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IBC Mono-White

White is a complex mix of cards. The Flag Bearers don't seem to make the cut into standard, and without the quick weenies of the other colors, white seems to come out on top only when using higher end cards.

What I came up with is similar to old school white control, using Wrath and Geddon. This deck could be amazing, but it could very well be horrible.

4 Hobble
4 Star Compass
3 Crimson Acolyte

4 Shackles
2 Seashell Cameo

3 Benalish Heralds
4 Voice of All

4 Rout
4 Global Ruin
2 Wayfaring Giant

4 Terminal Moraine
3 Island
1 Mountain
1 Swamp
1 Forest
16 Plains

The deck is 'funny'. It could easily be very competitive depending on your draw and the nature of your opponent's deck. You are going to have a big problem with the Gomar style of decks, but honestly white does not have the cards to make itself very competitive.

We are FINALLY done with these horrible decks. Next up, two color strategies!

Until then,
Fletcher Peatross
The Biggest Ass in Texas