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IBC U/W Deck

Not even Zvi played "The Solution" the second time around. Without its surprise quality, the deck loses some punch. I'll list it anyway, it did win a pro tour (it can't be that bad).

4 Coastal Tower
10 Island
10 Plains

4 Stormscape Apprentice

4 Crimson Acolyte
4 Galina's Knight
4 Meddling Mage

4 Absorb
4 Exclude
4 Repulse

4 Voice of All
4 Fact or Fiction

In a field of red removal and green creatures, or red removal and black creatures, this deck is superior. It relied on that metagame call, and it proved to be right. Because B/G, B/W, and 3 color monsters are coming along, this deck loses a lot of its power. Pernicious Deed wrecks this deck (at least before boarding). I still love the simplicity of its design though. I don't know that it could be improved upon except throwing a few Dismantling Blows in. Domain is so popular now that you want to attempt to contain it somehow. You might also make the metagame call that black is going to be more popular than red, and use Obsidian Acolytes instead of Crimson. Who knows?

U/W control is also a deck that should be looked at but I don't think it's viable without a kill creature that is 'good'. Adding a third color makes this deck very good, but without it sucks. Armored Guardian just does not cut the mustard.

Wednesday we'll take a look at G/W. Armadillo Cloak or no?

I'm from Texas, what do you think?

Until then,
Fletcher Peatross
The Biggest Ass in Texas