted draw after a Mutilate. Breakthrough can gain you instant threshold (as soon as turn 1... but don't do that). Turn 1 - Suntail Hawk Turn 2 - Patrol Hound (opponent at 19) Turn 3 - Pianna, Nomad Captain (opponent at 16) Turn 4 - Divine Sacrament, Breakthrough for 0 (opponent at 2) Turn 5 - Win? That's a fairly good draw. Good luck this weekend if you're PTQing. Hopefully it will be the first and last for me this season. 

Fletcher Peatross 
Still the Biggest Ass in Texas

Copyright 2001


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